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July, 2018

“In today’s tight labor market, the talent-is-hard-to-come-by lament is near universal and potentially misleading. The problem is that employers want workers they don’t have to train. That attitude may deny businesses a powerful competitive advantage.” You could train them to do things your way! Read more:  “You’ll Never Train in Vain” by Leigh Buchanan, Inc. Mag. July/Aug. 2018

“Beware the Coming Splinternets: Your customers could be treated differently depending on which country they live in- even which state in the U.S.  Lawsuits and new regulations are pending worldwide. Big tech companies will find it impossible to comply with every legal permutation.” Amy Webb, Inc. Mag., July/August 2018

“Hunger Games:  HelloFresh blew past 100 competitors to become the No.1 meal-kit company on the planet. The German start-up is winning-but at what cost?” Fascinating article in July/August Inc. Mag. 2018 by Burt Helm   

“Retail Therapy:  Competitive retailers are finding they need both traditional and online platforms. Savvy stores are incorporating multiple sales channels- It has to be frictionless and has to provide an experience that can’t be found online.”  Jennifer Leavitt  Seattle Magazine, July, 2018;   Retailers are incorporating board games, cafes, pop-up shops, workshops, tasting bars—things to create experiences that will draw customers i.e. retailtainment!

“Don’t seek mentors. Create them: Cultivate a relationship- a give and take, casual but mutual investment in each other’s success. That could be an old friend or a new contact; maybe a current or former colleague or boss or professor. Maybe you have a whole cast of people.” Good advice from Jason Feifer, editor of Entrepreneur Mag.  Build a relationship in a natural vs a formal way!

Bootstrapping a company? Think about creative alternative  kinds of partnering relationships—maybe your vendor supplies you in exchange for equity in your company, or maybe you help financially support a vendor and they repay you in services or you develop other kinds of partnerships that are a win-win for both!

“The Dark Brilliance of the Entrepreneur Brain: scientists are taking a long overdue look at the mental health of entrepreneurs. There is plenty of anecdotal evidence that mental disorders are more common among entrepreneurs than in the population at large but little hard data currently is available. In blog posts, founders are coming out about their struggles with anxiety, depression and suicidal impulses. These mental health conditions are accompanied by positive traits that enable entrepreneurs to excel, says Michael Freeman, clinical professor of psychiatry. For example—if you have ADHD, one of the positive traits is a need for speed, and an interest in exploration. You have an ability to act without getting stuck in analysis paralysis.”  Interesting article in July/Aug 2018 Entrepreneur Mag., by Lisa Harris

Entrepreneurs:  “Seize every chance to learn and grow, pivot when the market tells you to pivot, and always be alert for what problems you can solve.” Advice from Raphael Farasat of business consultancy Truffl.  Entrepreneur Mag. July/August  2018

“ A Pilot program suggests voice-activated technology might help ease isolation and loneliness among some older adults.  One study showed that loneliness can shave off several years of a person’s life expectancy- so an AARP program is in a testing phase using Alexa to help older people access their community activities, hear the news, listen to their favorite music and audiobooks and set reminders to take their medication.” AARP Article by Christina Ianzito in July/August issue;  Sounds like a good idea!

“Autonomous trucking has the potential to be a lucrative business-and has attracted Alphabet (Waymo), Uber, Nikola, and Tesla. There is a shortage of drivers- so companies are having to pay more for drivers and to keep up- shipping rates are rising. (Amazon recently increased its Prime membership fee from $99. Ro $119./yr. Self-driving technology could actually help in recruiting drivers and reducing costs—atleast that is the hope.” America: Who’ll Keep on Truckin”? Kirsten Korosec, Fortune Mag., July 2018

“Red Staters See Green in Hemp: There is a hemp deficit in the U.S. and a bill before Congress- to expand the production of industrial hemp- has bipartisan support—due to growing awareness among policy makers that hemp and marijuana are not the same crop.” Jeff John Roberts, Fortune Mag., July 2018

Ending Forced Arbitration for victims of sexual harassment:  A bill now has 17 bipartisan cosponsors and is on its way through Congress- to prevent forced arbitration in sexual harassment cases.

Corporate Wellness Programs are starting to make a comeback—not so much to reduce medical costs but more to entice new employees and retain their current top employees. Read more:  “Hit the Gym, Gently”, by Phil Wahba,  Fortune Mag. July 2018

“Where Autistic Workers Thrive: An estimated 80% of people with autism go unemployed, even though many are highly educated and eager to work. So  last October , 6 companies Ford Motor, DXC Technology, EY, Microsoft, JP Morgan and SAP formed “Autism at Work Employer Round Table” to share best hiring and workplace practices and help other companies see the return on investment in hiring autistic employees.”  Yay!   Read more:  by Dinah Eng, Fortune Mag., July 2018

Kudos to Melinda Gates with her Pivotal Ventures investment/incubation firm that is putting money in to female lead or minority focused venture firms including Aspect Ventures, Female Founders Fund, and Defy Partners.

“Unmasking A.I.’s Bias Problem” A.I. has the potential to do wonderful things- for example reduce medical errors, or screen thousands of resumes, however the data that is in-put isn’t always neutral and has the potential for racial and sexual bias. Consider hiring situations or criminal investigations.  Important article in Fortune Mag. July 2018 by Jonathan Uanian

June, 2018

Education for the next generation: Flocabulary Inc., led by Alex Rappaport—creates rap videos to help students learn history, math and literature. What a great idea!

Ann McKee, researcher who has studied the brains of 111 NFL players, found that 110 of them showed “chronic traumatic encephalopathy”—which causes deteriorating cognitive impairment and behavioral changes. Football’s image is taking a hit.” “For Tackling Concussions” Fast Co. Mag. Summer 2018

Kudos to “Spread the Vote” and Kat Calvin for helping the poor and homeless get government issued voter ID cards so they can vote. Many individuals in this country don’t have the money and transportation resources to get the cards and get to polling facilities.

Kudos to Daniela Perdomo of goTenna for creating “Mesh” that allowed relief workers in Puerto Rico to share lifesaving communications when the grid was down. Now hikers are also using “Mesh”. People can text without a cell signal or wifi while on Mesh. Read more: “For Connecting When the Grid is Down” Fast Co. Mag., Summer 2018

Getting students to put their cell phones down: Nearly 1,000 schools use Yondr to keep students off their phones during class. It is a pouch that is locked. Even some concerts are using it.

Creating Fashion Without Waste: Misha Nonoo- luxury fashion designer now creates each piece of clothing on demand—after the customer has ordered it—eliminating dead inventory and waste.” Fast. Co. Mag. Summer, 2018

Kudos to M. Sanjayan, “CEO of Conservation International who is spear heading the largest ever tropical reforestation project. Over the next five years, 73 million new trees will sprout over 70,000 acres in the Brazilian Amazon.” Fast co. Mag., Summer 2018

Kudos to Aaron Fairchild, Cofounder and CEO of Green Canopy—contractor and real estate investment group in Seattle—the only U.S. builder dedicated to erecting exclusively certified “deep green” single and multi-unit homes. They have more than 80 net-zero homes in development in Seattle and Portland. Read more: “For Coloring Housing a Deeper Shade of Green”, Fast Co. Mag., Summer 2018

Support for struggling veterans: “ Objective Zero” has built an app that connects vets with one of 350 trained volunteers— who can help them in dealing with survivor guilt, and suicidal thoughts. If you know a vet who could use support- tell them about the “Objective Zero App”.

Turning Gaza’s ashes into stone: Majd Mashharawi , founder of “GreenCake” has developed a low energy manufacturing process that turns ashes from coal or wood burning fires into bricks that are stronger and cheaper than their conventional alternatives. “ This has been a life saver since cement and building materials are restricted from entering Gaza’s borders. Fast Co. Mag., Summer, 2018

May, 2018

Today’s artificial intelligence software is powerful enough to create other A.I. software- which means it won’t be long before we replace coders with code that codes.” Andrew Nusca , Fortune Mag., May 2018 “Teaching Kids to Code is Overrated”;

“127:1 The median overall CEO-to-worker pay ratio at S&P 500 companies.” Bloomberg Company Reports

“The Problem with Platforms: A startup launches using AWS and gets traction-and then ( Amazon, Apple, Google, FB) trot out a cheaper product competing with their own customers.” Read more: Inc. Mag., May 2018 by Jeff Bercovici (maybe the idea isn’t so good after all)

“There aren’t as many start-ups these days– because huge players can block them, state and local regulations are a barrier, and the cost of real estate.” (Inc. Magazine May 2018)

Annual cost of work-related stress in the U.S. according to the American Institute of Stress is $300 Billion.”

Gamification (to market companies) has been so misused that the entire shtick is exhausted.” Thomas Goetz, cofounder of Iodine Co.

New robots could move production back to the U.S. without driving up the prices—less money on overseas contractors, shipping and foreign taxes.” Amy Webb, Inc. Mag. May 2018

“Facebook and Google are simply the new middlemen. Instead of paying rent, many “direct to consumer” companies pay the internet giants to be their storefront.” “The Race to Reinvent Everything”, by Tom Foster, Inc. Mag., May 2018

Texas company “ICON “ erected its first prototype, a 350 square foot home, in Austin in March via 3D printing. Their next step is to build homes in El Salvador, and then build homes in the U.S. within 12 months.” Read more: Fortune Mag., May 2018 “Your Next Home Could Be 3D-Printed”, by Chris Morris

Jacinda Ardern- 37, the world’s youngest female head of government says her country gripped by immigration and housing crises will be the first to rely on social, cultural, and environmental well-being metrics.” Fortune Mag., May, 2018

Walmart and a wave of other big employers have expanded paid-leave benefits for blue- collar parents this year. One reason for their generosity: a relentless and savvy campaign by a behind the scenes coalition of activists, ( PL+US non-profit) investors, and their own employees.” From: “Putting On The Pressure for Parental Leave” by Valentina Zarya, Fortune Mag., May 2018

“Sheep Ranch absorbs more CO2 than it emits! A Ranch in California has been part of an experiment: by managing where the sheep graze, and planting trees and cover crops and using compost- Bare Ranch now absorbs more carbon dioxide than it emits. This project was funded by a grant from North Face.” Read more: “ Putting a Lid on Carbon Dioxide” by The Cali Wool Beanie in May 2018 Fast Co. Mag.

“Lia”- The world’s first flushable pregnancy test is made of protein, plant, and mineral based fibers that are biodegradable whether flushed or composted. They will hit stores and Amazon this Summer.” “Privatizing Pregnancy” by LIA Diagnostics, Fast Co., May, 2018

“Seattle startup “Evrnu” is turning old T-shirts into new Denim: They take this year’s castoffs and use a patented process that takes post-consumer cotton and breaks it down into a pulp before extruding the liquid through fine filters to form new fiber- and creating next year’s must-haves.” Fast. Co. Mag.-May, 2018

Kudos to Jose Andres’s “World Central Kitchen” charity for providing over 3.3 million meals to displaced people in Puerto Rico, helping build a coffee- roasting collective in Nicaragua, opening a bakery in Zambia, investing in beekeeping in the Dominican Republic, and setting up over a dozen solar cooking facilities in Haiti—-and many more disaster relief programs around the world. Read more: “The People’s Chef” by Matthew Shaer, Fast Co. Mag., May 2018

April, 2018

Power Hungry: Miners of cryptocurrency flock to central Washington for cheap electricity” — good article in Seattle Business Mag. April 2018 by Bill Virgin

March, 2018

In a Stanford Study, researchers learned that the effect of multi-tasking is worse than smoking marijuana or sleep deprivation- on performance. “Why Multitasking Is Life in the Shallows”, Spirituality and Health, March/April 2018

“Your employees’ mental health can affect your bottom line.” Good article in March 2018 Inc. Mag. By Etelka Lehoczky There are several ways you can support the emotional health of your company!

