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Have You Considered a Side-Business as an Exit Strategy?

If you love your work, but have always dreamed about expanding or growing your hobby—what about a side-business? Or—if you are unhappy with your current work—what about starting a side-business to see if it might become a doorway to a new career? While you have the financial security of your current employment, consider using that […]

Career Changes Are Messy: Here’s The Secret

Wouldn’t it be great if life was just “ straight forward” i.e. you make a decision and go-for-it and it happens.  It often looks like it works that way for other people.  You read about the people who have made it in the public eye. They have moved up to  CEO, drive an expensive car, […]

Staying Inspired and Hopeful During a Stressful Job Search

Getting laid off, being unemployed, and beginning a job search ranks high in the scale of life stressors. Suddenly the daily routine, the connections with co-workers, the sense of accomplishment and recognition drop off a cliff. Who are you without your work identity?  (According to Gallup’s polls which have been consistent since 1989, US workers […]

Job Search: Tips to “Flip the Process” and Stay Focused

Job searching often feels like “dating”.  You search through profiles (JD’s) seeking a fit. You reach out and put your heart on the line and…… nothing!  Or you have a first date (interview)—get excited and hopeful—thought you clicked—and again crickets!  You spend so much time waiting and hoping to get “chosen” and when nothing happens […]

How Can You Discover Your Life’s Purpose?

  I have worked with a number of individuals who have become distraught because they haven’t found their life’s purpose.  Often they are assuming that there is some life changing “calling” that they haven’t discovered-and that when they do, it will totally upset their current life i.e. they will have to go to Africa and […]

Should You “gut it out” or Make a Career Change?

How do you know if  you are ready to make a career/life change, rather than ‘gut it out’ because that seems easier? Are you miserable every Sunday night as you dread returning to work Monday morning?  If so, do a little inner detective work.  Is your misery about- your colleagues, your boss, the company culture, […]