“Modern Meadow is Growing Leather in a Lab– No animals needed- animal free bioleather Zoa can be grown to mimic the qualities of leather textures.” Read more: Inc. Mag. March 2018 by Alden Wicker

“The Science of Retirement Satisfaction: For roughly a quarter of retirees, life after work involves isolation and loss of direction. The habits formed before we are 50 are the biggest determinant on how well you retire.” Words to the wise! From Inc. Mag., March 2018 article by Kathy Kristof

“Rinse Inc. promises to save you from cleaning and sorting your laundry. Lots of other startups have the same idea.” Would you pay a company to do your laundry? This is a growing business sector. Read more: “Cleaning” by Bill Saporito, Inc. Mag, March, 2018

“Retail is dying. Right? Not for e-commerce brands like Warby Parker which are using big data to open stores exactly where their customers want them.” The key is sophisticated data points. From: “It’s All About Location” by Nancy Miller Entrepreneur Mag., March, 2018

Servant leadership isn’t about being nice at all costs. A leader should be as brutally honest as possible—and you can do this in a kind and loving way.” Ron Shaich, ex-CEO of Panera Bread, Entrepreneur Mag., March, 2018

February, 2018

Joint healthcare enterprise with Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway, and JP Morgan Chase– will nominally serve the 1.2 million people who work for those companies.” “Amazon and Friends”, by Karl Vick, Time Mag., Feb 12, 2018 It will be interesting to watch the ripple effect of this!

“Brooks Running believes your next pair of shoes will be custom-built for you, starting with a 3D foot scan. Biomechanical data help make their running shoes with custom levels of support.” This sounds like a great idea to me! Read more: ‘Kindred Sole” by Phil Wahba, Fortune Mag., Feb, 2018

“The reality for many positions, across most organizations, is that education has no influence on actual performance.” Tim Sackett, head of HRU Technical Resources Staffing Firm. Employers now value grit, potential, creativity, willingness to work hard, love of learning, curiosity, and capability to adapt.” “Ready, Set, Jump” by Geoff Colvin, Fortune Mag. Feb. 2018

“At a time when scandal can topple even the mightiest of unicorns, the smart money is falling out of love with the bad boys of Silicon Valley. That’s opened the door to a new breed of investor who is betting big on diversity.” Read more: “Can These VC’s Fix Tech’s Bro Problem?”, by Michal Lev-Ram, Fortune Mag. Feb. 2018

Shell is seeing the writing on the wall and diversifying into wind and solar energy. “Oi Faces Lower Forever”by JeffreyBall, Fortune Mag., Feb, 2018

— Bianca Frazier
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December, 2017

Stop the Press Releases: A look inside the “borderline useless” press release industrial complex.” By Josh Sternberg, Entrepreneur Mag. December, 2017 Don’t waste your money on press releases- this is a good expose article!

The commercial trucking industry is facing its biggest transformation in 40 years. Automakers and tech companies are vying for pole position.”(Think Daimler, Navistar, Uber, Google, and Tesla) “The Next (R)Evolution” , Fortune Magazine, December, 2017 Kirsten Korosec

Closing America’s Idea Gap: Ideas that were meant to transform the way we live aren’t unleashing the economic benefits that actually make life better. Big ideas are more costly than ever before.” —interesting article in December Fortune Magazine by Ryan Bradley

Where’s the beef? – Several companies are trying to create a post-animal economy that doesn’t blow up the planet. Memphis Meats represents one possible path called cellular agriculture- growing “cultured or clean meat”; Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods are trying to make plants taste like meat.” Great article in Fortune Magazine, December, 2017 by Beth Kowitt

“4 Ways Taking a Vacation Will Make You More Productive: Breaking routine pushes you to explore increasing creativity; Time in Nature can help performance and focus; Rest refreshes you; You’ll gain new perspective:” Inc. Mag. Winter 2017

Will you have enough money for retirement? Kiplinger’s online Retirement Savings Calculator can help you figure it out.

Augmented Reality- what is to come: “In the future AR will let you try on clothes even in the office bathroom or in front of subway windows.” Amy Webb, Inc Mag., Winter 2017

Vestas Wind Systems is partnering with Tesla to connect its turbines to Tesla’s batteries, an effort to save excess energy for less windy days.” Fast Co. Dec. 2017

Wall Street analysts say the retail apocalypse is upon us. Credit Suisse predicts a quarter of all malls will close within the next 5 years. By the end of this year 8,600 stores will have shuttered in 2017. Good article in Dec. Fast co. “The Future of Retail” by Austin Carr

Fortune’s Crystal Ball for 2018: The sheer number of health apps will cause you trauma- the total global market could exceed $100 billion by 2022, especially as the FDA moves to make it easier for mobile health apps to reach the market.” Fortune Mcag., December 2017

The thing that I believe is going to be really incredible that’s going to happen next is the ability for artificial intelligence to write artificial intelligence by itself.” Jensen Huang, co-founder and CEO of NVIDIA

Macy’s Make or Break Christmas: Macy’s hugely recognizable brand and its national scale give it a competitive edge. Will that be enough to reverse its recent slide?” Good article in December Fortune Mag., by Phil Wahba

DJI’s Mavic drone (priced below $1,000.) is beating out all the contenders from the West and the company now has a valuation of $10 billion.” Read more: “Innovation Takes Off in China”, by Clay Chandler, Fortune Magazine, December, 2017

“Is it Time for P&G to Break up? Under assault by activist Nelson Peltz, the 180 year old consumer products giant is confronting its feeble growth. But only radical change can fix its problems.” Geoff Colvin and Shawn Tully, Fortune Mag., December, 2017

“Is Outside Capital an Option?– Angel investors or venture capitalists fund less than 1% of startups. They expect atleast a 10:1 return, and you have to share decision making.” Good article by Adam Bornstein, Entrepreneur Mag., December 2017

November, 2017

Soon we will be seeing more and more crossover between tech and fashion. Google and Levi’s have created a “connected jacket”. For example—you can touch your sleeve and silence an incoming call. Read more: “Google and Levi’s Stitch Up a Connected Jacket” by Diana Budds

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell: New rules limit what you can ask about a job candidate’s prior salary. Massachusetts, Delaware, Oregon, Puerto Rick, NY City, Philadelphia, and San Francisco have approved laws that bar employers from asking job applicants about their previous salaries.” Read more- by Miriam Rozen, Inc. Mag., Nov., 2017

A study published in the Journal of Applied Psychology found that building friendships with people from different cultures can enhance an individual’s creativity, innovation, and the likelihood of becoming an entrepreneur.” Read more: “The Trip That Changed Everything”, by Kris Frieswick, Inc. Mag., Nov., 2017

Dave Gilboa left his $700. Glasses on a plane while traveling in Thailand and couldn’t afford to replace them. Now Gilboa is a co-founder of Warby Parker- the brand known for inexpensive stylish specs.” Inc. Mag. Nov., 2017 What problem vexes you that you might solve and turn into a business?

“The future of your entrée is quietly growing in Memphis Meats Lab. They are the leader in clean meat- supported by investors such as Bill Gates, Richard Branson, and Jack Welch. They expect to have products in stores by 2021.” Read more: “Meat Without Animals”, by Jeff Bercovici, Inc. Mag., Nov., 2017

“Evofem is developing a contraceptive gel that could be the biggest breakthrough in birth control since the pill. But it still needs to receive FDA approval.” Read more: “Can She Make it Gel?” by Kimberly Weisul, Inc. Mag., November, 2017

“Roughly half of Stella McCartney’s new collections are made with sustainable materials, something that no other top label can claim.” Kudos to Stella for pushing the fashion industry! “Stella McCartney Weave a New Way Forward”, by Mary Kaye Schilling, Fast Co., Nov 2017

October, 2017

“Kind Bars Co. dumped 45,485 pounds of sugar in NY Times Square to represent the amount of added sugar children in the U.S. consume every 5 minutes.” Time Mag. Sept 4th, 2017

More valuable metals can be recycled from e-waste in a landfill than can be found in an average mine. The mount of gold in a single ton of printed circuit boards is the same as in 100 tons of gold ore.” Time Mag., Oct 16, 2017

“A Lawsuit Deluge for Opioid Inc.: West Virginia has an opioid epidemic. Three companies distributed 423 million pills in West Virginia over 5 years. The impact though is much broader than West Virginia. Many governments, hit by the public health crisis have filed suit—including Everett, Washington.” Read more: by Erika Fry, Fortune Magazine, October, 2017

Amazon and Whole Foods: A select group of items have been reduced in price by 12%- including Talenti Gelato!

“The Ten Best Workplaces for Women: Included in the list are Intuit, Delta Air Lines, Wegman’s, Edward Jones, and the Marriott.” Fortune Mag., October, 2017 Christina Austin, author

If you are invested in Bitcoin, make sure someone has a copy of your private key. If you die, your heirs won’t get access to your investment without it.

Fancy drinks for non-drinkers: Alcohol free cocktails are coming online using ingredients like almond blossom, elderflower, and cinchona. Read more: “ A Sobering Realization” by Laura Entis, Fortune Mag., October, 2017

“Shareholder activist campaigns promise to boost a stock’s value. The truth is, investors often fare better when management says no.” Interesting article in Fortune Mag., October 2017 “Resisting Activists, and Winning” by Ryan Derousseau

This Just In: Meditation may be good for your heart by lowering high blood pressure or stress hormones –according to the American Heart Association. And having no breakfast could be bad for your arteries (hardening and narrowing of the arteries ) according to the Jr of the American College of Cardiology.” Time Mag., Oct. 16, 2017

“5 Ways to Perfect Your Morning Routine: Get to bed to ensure you get enough sleep, use a smart alarm that will get you up, exercise, work on something to benefit your personal development” Inc. Mag. ,October, 2017

Kudos to Nicole Snow who created “Darn Good Yarn” to recycle sari remnants and help women in India and Nepal have sustainable jobs turning the remnants into yarn and fabric and clothing. Read more: Inc. Magazine, October, 2017

“Tackling Concussions: In the competition to field a safer football helmet, a startup in Seattle (Vicis) is the first to score. In a recent study published in JAMA, chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) , which is linked to mood swings, memory loss, depression, dementia, and suicide, was diagnosed in 110 of 111 donated brains of deceased NFL players. They flipped the traditional model: The hard layer, necessary to protect the skull has been placed inside—with a soft exterior.” Inc. Magazine, October, 2017

Dealing With Insurance in your growing company: PEO’s (Professional Employer Organizations) can help get you better insurance pricing and do your payroll when you are small—less that the cost of hiring an HR person. However as you grow, that expense grows and you are better off hiring an HR employee.

Gathering Place for Women Entrepreneurs in Seattle: The “Riveter” – offers free business classes and a networking environment for women business owners- to make connections and support each other.

A study in Social Psychological and Personality Science- found that participants who received work related emails with smiley faces considered the senders less competent than senders of the same emails without the smiley faces.” Time Mag., Sept 4, 2017

“Switzerland’s new medical drones: a new fleet of delivery drones, developed by California-based Atternet;” This will allow lab techs to deposit tested samples in a drone docking station—then the drone can take it back to the hospital it came from. This will be great when lab results are urgently needed for treatment. Julia Zorthian, Time Magazine, Oct 9th, 2017

“How to Take Breaks: structure them every 25 minutes- for a 5 minute break, or before or after meetings; do nothing- let your mind wander; if your work is solo, time your breaks to interact with others. Make breaks short, simple, and social.” Vanessa Van Edwards, Entrepreneur Mag., October, 2017

Email Marketing: “Hey, Big Sender- Dela Quist, CEO of email marketing firm AlchemyWorx- says: “Picking just a segment of your list to send to might get you better open and click rates, but you’re also missing potential customers. Subscribers who never open their email are surprisingly valuable to a business bottom line.” So don’t segment your marketing! Lissa Harris, Entrepreneur Mag., October, 2017

Business Owners “Get Out of Your Own Way: Trust your tem, listen to your spouse, accept your flaws, forget what you know, loosen up, and ask for help” Entrepreneur Mag., October, 2017

How to Find a Cofounder: Understand where you aren’t strong and find a complement, Start with your own network and get referrals, get references, ask about work style, conflict resolution strategies, set aside a trial time, sign proprietary information and inventions agreements- as a start.” Elizabeth L., Entrepreneur Mag. October, 2017

Opportunity in food businesses—seems to be in the “delivery-only” segment according to Technomic’s Erik Thoreson and other industry analysts. Elisabth G Dunn, “Costs Are Getting Out of Control”, Entrepreneur Mag., Oct., 2017

Kudos to Pashon Murray for creating “ Detroit Dirt”! She is picking up organic waste in Detroit, composting it and selling it or using it to grow product within the city. Read more: “Old Systems Die Hard”, Entrepreneur Mag. October, 2017

Kudos to Jessamyn Waldman Rodriguez for creating Hot Bread Kitchen and HBK Incubates—a food business accelerator that helps women start their own businesses. “Barriers to Entry”, Entrepreneur Mag., October, 2017

September, 2017

“Trump’s proposed budget for next year would eliminate NASA’s education division entirely, which promotes STEM curriculum for women and minorities.” BUZZ, Fast Co. Mag., Sept, 2017

Big Food’s Mass CEO Exodus:— the head honchos of packaged-goods companies are under immense pressure from a radically changing consumer, a hypercompetitive retail landscape, activist investors, and 3G Capital. No wonder so many have stepped down.” Good Article by Beth Kowitt in Sept 15, Fortune Magazine

“Seattle based Tableau specializing in data analytics and visualization is partnering with PATH to help build a disease surveillance systems that has already decreased reported malaria infections in Zambia by 93% since 2014.” Fortune Mag, Sept 15, 2017

“IKEA is working with an NGO in Jordan to employ about 200 Syrian refugees to produce goods like textiles and rugs. Other initiative projects employ women entrepreneurs in India and female emigrants in Sweden.” Fortune Mag., Sept 15, 2017

Kudos to REI for its commitment to the environment and for coming out against the travel ban!

“Blockchain could change how goods move around the world. If adopted by shippers and merchants, it will be part of a new digital trade corridor for commodities. One day a shopper might be able to use a smartphone to determine a gem’s provenance.” “Crystal Clear Provenance” by Jeff John Roberts, Fortune Mag., Sept 15, 2017

“Football Absorbs a Knockout Blow: Researchers at Boston University announced in July they had detected evidence of chronic traumatic encephalopathy in 110 of 111 donated brains of former NFL players. More players are hanging up their cleats over fears of long-term brain damage.” Read more: by Tom Huddleston Jr., Fortune Mag., Sept 15, 2017

“Finding Your Stress Sweet Spot: If you are a low-stress worker (functioning best under low stress), do relaxing exercises such as walking and yoga. If you are a high stress worker, you can boost your neurotransmitter levels by engaged in high intensity workouts, competitive sports and other activities that get your heart pumping.” Read More: “Find Your Stress Sweet Spot” by Vanessa Van Edwards, Entrepreneur Mag., Sept., 2017

In a recent test, Swedish researchers deployed drones equipped with defibrillators from fire stations and found they arrived on average 17 minutes faster than the ambulance.” Read more on drones: “Flying High” by Jesse Hyde, Entrepreneur Mag., Sept. 2017

Getting Girls into Coding: #BuiltByGirls is an initiative that encourages high school girls to get in to technology, and BBG Ventures invests in female founders. Kudos to Nisha Dua, co-founder of BBG

“A World-Class Yarn: In 2012 two tourists Matt Scanlan and Diederik Rijsmemus got strated in the Mongolian desert. When they left a month later, they had a wild story, lifelong friends and the seed of an idea that in a few short years would turn the cashmere business upside down.” Read more- by Adam Laukhuf, Entrepreneur Mag., Sept., 2017

“Roughly 70 percent of startups hit a rough patch around year 3 or 4- and companies with higher revenue-growth rates had deeper problems, according to “Tiny Pulse” “Staffer-Satisfaction Surveys”. Kate Rockwood, Inc. Mag., Sept, 2017 As startups grow, they need frequent employee satisfaction feedback.

You need social media to market your company: “There are 2 billion monthly users on Facebook today. There are 700 million monthly users on Instagram today. There are 1.5 billion monthly users on You Tube today.” Gary Vaynerchuk, Inc. Mag., Sept. 2017

62% of CEO’s responding to a survey reported in Inc. Mag said that finding and retaining good staff is the larges obstacle to growth.” “Building and Keeping An Innovative Work Force”, Inc. Mag., Sept. 2017

“Structure Trumps Strategy: if you get your structure right- capital structure, org structure, processes structure- that will help you survive the changes in strategy that you will have to make.” Stephen Thorne, Founder and CEO of Pacific Dental Services; Inc. Mag., Sept., 2017

“This Fall, Google and Levi’s will release Project lacquard, a denim jacket embedded with conductive thread that can control mobile devices.” Read more: “Unlikely Allies” by Laynie Rose, Fast Co., Sept. 2017

“Starbucks Digs In: From Ferguson to military towns, the coffee giant is rejuvenating key areas of American society- and redefining what a brand can be. Starbucks has committed to opening in underserved communities nationwide by the end of 2018 as part of its social-impact agenda. In 2013, the company pledged to hire 10,000 veterans and military spouses within five years and met the goal a year and a half early. Another goal: bring on board 10,000 “opportunity youth” between 16 and 24 who are not in school or working, and by 2022 to hire 10,000 refugees in stores across the world.” Read more by Karen Valby, Fast Co., Sept., 2017

“23 and Me’s Comeback: Anne Wojcicki, CEO of the groundbreaking DNA- testing company got crossways with the FDA and had to rethink everything. They sell test kits to consumers and forge data sharing partnerships with companies (creating treatments/drugs for diseases). There isn’t protection against such information being used against consumers for disability insurance, long-term care insurance or life insurance.” Read more: by Adam Bluestin, Fast Co., Sept. 2017

August, 2017

A University of Washington study found that the hikes ($15./hr) decreased low-wage works pay by $125. A month on average.” “In the Fight For 15”, by Anne Vandermey, Fortune Mag., August, 2017

The 10 Best Workplaces for Millennials: Quicken Loans, Navy Federal Credit Union, Salesfsorce, Kimley-Horn, Incompass, Veterans United Home Loans, Ultimate Software, SAS , Point B, and Zillow.” By Christine Austin, Fortune Mag., August 2017

Canada appeals to skilled foreign workers: “In June, the Canadian government implemented a package of immigration reforms, known as the Global Skills Strategy, aimed at fast-tracking visas for skilled foreign workers—some can get processed in as little as two weeks.” “Just Call it Silicon Coast”, by Clay Dillow, Fortune Magazine, August 2017

Data Won’t Make You Fit: For chronic diseases, you need a service. You can’t just have technology.” Joshua Riff, CEO of Onduco; Article by Laura Entis, Fortune Magazine, August 2017

July, 2017

Subsidies around the world for burning fossil fuels are 40 x larger than the meager subsidies for renewable energy.” Al Gore, “Heat of the Moment” Fast. Co. Mag., July/August 2017 We have this all backwards!

Google Glass is being used on factory floors, med-tech procedures helping in surgeries, and in construction projects. AR is already here and defining our future.

People who consume the most artificial sweeteners may also eat more processed food overall, which is linked to a higher risk for obesity or heart related problems.” “The Latest Word on Fake Sugar”, Time Mag., July 31st, 2017

A new study in Sleep Science and Practice found that people who reported having a strong sense of purpose were 63% less likely to have sleep apnea and 52% less likely to have restless leg syndrome than those who scored lower on the purpose scale.” Time Mag. July 31st, 2017

“By 2022 analysts estimate that 1 out of every 4 malls in the U.S. could be out of business, victims of changing tastes, a widening wealth gap, and the embrace of online shopping.” Read more: “The Death and Life of The Shopping Mall”, by Josh Sanburn, Time Mag., July 31st, 2017

How to Resist Shiny-Object Syndrome: Organizational –change researchers John Conbere and Alla Heorhiadi found that leaders who struggle with shiny-object syndrome cost their companies hundreds of thousands of dollars in time, resources, and productivity. Suggestions: Schedule New Idea Time every week, enlist a “dream Killer” who is skeptical and direct, and strengthen your focus with a daily schedule.” Read More- by Vanessa Van Edwards, Entrepreneur Mag. July/August 2017

“McKinsey found that companies with gender diversity are 15% more likely to have higher revenue than the industry standard, and racial and ethnic diversity lead to at 35% lift above the norm.” “How to Build a Diverse Team” by Adam Bornstein, Entrepreneur Mag., July/ August 2017

Amazon buys Whole Foods- impacts: “Grocery stocks took a nosedive. Amazon gets distribution centers (WH Stores), and Amazon gets “ Whole Foods 365 housebrand”—a big deal! Fortune Mag., July 2017

We thought the “Millenials” was a large group at 21.5% of the population, but Gen Z is 29.5%. “Analytics” Fortune Mag. July 2017 Soon marketers will be targeting them!

Could New Tech Destroy the Pillbox?: A new class of pharmaceutical implants that deliver over a period of weeks or months- are coming. Inserted in the patient’s arm, they could treat opioid addiction, schizophrenia, diabetes etc.” Read more: by Erika Fry, Fortune Mag., June 2017

Tech Fight On the Farm: Lawmakers are increasingly challenging big business to give people the right to fix their own products”—due to the costs and time delays involved in the requirement that only the product manufacturer can repair the equipment. Read more: Jeff John Roberts, Fortune Mag., July 2017

“What I ‘ve learned is that we don’t have a fixed amount of resilience. Resilience is like a muscle we build, but we don’t only build it in ourselves. We also build it in one another, by acknowledging the pain people are going through and by being there for one another.” Sheryl Sandberg

There is no secret rule book for locating your audience. It’s all grunt work, a constant ground game of trying to find every possible angle to get your product seen by its intended users.” Thomas Goetz, co-founder of Iodine, a digital health startup in San Francisco.

It’s a pet project. But you have to know when to kill it: because of what psych experts call “regret aversion, we tend to dig in and throw good money after bad.” Read more: by Kate Rockwood, Inc. Mag .July/August 2017 “Ready to Let Go”

The Machine That Makes You Human: Cogito’s algorithms read nonverbal cues better than you can. Welcome to the age of A.I. driven empathy” A.I. is being used to give call center staff immediate ongoing feedback in their phone calls with customers and prompt them about better listening, showing more empathy etc. Read more: by Jeff Bercovici Inc. Mag. July/August 2017

For 87 percent of Millennials, development opportunities and the potential to grow are top factors when considering a new job. In fact, more of them claim to care about the chance to learn on the job than either Gen-Xers or Baby Boomers.” “Enlighten Your Work Force”, Kate Rockwood, Inc. Mag. July/August 2017

Entrepreneurs are told to go big or go home. This kind of thinking is poisonous. It sets entrepreneurs up to fail from day one. Stop obsessing over scale and perfect the basics.” Jason Fried, Co-founder of Basecamp- a Chicago software company.

Targeted gene editing can be beneficial or catastrophic, if used irresponsibly. Jennifer Doudna and her colleagues have been raising awareness of the issues.” “A Crack in Creation” by Doudna about “Crispr”

Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s multibillion dollar acquisition of his cousins’ Solar City is totally local- and hugely risky. Will Musk pull off another miracle”, Read more: “Tesla Raises the Roof”, Austin Carr, Fast Co., July/August 2017

Tough Mudder, the Obstacle Course Co. puts regular people through almost comically extreme challenges- exploiting the power of experience to bring people together.” Read more: “It’s a Mud World”, by Nicole LaPorte, Fast Co. July/August 2017

June, 2017

Kudos to Starbucks for pledging to hire 10,000 refugees and bring economic development to depressed U.S. communities.

The housing crunch in Seattle: “In July, Seattle will be enforcing regulations that require landlords to select tenants based on the order in which they apply—which is prompting landlords to raise criteria for new tenants- i.e. higher credit scores. This will push up rents and discourage new construction.” Leslie Helm, Seattle Mag.June 2017

“How to Learn the Most From your Customers: 1- Replace your assumptions with hypotheses 2- test the hypotheses and 3- Ask better questions in your customer surveys (don’t ask leading questions)” Read more: Entrepreneur Mag., June 2017, Vanessa Van Edwards

“How to Create a Thriving Team: Build a product people love, and hire amazing people” Brian Chesky, CEO Airbnb- when interviewed by Reid Hoffman for “Masters of Scale”

“Artificial Intelligence for All: Google and Facebook had locked up much of the engineering talent- until “Element AI gathered 80 Montreal AI experts and launched to break the monopoly.” Entrepreneur Mag. June, 2017

“With land to build new housing becoming scarcer in the Puget Sound region, competition among builders is getting tougher. It’s like a “knife fight in a phone booth”, says Ken Krivanec, President of Bellevue based Quadrant Homes.” Read more: “The Vanishing Dream” by Jeanne Lang Jones, Seattle Magazine, June, 2017

Condos are hard to find: “ The Washington Condominium Act requires developers to warranty their construction work for four years—so instead developers build apartments that can be later sold to institutional investors.” “The Condo Minimum” by Elaine Porterfield, Seattle Business Magazine, June 2017

“The Graphene Gambit: Mark Anderson of Friday Harbor has a plan to take tons of carbon dioxide-transform it into graphene—1 atom thick, 200 times stronger than steel, harder than diamond, extremely elastic—and produce buildings, vehicles, electronics, and clothing—to help save the planet.” Fascinating idea- read more: by Sharon Baker, Seattle Business Magazine, June 2017

Kudos to Tali Gumbiner and Lizzie Wilson for creating the “Fearless Girl” statue on Wallstreet that faces the Bull!

Power is best measured by how far you spread it.” Pattie Sellers, Exec Director of Fortune MPW summits

An increase in Internet- connected devices in homes is causing privacy problems”—Genesis’s Toy Doll, Bose headphones as two examples of devices that have been collecting information about its users. Read more: “When Your Stuff Spies On You”, by Jeff John Roberts, Fortune Mag., June 2017

“When the 225 year old financial giant took a defiant public stance on gender equity in corporate boardrooms, some critics called Bull, but State Street keeps charging ahead. They paid for the “Fearless Girl” standing opposite the Charging Bull near Wall Street.” Read more: “Show Down”, by Annalyn Kurtz, Fortune Magazine, June 2017

Deepwater Wind – now powers 17,000 homes—it is the country’s first offshore wind farm, off he coast of R.I” Read more : “For Throwing Power to the Wind” Fast Co., June 2017

Seeking more training? edX is offering graduate level programs that can count towards traditional university degrees.

Kudos to Justin Hall of “Bitsource” who is teaching former coal miners to code!

Kudos to Helena Foulkes for getting CVS to sell Adrenaclick—the generic version of epipen—at a much lower price!

Square’s payment processing platform is now also predicting situations when a business owner might need a loan- and is generating a loan proposal- no application required.” Fast Co. June, 2017

Accompany Inc.” now has a machine learning app that will do your research for you about the people you are planning to meet. Fast Co. June 2017

NextGenVest” is a program helping students select better value colleges, navigate loan applications, and even sometimes negotiate tuition reductions. Fast Co. June 2017

“Pacira Inc. has developed a single-dose non-opioid to relieve post-surgery pain—to prevent the growing problem of addiction to painkillers.” Read more: “For Weaning Surgeons off Opioids” Fast Co., June 2017

Kudos to Patricia Jehlen, Mass.Senator who is getting legislation passed that will prohibit employers from asking job candidates about salary history (as this has been a barrier for women who have been under paid in the past). Fast Co. June 2017

Kudos to Ryan Devlin for creating “This Bar Saves Lives”—They donate food aid for every bar they sell.

May, 2017

How the Media Works: catch a journalist’s interest by telling your story (by email) and if they respond with interest, offer to send them a sample of your product.” Jason Feifer, Editor Entrepreneur Mag, May 2017 issue; Good advice! Don’t just send products or expect a magazine to write about your company.

“More and more companies are signing on to Pledge 1%, a commitment to dedicate 1% of their equity, their product, and their employee’s hours to nonprofits. U.S. businesses and business leaders wield tremendous power. How they use that power will help define the future of our world.” Robert Safian, Editor, Fast Co., May 2017

Lessons in Uber’s Rough Ride: In the wake of rampant sexism at the well-funded transportation company, Silicon Valley rethinks its pursuit of rule-breaking results.” Good article by Erin Griffith in Fortune Magazine, May, 2017

The Future of Fashion: Craig Kasberg, CEO of “Tidal Vision” a startup, is pushing sustainable products made from ocean waste like salmon skin and discarded crab shells. These raw materials are being transformed into Chitosan- used in fabric for garments, and salmon leather. They also sell wallets and belts.” Read more- by Jennifer Alsever, Fortune Magazine, May, 2017

The Next Global Security Threat Isn’t What You Think” It will be a pandemic which is why we need adequate funding for the CDC and HHS. If we don’t address these issues in the world, infectious diseases will be brought into our country and it will be too late to protect ourselves. Read more : by Bryan Walsh, Time Mag., May 15, 2017

The Seattle region population is expected to reach 700,000 this year. Last year King County added 50,000 jobs; and this year 6,000 residential units are schedule to be completed. Seattle Business Mag., May 2017

Why the decline in manufacturing jobs in the U.S.? “ Currency manipulation, disparities in operating costs, trade barriers, automation, robots, complacency, lack of investment, energy-price shocks, labor strife, China’s industrialization, financial abuse, off-shoring… lots of reasons.” Read more: “The Manufacturing Question” good article by Bill Virgin, Seattle Magazine, May 2017

“Adrenaclick= low cost alternative to the EpiPen ($110. For two pens vs $600. For two EpiPens.” And if you can get a manufacturer’s coupon, it is only$10. Fast. Co. May 2017 “CVS Comes to the Rescue”

Adidas is moving their headquarters from Germany to Portland—Nike’s turf—quite a coincidence!

Alphabet has created a high-tech spoon that allows many disabled people to feed themselves! Go Alphabet! Read more: “Heavy Lifting” by Christina Farr, Fast Co. Mag., May 2017

This Fall, San Francisco will be the first city to offer free tuition to residents attending junior college- Kudos to them!

AeroFarms in Newark has converted an old warehouse into a food farm. Thousands of trays stacked 36’ high with arugula, kale, bok choy e.g. seeds are growing—via a high tech aeroponic growing system that uses no sunlight, no soil, and very little water.” Read more: “A Rising Food Revolution” Fast Co., May, 2017

A Redmond based biotech startup is giving leftover food back to the earth. Wiserg installs its Harvester machines outside grocery stores and restaurants to collect and preserve food scraps which they process into organic nutrient dense liquid fertilizer

Entrepreneurship is throwing yourself off a cliff and assembling an airplane on the waydown.” Reid Hoffman

April, 2017

“The 50 Best Cities for Entrepreneurs: Bellevue, WA, Boulder, Colo., Santa Fe, N.M., Corvallis, Ore., and Boise, Idaho all made the list” Entrepreneur Magazine, April 2017

The Billion-Dollar Shave Club: In five years, Michael Dubin turned a warehouse full of surplus razors into an industry-changing phenomenon.” Read more, Entrepreneur Mag., April, 2017- by Jaclyn Trop

Donald Trump, Palantir, And the Crazy Battle to Clean Up a Multi-billion Dollar Military Procurement Swamp” a good read by Steven Brill, Fortune Magazine, April 2017

Consider giving back—with your professional skills: allows professionals to donate something beyond money or physical labor e.g. sales savvy, coding competence, PR prowess etc. to charitable causes.

The stocks of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have limped along since the government bailed them out. This has left investors holding the bag. Read more: “Hidden Treasures or Money Pits”, by Michelle Celarier, Fortune Magazine, April, 2017

Store sales are falling faster than e-commerce can make up for. In the end, retailers may only be postponing their day of reckoning.” Phil Wahba, “How E-Commerce Is Making Stores Relevant Again” (maybe) Fortune Magazine , April, 2017

Tourism Woes Threaten Retail: More international visitors are cutting back on trips to the U.S. because of the perception that the country is becoming inhospitable to foreigners. “Tourism Economics” flipped its forecast for growth in 2017 and now expects as many as 6.3 million lost visits to the U.S. next year representing $10.8 billion in spending.” Phil Wahba, Fortune Magazine, April, 2017

4 Ways To Stop Negative Thinking Before It Starts: Get 7-9 hours sleep/night; Laugh more; Write down 3 things you are grateful for every night; Snap a rubberband on your wrist every time you complain;” Inc. Mag., April, 2017

The contention that immigrants harm the economy is not remotely borne out in Inc.’s nearly 40 years of experience.” Eric Schurenberg, Editor of Inc. Magazine

How to be productive at work:Tips from Laura Vanderkam, a productivity expert: “ Confine email to one block of time. Pursue personal passions in the evening. Get family time. Manage your meetings- do they need to happen? Get exercise. Have meetings at lunch. Walk off jet lag. Work longer hours when you travel, and shorter hours at home. Pick just 3 important tasks/day. Set up chunks of time for work without meetings that interrupt. Be careful you aren’t multi-tasking.” Inc Mag., April, 2017

A start-up is basically a double scoop of hopes and dreams, drizzled with uncertainty.” Thomas Goetz, Co-founder of Iodine, Inc. Mag., April, 2017

“Keeping Up With Millennials: (In the workplace) Listen to their input, deliver what you promise, and get real.” Coeli Carr, Inc. Mag. April, 2017

Don’t buy into the idea that kids own innovation. Use age to your advantage. You’re never too old to start a business.” Gary Vaynerchuk, Co-founder and CEO of VaynerMedia

Need to fix your laptop, cellphone or one of 7,000 other devices or objects? Check out iFixit, a company who teaches anybody how to fix most anything.

“Want you company to become more innovative? Hire talent who have never set foot in your industry. Fresh thinkers become in-house agents of change who will prompt the rest of your staff to remain curious and adaptable in a rapidly shifting world.” Kate Rockwood, read more: “Zero Experience Preferred”, Inc. Mag. April, 2017

“The Bling Machine: More than half the diamond on the market today come from conflict regions like the Congo and Sierra Leone. So- Diamond Foundry, with its plasma reactor produces diamonds like mined diamonds, made of the same crystal.” Read more: by Liz Welch, Inc. Mag.,April, 2017

Tom Chappel built Tom’s of Maine into a $100 million dollar business. Now he is trying to create the next great made-in-America fashion company- with a performance wool.” Read more: “The Very Long Road”, by Andy Isaacson, Inc. Mag. April, 2017

Glacial to Gangbusters: Sarah Kauss slowly patiently convinced the world to buy her $35. Fashion-forward water bottles. Now sales are at $100 million.” Read more Entrepreneur Magazine, April, 2017

The Booming Misunderstood, Game-Changing, Potentially Manipulative Business of Business Books: Every entrepreneur today seems to have written a book. But here’s what they might not tell you: The book wasn’t really written to be read. And they didn’t always do any writing.” Read More: Entrepreneur Mag., April, 2017 by Jennifer Miller

March, 2017

Good Advice for Entrepreneurs: “Consider which media outlets will be most valuable to you. Every newspaper, magazine, or website is read by a specific audience- and if you chase the wrong one, you’ll have wasted your time.” Jason Feifer, Editor of Entrepreneur Magazine

Should you grow your current location or add a 2nd location in your business? Consider how you can increase your # clients, offerings, and profits at your current location first. Read more: “ Do I Stay or Do I Grow” by Adam Bornstein, Entrepreneur Magazine, March, 2017

“Big Food Is Going to Get Even Bigger: The nation’s largest food makers are getting set to gobble each other up. Heinz bought Kraft and cut 5,150 jobs, closed six factories, and consolidated distribution. “ A good read by John Kell, Fortune Magazine, March 2017

“ Consumer debt is near the pre-crash levels but credit scores and delinquency rates look better than they did in 2008.” “Analytics” Fortune Magazine, March 2017

The president’s immigration policies may drive away students and revenue. American universities host more than 1 million foreign students- some 17,000 from the seven affected countries-and foreign students typically pay full freight, subsidizing their American counterparts.” “Trump’s Travel Ban Could Hit Colleges”, by Erika Fry, Fortune Magazine, March, 2017

“Trade has been a big part of U.S. growth and success, and what we need to be doing is leaning into more trade, not less.” FedEx founder Fred Smith Fortune Magazine, March 2017

Import taxes will spike the cost of consumer goods and hurt retailers and the American consumers.

“Bored at work? 8l% of the legal industry, 67% of financial services vs 45% of R&D employees report boredom at work.” Fortune Magazine March 2017

“Retire the idea of retirement—the second half of your life can be more fulfilling, more rewarding, and richer than the first half.” John Anderson author of “Living Your Legacy”— work part time or start your own business; Fortune Magazine, March 2017

“Blink of an Eye: Tascent, a company based in Los Gatos, California, that makes current generation iris recognition machines, says its technology can identify travelers via iris scans in two seconds with over 99% accuracy. This could allow travelers to skip airport lines.” (in the near future) Read more: by Jeff John Roberts, Fortune Magazine, March, 2017

“Habit- a San Francisco nutrition startup sells a $299. at-home test kit-which aims to discover how the body handles carbs, fats, and proteins. Users are asked to fast for 10 hours and then consume a dense nutrient-rich shake—then take blood samples and a cheek swab. Users are then given one of seven different “habit” recommendations.” Read more: “Digital Diet” by John Kell, Fortune Magazine, March, 2017

“The Best Energy Revolution Money Can Buy: Germany has launched a renewable- energy revolution, and it’s paying a fortune to achieve it, however enough renewable energy was produced in 2016 to cover 32% of the country’s electricity consumption.” Read More: by Jeffrey Ball, Fortune Magazine, March, 2017

“Wind On The Water: The first offshore wind power project is up and running, backed by the deep pockets of hedge fund giant D.E. Shaw. The obstacles to a wave of off-shore power are huge-but so is the potential.” Read more: by Brian Dumaine, Fortune Magazine, March, 2017

“Advice to the Administration: Make sure the world’s best minds-the most creative risk takers, innovators, and job creators-continue to believe the American story. Reassure them that America offers their best chance to realize their dreams, regardless of where they are from or how they worship.” Eric Schurenberg, Editor Inc. Mag., March, 2017

Keeping Your High-Tech Talent: “ Meetings should happen only at the beginning or end of the day.” Luke Melia (Let them have solid chunks of time to get their work done); Inc. Mag., March, 2017

“Serial entrepreneurs in their 50’s have the highest survival rate of any age group” for their businesses, according to Carmen Cotei and Joseph Farhat, finance professors at the U. of Hartford, and Central Connecticut State University. From “Lifecycle” by Leigh Buchanan, Inc. Mag., March, 2017

“Need to Boost Your Sales? Offering coffee: Research has shown that when people hold something warm, it makes them more generous. Also candy store shoppers were 42% more likely to buy something if they received free chocolate.” Kate Rockwood, Inc. Mag. March, 2017 What might you offer your customers?

Do you have hiring responsibility? Most of us are biased whether we realize it or not—we are inclined to hire those from prestigious schools, those of our same gender, same socioeconomic status, with names similar to our own. There are tools which can help you strip out your hidden biases: Blendoor, Interviewing.ID, Gapjumpers, and Textio are a few. Read more: “Putting Your Blinders On” by Kate Rockwood, Inc Mag.,March, 2017

“Big companies searching for inspiration, innovation and startup verve are finding a surprising new source: the entrepreneurs whose startups they buy. Northwestern Mutual bought fintech LearnVest; Under Armour and MyFitness Pal, Macy’s and BlueMercury, and Campbells and Plum Organics- for a few.” Read more: “Inside Job” by Kimberly Weisul, Inc. Mag., March, 2017

“The Bureau of Labor Statistics pronounced wind turbine service technicians the nation’s fastest growing occupation, project 108% growth between 2014 and 2024.” From “Sorry Coal, Solar is Where the Jobs Are”, by Erika Fry, Fortune Mag., March, 2017

Time for a Virtual Reality Check: Sales figures for 2016 are in, and they’re not exciting: The VR industry shipped 6.3 million devices and pulled in 1.8 $billion in revenue. That’s below expectations.” Jeff John Roberts, Fortune Magazine, March, 2017

Americans move less than they used to, Interstate migration is about 50% lower today than in the 1960’s. There are also fewer startups now, as a percentage of business activity (than in the 60’s).” From “America the Lethargic”, Fortune Magazine, March, 2017

“Rocket Boom in the Desert: New Space companies are launching in the Mojave, and the technology is becoming more accessible. Think Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and Richard Branson—today in the wake of their successes, there’s a third generation: minnows that service those private companies. Mojave has become an oasis of billionaires, scientists, vendors, and service providers. Some are vying for Google’s Lunar XPrize, a $20 million award for the first company to land a robotic spacecraft on the moon and accomplish several technical challenges.” Read more: by Jennifer Alsever, Fortune Mag., March, 2017

Companies are turning to apps to improve performance reviews with employees—and give feedback in real time. Software makers like BetterWorks, Reflektive, Zugata, Glint, and Cultlure Amp are helping companies provide more frequent feedback. Read more: “How Am I Doing”, Fortune Mag., March, 2017

“Shares fell in 2016 for Starbucks, but they are still growing faster than most competitors.” “A Coffee Stock Loses Its Buzz”, by Ryan Derosseau, Fortune Mag, March, 2017

“Last year corporations, most big tech companies, bought atleast 40 AI startups, a trend that’s expected to continue in 2017. Interest in Artificial Intelligence has reached a fever pitch.” “It’s Time to Take AI Seriously”, by Erin Griffith, Fortune Magazine, March, 2017

“After a dismal holiday season, the $155 billion department store industry is in unprecedented danger. To save themselves, the retail giants need to finally break their bad habits. The obstacles to transformation remain daunting. Becoming more nimble likely means closing more stores, shedding jobs, and enduring further erosion in revenue.” Read more: “Everything Must Go”, by Phil Wahba, Fortune Magazine, March, 2017

Sugar Rush: The mounting campaign against the ultimate sweetner is bringing new urgency to the longtime search for a good-tasting, zero-calorie alternative. But the challenge is only getting harder.” Good article by Beth Kowitt in Fortune Magazine, March, 2017 Trying to create a substitute that doesn’t have a bitter taste and is cost-effective has been an uphill battle.

Unilever CEO Paul Polman has remade his company as a model of responsible capitalism. Unilever is rethinking each brand under its sustainable living plan, which demands it halve its water use and carbon emissions, stop sending waste to landfills, and help fight diseases. But can the consumer goods powerhouse grow fast enough to prove that his new model works?” Read more: “Selling Soap And Saving TheWorld” by Vivienne Walt, Fortune Magazine, March, 2017

In January, Oxfam reported that the richest 8 people (in the world) now hold as much combined wealth as half of the world’s population. Fortune Mag., March, 2017

Getting a Good Head Shot: You want a picture of you smiling with a little teeth showing and a smile that engages your full face—cheeks and eyes—not just muscles around the mouth.

Creating a Good Company Culture: “ Company cultures fail when a company doesn’t consciously focus on making its culture better. Good culture doesn’t just happen. A truly strong one is nourished and grown, like any relationship.” Read more: “The 153 Best Company Cultures in America”, Entrepreneur Magazine, March, 2017 note: RealSelf, and Bonanza- both Seattle Companies made the top 153 List!

Much of today’s economic growth comes not from large companies but from small businesses. And since there is no current visa for entrepreneurs, some of the brightest minds in the country are in limbo or in some cases, being shown the door. About 10 percent of American workers are employed by private immigrant-owned firms, according to New American Economy.” From “ I’m Getting Kicked Out”, by Mary Pilon, Entrepreneur Mag., March, 2017

February, 2017

“The Truth About Whole Wheat and Whole Grain Bread:” Much of the marketing is hype or misleading. “Look for “made of 100% of whole grains” & for products that aren’t bulked with cellulose or inulin. “Multi-grain” doesn’t mean they are “whole grain”, so be sure to check on that. And beware of “Whole Grain” products that are loaded with salt and sugar.” Read More: Time Mag. 2-6-16

Reducing fossil fuels: We can have the wood products we need for building or utensils, and from the waste (residuals) we can develop the fuels and chemicals for industry while still leaving plenty of wild places for wildlife and humans.” (NARA Scientists), Larry Clark, Editor; WSU Magazine, Spring, 2017 (Good articles in Winter and Spring Magazines)

“Learning That’s Virtually Fun”: The Neurodiversity Lab at WSU is a merger between the College of Education’s Assistive Tech Lab and the Neurocognitive Science Lab. Researchers are studying eye tracking in dogs, autism, and using VR immersion to prepare ROTC recruits for deployment in areas like Iraq or Syria.” WSU Mag. Rebecca Phillips , Spring, 2017 Fascinating stuff!

AI may well lead to mass manipulation—allowing retailers, for example to goad shoppers into spending more money by analyzing their posture and expression…. It could also help people with autism make sense of other people’s emotions, among other advances.” Richard Yonck, “The Heart of The Machine”

A study in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition analyzed the health records of nearly 3,000 people and found that plant-based protein benefits musculoskeletal health as equally as animal protein.” Time Magazine, Feb 27, 2017

For a Long Life: “Sleep is the single most effective thing you can do to reset your body and brain for health.” Matthew Walker

“The magic amount of sleep for longevity is seven hours a night according to the American Cancer Society- rigorous study of more than 1 million people.” “Sleep Advice From the Pros”, Robert Stickgold

To Have a Long Life: “ Stay curious, eat more plants, and rethink what it means to be old.” Read more: “What 3 Things Can I Do To Extend The Length of My Life?” by Jeffrey Kluger, Time Mag., Feb 27, 2017

“Americans throw away an estimated $165 billion worth of food each year. Uneaten food is the single largest item in landfills, creating huge amounts of methane. If even 15 percent of that wasted food were redirected, it could feed 25 million Americans a year, a boon for people who live with hunger.” From: “Waste Not” Larry Clark, WSU Magazine, Spring, 2017

Ways to deal with procrastination: “ Donate to charity for every hour you waste ($5.); or Give yourself a fake deadline” From: “4 Ways to Stop Procrastinating Right Now”, by Dan Scalco, Inc. Mag. Feb, 2017

How will You Attract Customers? Find someone in the press who has a lot of followers on social media and get that person interested in the product.” Benjamin Sarrazin, Founder of Yuba Bicycles, Inc. Mag., Feb., 2017

Kudos to Pharrell Williams who is a creative director at Bionic Yarn- a startup that makes a line of jeans from plastic recovered from the ocean.

“Build Your Product For the Consumer, Not the Buyer”—good advice from Thomas Goetz, CEO of Iodine, Inc. Mag, Feb., 2017

Advice if you are in business with your spouse: Create separate areas of responsibility so you aren’t always stepping on each other’s turf; Have sacred time at home when you don’t talk about business; Get separate time for yourself away from the business and your partner for reflection; Respect your differences; If conflict is eating at your relationship, get a coach or therapist to work with you.

“There is a growing demand for digital assistants that can understand spoken requests and perfect tasks-scheduling a meeting, making a phone call or a payment. And startups that develop machine learning for existing digital assistants stand to make the most money.” Inc. Mag. Feb, 2017

The company retreat business is on an upswing—and when done right a retreat can pay off with better employee morale.” Read more “ Cook Up A Company Retreat”, by Helaine Olen, Inc. Mag., Feb., 2017

A study in the Journal Acupuncture in Medicine analyzed 147 babies with colic who cried for more than 3 hours a day atleast 3 days per week; It found that those who received acupuncture treatment over two weeks had a greater reduction in crying than those who did not.” Time Mag., 2-6-17

“UW Researchers Take a Whack At Kidney Stone Disease”: Researcher Mike Bailey and his team are developing a system that uses long pulses of sound waves to push the smaller stones from the kidney safely and without anesthesia.” “Rock Stars”, by Stuart Glascock, Seattle Business Mag. Feb. 2017

“The Brazilian investors who run 3G-and who now control Kraft Heinz and AB InBev-have increased the value of their food and beverage conglomerates, even as they’ve slashed the number of employees who work there. But then the strategy comes with other casualties as well: Innovation has suffered…and while the giants can keep growing as they keep gobbling up smaller companies and smashing their overheads, sooner or later that feast is likely to end.” “How to Make Human Capital Count”, by Clifton Leaf, Fortune Mag., Feb., 2017

The pace of deal making and venture capital funding overall may have slowed in 2016, but artificial intelligence kept booming. Investors poured a record $5 billion into 658 deals in the space.” “Analytics” Fortune Mag. Feb. 2017

As more countries embrace protectionist policies and more global currencies stumble, the appeal of Bitcoin has grown. The biggest driver was China.” “Bitcoin is Back” by Robert Hackett, Fortune Mag, Feb. 2017

Wearables aren’t taking off—projections for growth are down. Fortune Mag. Feb, 2017

“The flow of initial public offerings slowed in 2016, hitting just 128- the lowest number since the financial crisis.” Fortune Mag. Feb 2017

Facebook does the best job of getting users when they “serve both the aspirational self and the behavioral self”—which means blending news with things like weddings and cat videos. People say they want the news, but they spend more time on the entertaining and social posts! “Why You Click on Those Cat Videos”, Derek Thompson, Fortune Mag., February, 2017

Bolt Threads is making silk from yeast and spider DNA—part of the growth of synthetic biology-an industry that is fabricating products out of genetic code.” Read more: “ The Rise of Synthetic DNA” by Jennifer Alsever, Fortune Magazine, Feb., 2017

A department at Alphabet called “Jigsaw” is using machine learning to help mitigate the damage of trolls on the internet. Read more: “ Troll Hunters” by Jeff John Roberts, Fortune Mag. Feb, 2017

A proposed corporate tax deal could encourage U.S. companies to repatriate $1 trillion in foreign profit- and some of it could flow straight to shareholders. This would particularly impact tech and healthcare (chiefly pharmaceuticals). However—if companies buy back share at too high a price or overpay for acquisitions, their shareholders could suffer later.” Read more: “How Investors Win of Cash Comes Home” by Shawn Tully Fortune Mag. Feb. 2017

“Google Searches Its Soul: According to the 2016 numbers, some 71% of the company’s U.S. employees are male, 57% are white, and the vast majority of technology jobs and leadership positions are held by men.” They are taking big strides to become more diverse. Read more: by Ellen McGirt, Fortune Mag., February, 2017

PwC’s US Chairman Tim Ryan has responded to national racial traumas with a rare willingness to address uncomfortable issues—and to rally his firm and others (including Accenture, Pepsi, and Target).” Read more: “Tim Ryan’s Awakening” by Ellen McGirt, Fortune Magazine, Feb., 2017”

Is The World Big Enough for Huawei? After climbing to the top of the smartphone market in its home country, the Chinese giant is taking off in Europe. But to challenge Apple and Samsung, the world’s No. 3 phonemaker needs to figure out how to reach American consumers- or how to live without them.” Read more: by Scott Cendrowski, Fortune Magazine, Feb., 2017

Washington State adds a new brewery about every 11 days according to the Washington Beer Commission.

Amazon’s stock price has risen 340% in the past six years.” Seattle Business Magazine, Feb. 2017

“While Washington State has one of the strongest research bases in the country, we lack an equivalent base of strong companies that can translate that research into new devices, cures, therapies, or cost competitive global health solutions. We need workforce training programs to prepare technical workers for biotech manufacturing. “ Leslie Alexandre, CEO and President of Life Science Washington, Seattle Business Mag., Feb 2017

January, 2017

Andrew Cuomo, NY governor has declared he will offer free state-college tuition to many low and middle income New Yorkers. It has yet to pass the legislature. I am interested to see if this really happens!

“On Dec 30th, China committed to a ban on all ivory trade and processing activities by the end of 2017. This could help end the global trade of ivory for good—as the Chinese market represents 70% of the world’s ivory trade.” Time Mag., Jan 16, 2017 This is great news!

The average temperature across the world’s land and ocean surfaces in 2016 was (58.69 degrees) making it the hottest year on record for the third year in a row, according to NASA and NOAA.” Time Mag., 1-30-17

If you are self-employed, you have a choice of a SEP-IRA or a 401-K. The 401-k allows you to put more into your retirement fund/year but does come with more paperwork.

Limiting the number of times/day you check your email reduces stress!

“How video games can save the world: games like “Re-Mission” enable young cancer patients to bust virtual cancer cells with microscopic robots in an effort to help them during treatment. And the ICivics platform lets players make the same decisions as lawmakers, judges, and Presidents.” By Sarah Begley, Time Mag. Jan 30, 2017

Bellevue, Washington based tech startup “Ossia” has developed the Cota Tile-a ceiling fixture that can send power over radio waves to devices like phones, laptops, and smoke detectors, so long as they’re outfitted with special receiver chips.” Read more: “A Ceiling That Wirelessly Charges Devices”, by Julia Zorthian, Time Mag. Jan 30, 2017

“The appendix may have a purpose– it may protect beneficial bacteria living in the gut.” Journal Comptes Rendus Palevol, quoted in Time Mag.,Jan 30, 2017

In a new study, “older people who consumed more caffeine tended to have lower levels of inflammation-the culprit behind a number of chronic diseases.” “Coffee: the latest antidote to aging” by Alice Park, Time Mag., Jan 30, 2017

Need a new workout routine? There is a new workout trend called the “Ninja Gym” popular among Millenials seeking a social experience.

Sales of virtual reality headsets are growing slowly despite efforts by Audi and IMAX and others to stir public interest. Good article in January Fortune Mag. “Virtual Reality’s Money Quest”, by Jonathan Vanian.

Company training is being adapted to our short attention span. Trainings are now put on smart phones and given in small bites. Read more: “A New Mind-Set”by Heather Clancy, Fortune Mag. Jan, 2017

“Only 30% of family businesses survive to a second generation.” Mary Ann Sisco, Sr VP Northern Trust

Hotels are starting to copy Airbnb. They are beginning to customize and personalize rooms instead of every room being an exact replica. Read more: Fortune Mag. Jan, 2017

“The Ugly Unethical Underside of Silicon Valley: Silicon Valley’s startup scene celebrates iconoclasts and romanticizes rule breakers. But as scandals pile up, it’s time to ask whether tech entrepreneurs are taking “fake it til you make it” too far.” Good article in Jan Fortune Mag, by Erin Griffith

A new law says French companies with more than 50 workers must guarantee a right to “disconnect” from emails outside of the office hours to improve work-life balance.” Time Mag.Jan16, 2017 I think we need that in this country!

December, 2016

“Fortune and Time will gather more than 100 CEO’s and thought leaders at the Vatican this month- to strengthen the partnership between Big Business and the rest of the world. The mission of business is not, and cannot be isolated from the goals of humanity.” Clifton Leaf, “Forging a New Social Compact”, Fortune, Magazine, December, 2016 A good beginning step!

“The Crispr Pioneers: Their breakthrough work could change the world- by altering genes that cause cancer and other diseases. The leaders in genetics have agreed to a voluntary temporary moratorium on using Crispr to edit the genes of human embryos that would be inserted into a woman and brought to term.” Read more, by Alice Park, Time Mag., Dec 19, 2016 The benefits to many could be amazing, however the potential dangers give one pause!

Seattle businesses with 500+ employees will be required to give hourly shift workers their schedules two weeks ahead of time so Seattle Shyft Technologies has created an app for that! It will allow people to trade shifts and make last minute changes.

Bezos net worth rose by a cool $8.6 billion in 2016.” Fortune Magazine, 12/15/16

“Medtronic’s artificial pancreas was cleared as a treatment for Type 1 Diabetes (in 2016).”” Innovations in Drug Delivery”, by Sy Mukherjee, Fortune Magazine, 12/15/16

“A new generation of ultrafast jetliners could kick off the next age of supersonic passenger flight”—read more by Clay Dillow, “Supersonic Travel is Booming”, Fortune Mag. 12/15/16

Ethical Issues for Twitter: “Some of its corporate customers repackage its data for sale to law enforcement and governments leading to concerns of Twitter data being used to track or profile protesters and activists.” Read more: “#ethical problems, by Jeff John Roberts, Fortune Mag., 12/15/16

Depression in Entrepreneurs: “ Depression still carries a stigma for entrepreneurs, who are expected to be energetic, optimists. But the problem is emerging from the shadows.” Nine out of 10 startups go bust, so it is an important issue and startup founders need support. Read more: “Facing the Darkness”, by Laura Entis, Fortune Magazine, 12/15/16

Need theater tickets for New York: Check out TodayTix—an app that sells “week of” theater tickets at a discount.

“Twitter has been in business for 10 years and went public in 2013. Since then, the company has lost $2 billion.” “New-Tech’ Profit Black Hole” by Dan Lyons, Fortune Mag. 12/15/16

China’s global political ambitions are taking a new shape with “One Belt, One Road”, a $3 trillion infrastructure campaign in Europe, Asia, and Africa.” Some western companies and investors stand to benefit (think G.E., Siemens, and Honeywell) . Read more: “China Spreads the Wealth Around”, by Scott Cendroski, Fortune Mag. 12/15/16

“Reinventing the American Mall: Simon Property Group built the country’s biggest mall empire around the big department stores. As those giants stumble, Simon is racing to adapt to 21st century shopping habits.” They are trending towards smaller shops, grocery stores, fitness shops, entertainment centers, and luxury stores—to draw in people looking for “experiences”. Read more by Phil Wahba, Fortune Mag., 12/15/16

“Warren Buffett’s All-In-Clean-Energy Bet: Wind power is a booming business and Berkshire Hathaway is one of its biggest players. But Donald Trump may strip away some of renewable energy’s major financial advantages.” Read more: by Stephen Ganel O& Katie Fehrenbacher, Fortune Mag., 12/15/16

Costco: “The Magic in the Warehouse” They are the world’s 3rd largest retailer. They pay their employees well (average of $22./hr), and have built a wonderful culture thanks to Jim Sinegal of “doing the right thing”. People love working there, and rarely leave the company. Great article in Fortune Magazine 12/15/16 by Neal Gabler.

“The elite build resumes. Entrepreneurs build legacies.” David Brooks, NY Times Columnist

“The Right Way to Leave Your Partners: Your buy/sell agreement needs a formula for valuing the shares, the conditions under which you may sell shares, to whom you may sell them, and how quickly or slowly such sales may take place.” Read more: by Kathy Kristof, Inc. Mag., Dec., 2016

“The number of women who started businesses reached its highest rate in almost 20 years (this last year), rising from 220 per 100,000 to 260. That number still pales beside the 420 per 100,000 men who become entrepreneurs. The overall rate of entrepreneurship remains below that of the 1970’s, when it began a three-decade descent .” “Rising Profits Easier Money, High Anxiety” by Leigh Buchanan, Inc. Mag. Dec., 2016

As of December 1st, the FLSA Act doubled the salary threshold at which companies can avoid paying overtime to salaried workers. They have to either increase the salary or move employees to hourly.

Thrive Market- sells a membership for $59.95 that allows consumers to buy organic products at 50 percent off the retail price. I hope they come to Seattle!

If your personal files are “held up for ransom”, report it to As prevention, companies like ExtraHop can anticipate and intervene in the midst of an attack. Read more: “Thwarting A Takeover”, by Patrick Marshall, Seattle Business Magazine, Dec., 2016

Interest in “smart homes” is growing—linking apps with doorbells, heating, lights, alarms. With the aging population it will be a useful tool for elders and their caregivers. Read more: “Remote Control” , by Patrick Marshall, Seattle Business Magazine, December, 2016

Amazon is dropping “wrapping paper” as a means to quicken fulfillment of orders and improve its sustainability—sounds like a good step!

“Sign-In Of The Times: Mastercard is exploring new methods for identifying customers, such as iris scanning, voice recognition, and even heart-beat monitoring. Blood pumping patterns, it turns out are as unique as fingerprints.” Fast Co. Mag., December, 2016

In October, NY Mayor Andrew Cuomo signed a law making it illegal to rent out apartments for less than 30 days at a time. Airbnb quickly filed a suit to block the law.” Fast Co., Dec., 2016 Interesting to see how that turns out!

Genetics Company Helix and others like 23 and Me,, Genos, Color Genomics, and Veritas all want to offer us many benefits, however there are significant privacy concerns re genetic data. For example: people can be denied life insurance, longterm care insurance or disability coverage if such information becomes available. Read more: “The Double Bind” by Christine Farr, Fast Co., Mag. December, 2016

An ambitious experiment in the Netherlands could be a model for life off the grid. ReGen Village is designed to operate as a closed- loop system, meaning it meets most of its needs within. It will serve as a testing ground for a concept that could help reduce global dependence on unsustainable resources.” Read more: “The Future of Neighborhoods” by Adele Peters, Fast Co., Dec., 2016 It will be exciting to watch this experiment!

“You are never going to cut down the mountain of work to make it flat” wise words from Shonda Rhimes

Don’t be the best, be the only” Andrew Zimmern, Creator of Bizarre Foods

DeepStream VR is using its VR headset along with a game as a tool to help people cope with pain. I can see how the “distraction” could be very helpful with chronic pain conditions.

Kudos to four-star general Peter W. Chiarell (RET.) for leading “One Mind, a Seattle based non-profit dedicated to accelerating research and finding better diagnostics and treatment for those soldiers and civilians affected by brain illness and injury.” UW Columns, December, 2016

Did you know that twins live longer than the rest of us? This came out of research by David Sharrow Professor James Anderson. UW Columns, December, 2016

“Immunologist Michael Gale and his team of scientists and students (at the U.W.) are focusing on a drug-like molecule that triggers a body’s innate immunity to fight infection in a range of global pathogens including Kia, hepatitis C and West Nile.” Read more: “Zeroing in on Kika” by Bonnie Rochman, UW Columns, December, 2016

“Washington state has been leading the nation in taking innovative approaches to health care. It is one of 14 states to create its own health-insurance exchange. In Washington, the number of people without health insurance has dropped from 14.5 percent in 2012 to 7.3 percent as of 2015. A repeal (of the Affordable Care Act) could leave thousands of low-income residents without health care coverage, or leave the State on the hook to replace the federal money.” Read more: “On the Mend” by Julie Garner, UW Columns, December, 2016

The UW again ranks in the top five of Reuter’s Annual List of the world’s more innovative universities.” UW Columns, December, 2016

Kudos to Sean Parker– (Napster Cofounder) for launching the Parker Institute for Cancer immunotherapy and bringing together six of the nation’s leading cancer hospitals—people who otherwise might be competing with each other. “Hacking Cancer, and Philanthropy”, by Erika Fry, Fortune Mag., December, 2016

“If you want a better shot at coverage (for your small business), don’t ask what a reporter or editor is working on and maybe don’t even tell them why your company is the most amazing thing they’ve ever heard of. Instead tell them what they need to know-and how you’re part of it. I am always looking for surprising, fascinating, and compelling stories. Maybe it’s an entrepreneurship trend or a budding industry or a major challenge that business owners are working to overcome.” Jason Feifer, Editor, Entrepreneur Magazine (Dec. 2016 issue)

Love camping? Check out “Hipcamp”—they have 1700 private-land sites that you can book and also 285,000 state and national lands and other listings (some of which they can book for you).

Have you watched “Fixer-Upper”! They are revitalizing Waco, Texas and stimulating the economy and creating opportunities for other small businesses in what was a dying area. Kudos to Chip and Joanna Gaines. Read more: “Entrepreneurs Are Transforming Small Cities”, by Maggie Gordon, Entrepreneur Mag. Dec., 2016

Entrepreneurs are addressing the problem of “implicit bias in hiring”: GapJumpers offer blind auditions and “” offers a voice masking technology that obscures the applicant’s gender. And “Blendoor” app matches applicants to open positions- scrubbed of identifying information. “Companies Reevaluate Their Hiring Practices” by Kate Rockwood, Entrepreneur Mag., Dec. 2016

Cat Lovers: “CATFI” builds feeders with facial recognition technology to identify your cat so the neighbors pesky cat doesn’t steal your pet’sfood.

Videogames for treating ADHD, depression, and traumatic brain injury: Adam Gazzaley, professor neurology at the University of California at SF is developing these treatments. Fortune Mag., December, 2016 What a gift this may be for many people who are struggling!

Data is th e modern weapon. Protecting anyone is impossible. The game has changed to response time.” Robert Herjavec, of Shark Tank, Fortune Magazine, Dec., 2016

A flood of new money and lack of good investment opportunities are making things awkward in Silicon Valley. With fewer new unicorns and a focus on profitability, it has become easier to tell which companies have a working business model. The competition to invest in Silicon Valley’s small handful of winners is even stiffer.” “Age of Dissonance”, by Erin Griffith, Fortune, Mag. December, 2016

Mark Zuckergerg is Fortune’s “Business Person of the Year”– heralded for bringing together Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and FaceBook Groups, as well as Oculus. Read more: “Zuckerberg” by Adam Lashinsky, Fortune Magazine, December, 2016

“For years Microsoft cultivated leaders who wanted to run their own show. No longer. To run the show you have to work as a team.” Satya Nadella, CEO, Microsoft, Fortune Mag. December, 2016

“Oscar Munoz took the CEO job to lead a turnaround at the troubled airline (United Continental). Then he suffered a near fatal heart attack and got a transplant. He bounced back and United is starting to soar again.” Read more: “Munoz”, by Shawn Tully, Fortune Magazine, December, 2016

“ Seventh Generation- acquired by Unilever this Fall- is cracking the code on how to make eco-friendly cleaning products. The challenge now? Selling them to the masses.” Read more: “It Isn’t Easy Being Green” by Beth Kowitt, Fortune Magazine, December, 2016

November, 2016

“ GM makes its move: Over the past year, CEO Mary Barra has re-engineered General Motors to directly challenge Google, Tesla, and Uber in the battle for the future of driving. To keep pace in the race to reinvent transportation, General Motors must fundamentally change GM’s culture- and the company itself.” Read more-by Rick Tetzeli, Fast Co., November, 2016

Want to “up” your skills? Check out Coursera, Udacity, and Harvard Business School; Many of the classes are free.

Pick Up the **** Phone: We see you hiding behind text and emails. Yeah, You. Stop it. Here’s Why” Great article in November Entrepreneur Magazine, by Ross McCammon about how we avoid stepping up to the commitment of making phone calls and why it is important for us take that step.

I hope you aren’t doing this! It is called “friendly fraud” and it is hurting small businesses. “ A customer purchases a product or service, then goes straight to their credit card company, claims to have been misled or cheated or never have received the product or service, and then tries to get the charge knocked off. Win or lose, the seller is charged a fee ranging from a few cents to $30.” We need small businesses in our country- please be honest. Read more: “Get Back, Chargeback” by Joe Keohane, Entrepreneur Mag., Nov., 2016

“The entrepreneur who tries to roll out everything in one neat package is striving for the impossible. A business isn’t built layer by perfect layer. It is grown, like a body. Its parts will change with time and need constant upkeep.” Andrew Zacharakis, Director of the Babson College Entrepreneurship Research Conference

Doppler Ear buds: With these, you can stream music, take phone calls, block unwanted noises, and select noises you want to hear; Anyone tried them?

Is Your Company Default Dead? It means you will run out of money before you turn a profit. Paul Graham, founder of Y-Combinator coined the term every startup should know.” Entrepreneur Mag., November, 2016, author: Sam Hogg

Couples in Business Together: Write up a partnership agreement; Define clear roles so you aren’t stepping on each other’s turf, be clear on your exit strategy, have date nites where you don’t discuss business, and have a plan for what happens to the business should you divorce;

App Builders listen up: “According to a recent comScore report, half of the U.S. smartphone owners download zero apps a month.” From “The Talking Cure” by Cliff Kuang, Fast Co., November, 2016

“Facebook’s new plan to collect data from WhatsApp users has privacy experts concerned.” From: “The Talking Cure” by Cliff Kuang, Fast Co., November, 2016

Meditating can put you in a more objective and detached mindset, and help you find good in those you dislike.” From: “4 Ways Leaders Work With People They Don’t Like”, INC Magazine, Nov., 2016

“Flying Yoga: A friend taught James Jeans co-founder Seun Lim something about hanging in midair.” She open a flying yoga studio in LA. It involves a silk hammock for hanging upside down, stretching, and strengthening. Read more: “A New Way to Fly”, by Sheila Marikar, Inc. Mag., November, 2016

Kudos to Anna Stork, founder of LuminAid—which makes inflatable solar powered lanterns. They have sent the lights to over 70 countries allowing children in the developing world to study in the evenings in addition to feeling safer. Read more: Out of the Darkness, by Alix Stuart, Inc. Mag., Nov., 2016

“Thinning the Herd: As companies move from go-go to a focus on profits, only the strong and smart will survive.” Good article by Jeff Bercovici, Inc. Mag., November, 2016

“The minute a man talked down to me, I was my best self. I was going to get from that person what I wanted, come hell or high water.” Barbara Corcoran Great article in Inc. Mag. November, 2016 “The Fabulous Fury of Barbara Corcoran” Amazing woman who has overcome many difficult life challenges to build an incredible business career.

Employee incentives: think about extra days off, gift cards, music concerts, plays, and sporting event tickets, travel, ski lift tickets etc.

Kudos to Matthew Griffin, Army Ranger who founded “Combat Flip Flops”—made in Columbia as a way to create jobs and fund education in war torn countries. Read more: “Sandals, Not Swords”, by Leigh Buchanan, Inc. Mag., November, 2016

A take- off of “We-Work”—there is now a NY company called “Common” that is building modern boarding houses where people rent a bedroom in a very large building and then share common spaces, and cleaners come in once a week so renters don’t have that sometimes challenging issue. Read more: “The New House-Sharing Economy”, by Maria Aspan, Inc. Mag., November, 2016

“While women start companies at twice the rate of men, female-founded companies get only 13 percent of the total angel financing available.” SheCEO, Pipeline Angels, and Portfolia are doing their part to turn this around. Read more: “The New Face of Funding” by Kimberly Weisul, Inc. Mag., November, 2016

Kudos to Thomas Woltz—for “invigorating American cities with a new approach to urban parks.” Think—open spaces, native flowers, groves of trees and underground irrigation, water storage, and ventilation. Read more: “Parks and Recreation”, by Diana Budds, Fast Co., November, 2016

“Snapchat is eyeing an IPO at a valuation of $25 billion.” “Briefing” by Valentina Zarya, Fortune Magazine, November, 2016 The number is mind-blowing!

Beset by health problems, American’s are turning to food as treatment-and spending billions to do so.”—think gluten-free, lactose-intolerant, low-fat, low-sugar; “The Rise of the Ailment Shopper, Beth Kowitt, Fortune, Magazine, November, 2016 So here are opportunities for food start-ups!

Wind is Getting Really Really Cheap: The Block Island wind project- five 560 feet tall wind turbines attached to the seafloor- will be the first offshore wind farm operating in U.S. waters.” Read more by Katie Fehrenbacher, Fortune Magazine, November, 2016

Ice Control of a Different Color: salt and chemical deicers damage both vehicles and the environment. Now thanks to the culinary genius of a WSU engineer, deicers are getting a green makeover. Apple, grape, and cherry skins are being reborn as sustainable ice melt.” Read more: by Rebecca Phillips, Washington State Mag., Winter, 2016

Getting Vets connected to Nature is helping them heal. Veterans Conservation Corps, Veterans Farm, and outdoor adventure therapy are all helping vets with the transition back home from war. Read more: “When Jermiha Marched Home”, by Rebecca Phillips, Washington State Mag., Winter, 2016

“Using readily available biomass from timber in the Pacific Northwest, an international collaboration of private industry and research universities has spent the past 5 years figuring out how to bootstrap a bio-economy into existence- one that would fuel our jets, meet our needs for plastics, medicines, and fabrics, and teach us new ways to sustainably manage our forests.” Read more: “Wood Takes Wing” by Brian Charles Clark, Washington State Magazine, Winter, 2016; This is exciting!

Set no more that 3 important tasks for each day and you will be more likely to feel successful!

By early 2018 Aireon plans to launch a satellite-based communication network that can precisely track passenger aircraft- and in doing so, trim fuel consumption, shorten flight times, and save airlines hundreds of millions of dollars a year.” Read more “Safety net in the Sky” by Clay Dillow, Fortune Magazine, November, 2016

Earlier this year, Unilever shelled out $1 billion for Dollar Shave Club, a razor startup.” From: “Come On and Shine”, by Erin Griffith, Fortune Magazine, November, 2016

Great Advice if considering a startup: “Look Before You Leap: consider “total addressable market”, don’t join late, consider team, track record and tech; negotiate a strong severance package, meet the board, beware the quick offer, know the going rate for your role.” Read more: by Dan Lyons, Fortune Magazine, November, 2016

“Accept the reality that millennials are as varied as any group you’ve encountered- and that you’ll need a diverse range of incentives to get them to perform at their best.” Geoff Colvin, “Millennials Are Not Monolithic”, Fortune Magazine, November, 2016

“What makes a job meaningful depends on a few key qualities: a sense of mission, trust, and autonomy, and a culture of teamwork and communication.” “The Best Small And Medium-Size Companies To Work For”, Fortune Magazine, November, 2016

Athleisure is the growing trend—gym clothes are moving into high fashion- via Lululemon, Under Armour, Nike, Adidas, and Puma. Is this a good thing?

Red Tape: Once rules and regulations get established and companies adapt, those same companies resist the loosening of the rules and regulations because they have become a barrier to entry for potential new competing firms. Read more: “ The Red Tape Conundrum: by Brian O’keefe, Fortune Magazine, November, 2016 fascinating!

“The Great Rocket Race: Elon Musk’s Spacex is jousting with a Boeing-Lockheed joint-venture for the lucrative business of sending satellites to space. The incumbent faces a daunting two-pronged challenge.” Read more- by Clay Dillow, Fortune Magazine, November, 2016

“According to the Department of Agriculture, roughly 30% to 40% of food available in the United States ends up in landfills each year.” Komal Ahmad, CEO of Copia, “ is using technology to distribute excess food to the hungry. Over the past four years Admad and her team of eight full-time employees have recovered more than 830,000 pounds of food from 150 clients. They have helped to feed nearly 700,000 people.” Read more: “Waste Management”, by Nikita Richardson, Fast Co., November, 2016

Can GOPRO rise again: After a series of missteps and market shifts, CEO Nick Woodman and his team are re-trenching. Of all the moments the action camera pioneer has captured over the years, this is the one that really counts.” Read more: by Karl Taro Greenfield, Fast Co., November, 2016

Chipotle Eats Itself: Chipotle Mexican Grill was a sizzling business with a red-hot stock until an e.coli outbreak derailed its future. Can a mission based company make gobs of money and still save the world?” A very in- depth article articulating the challenges Chipotle is up against-by Austin Carr, Fast Co., November, 2016

October, 2016

Placed,Inc. has built software that tracks people/location so businesses can target ads in a specific manner. In exchange for giving up information, users can collect air miles or have donations given to one’s favorite charity. This seems to be the direction ads are going.

“ In Seattle, in 2014 seven tech vacancies existed for every unemployed tech worker.” Read more: “Foreign Service” by Leslie Helm ,Seattle Business, October, 2016

Entrepreneurs needing funding up to 150K—check out Cancapital:

How to get a celebrity to back your start-up: “ Contact their agent by email and offer to send your product, stating how your product will benefit the individual. If they love the product, say that you’d love to get some feedback from them. “ Read more: “Star Power” by Lambeth Hochwald, Entrepreneur Mag., Oct. 2016

The MacArthur Foundation: The genius grant institution created a new 100&Change award that gives $100 million to a single organization working in any field, that proposes a viable solution to a critical problem affecting people, places or the planet.” Buzz, Fast Co., October, 2016 What a wonderful challenge and opportunity for an innovative organization!

The other Musk: “Kimbal Musk is sowing the seeds for a health revolution in Memphis. He is building 100 learning gardens in local schools and opening restaurants, and convincing cotton farmers to shift to organic food.” Read more: “Soul Food”, by Jennifer V. Cole, Fast Co., October, 2016

“Not-so human resources: How artificial intelligence is being used to screen, test, and hire new talent—scan work samples, parse social media posts, and analyze facial expressions.” Intriguing article by Sean Captain in Fast Co., October, 2016 Alert to job seekers- nothing is private anymore!

“Adidas Gets in the Game: To counter shrinking market share, the athletic-wear giant is betting on women: Pure Boost X sneakers, wearables with sensors, a subscription box, and more.” By Elizabeth Segran, Fast Co., October, 2016

“Doppler Labs is making smart ear-buds paired with a smart- phone, creating a new form of augmented reality. With them you can adjust the sound level, connect with audio guides, layer streaming audio on top of real world sounds, turn down the drone of loud noises, and get focused audio of people around you in noisy restaurants.” Read more: “Now Hear This” by Harry McCracken, Fast Co., October, 2016; they aren’t “hearing aides” but—they sound like they’d be better than hearing aides!

For someone who truly has everything: Nike’s HyperAdapt 1.0 sneakers has a small motor and pulley system that laces your sneakers for you. Kinda wild!

Volvo has created “ Concept 26 interior” for autonomous vehicles which allows the rider to recline the seat to relax or work on a retractable table—you can even watch Netflix. The future is here!

Can CEO Jack Dorsey’s bet on live video, including Thursday night NFL games, woo the masses?” Read more: “Live From Twitter HQ”, by Harry McCracken, Fast Co., October, 20

“With a $14.6 billion salvo fired at Apple over its tax deals in Ireland, European regulators are escalating their battle against American business. At stake is what happens to about $2 trillion that U.S. companies are estimated to have stashed abroad, out of reach of the U.S.’s 35% corporate tax. And, Amazon, Apple, Google, and Starbucks may be the EU regulators’ next targets.” Read more: “The European Honeymoon is Over” by Vivienne Walt, Fortune Magazine, October, 2016

Hope on the horizon for boomers and others with hearing loss: A series of startups are focused on gene therapy and pharmaceuticals (which may restore hair cells in the inner ear). It will be about 5 years before the products get to market. Read more: “Now Hear this” by Jennier Alsever, Fortune Magazine, Oct., 2016

Alphabet’s moonshoots are returning to earth. For now, the bean counters have won. They are seeking joint ventures to share the cost of turning research into real business.” Read more: “When Moonshots Fall Back to Earth”, by Erin Griffith, Fortune Magazine, October, 2016

Dianne Mckeever: “The moment she launched Ides Capital last year, the 38 year old became the only woman running an activist hedge fund shaking up U.S. companies. She has become known as the champion of boardroom gender diversity.” “Meet Activism’s New Face”, by Jen Wieczner, Fortune Mag., Oct., 2016

“How to Win on Shark Tank: know you digits (data), nod and smile, be interactive, use humor, and tell your heroic journey.” Read more: by Alexandra Zissu, Entrepreneur Mag., October, 2016

Businesses are now using “UberRush” for their deliveries and saving on purchases of their own fleets.

What is coming in the next 10 years: autonomous trucking platoons. Daimler is currently testing theirs. Just imagine long fleets of trucks without drivers down the highway. Read more: “Big Rigs, Invisible Drivers” by Sean Evans, Entrepreneur Mag., October, 2016

DocuSign saves and organizes files, integrates with other software, and allows you to get signatures online. Worth checking out!

You can turn your LLC into a virtual S Corp, such that profits beyond your salary won’t have employment taxes, however this subjects you to a high risk for an audit by the IRS.

Trade credit insurance allows you to have the insurer check the customer’s credit worthiness and if the customer is deemed a good credit risk, the insurer will insure the sale against default of customer payment. If you have large orders and numerous customers, especially international ones, it might be worth considering.

When VC’s are out seeking potential investments: tends to be in the Spring and early Fall.

“The unemployment rate in the Seattle metro area was 4.4% in July (5.8% state wide); “Paying the Price” by Nika Kabiri ,Seattle Business, October, 2016

A World Bank reports predicts that as many as 47% of U.S. jobs are at risk of automation, and that more than 700 occupations might disappear. These include: office and warehouse workers, financial analysts, as well as riveters.” Read more: “Man vs. Machine” by Knute Berger, Seattle Magazine, October, 2016

Amazon’s incursion into brick-and-mortar territory could have independent bookstores shaking with fear-again. Instead, they’re not surviving in Seattle, they’re thriving.” Great article in Seattle Magazine, October, 2016 by Jean Riley Seattle has about 30 independent bookstores.

September, 2016

Apple might never again release a product as world-changing as the iPhone. But that doesn’t mean the planet’s most valuable company isn’t in a stronger position than ever to shape our future.” Read more: “A Whole New Apple”, Rick Tetzell, Fast Co., September, 2016

In the six years following China’s 2001 accession to the World Trade Organization, the U.S. lost 6 million manufacturing jobs.” From “The Tide That Sinks All Boats”, by Chris Matthews, Fortune Mag., September, 2016

California has a measure “which would cap how much state health programs pay for treatment—at the deeply discounted level paid by the Dept. of Veterans Affairs.” “Pharma Doesn’t Care About Your Outrage”, by Sy Mukherjee in Sept. 2016 Fortune Magazine; We need this is all the states!

Meal kits are booming businesses, however there are 150 meal kit delivery services competing with each other. Half those that signup end up leaving due to the cost, according to the NPD group. Read more: “Bring Home Cooking to Your Kitchen” by John Kell, Fortune Magazine, September, 2016

“Women Inch Into the Boardroom: Just 4% of Fortune 500 Chief Executives are women.” Read more-by Jennifer Reingold, Fortune Mag., September, 2016

“If you stand on what you’ve accomplished, it gets in the way of what you still need to do.” Kenneth Cole

The U.K. Green Building Council estimates that 15% of materials delivered to construction sites end up in landfills.” Construction companies are turning to drones to help reduce the waste. Read more” A Drone For Every Job Site.” By Clay Dillow, Fortune Magazine, Sept., 2016

Automakers are looking to self-driving cars to pull them out of a slump. GM, Ford, Tesla, and Delphi are all getting into the game. Read more: “Why Self Driving Cars Could Help Auto Stocks Do A U-Turn” by Ryan Derousseau, Fortune Magazine, September, 2016

“It is estimated that 65% of children entering primary school today will work in job types that don’t even exist yet.” Read more: “How to Get On the Right Side of the Digital Divide” by John Chamber, Fortune Magazine, September, 2016

Kudo to Marry Barra of General Motors. “Since she took over as CEO in January 2014, the 108 year old behemoth has accelerated out of bankruptcy and recalls and shifted into overdrive with record profits. How she is navigating the future as she brings GM into ride sharing and autonomous driving.” Read More: “Hail, Mary” by Paul Ingrassia, Fortune Magazine, September, 2016

Kudos to Ruth Porat, “one of the most powerful women in both finance and technology- who landed one of the most prominent and difficult jobs in technology- becoming CFO at Google and helping the tech giant transform itself. “ (Alphabet) read more: “Google Gets Disciplined” by Leena Rao, Fortune Magazine, September, 2016

“Intel is laying off 12,000 of its global workforce in an effort to shrink it’s PC divison and save $750 million in costs this year.” Fast Co., September, 2016

A healthy economy is one in which there is a large middle class wealthy enough to take the risks involved in starting new businesses and also buy the products and services produced by those businesses. In a recent study by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Seattle ranked a poor 11th of 25 cities in its ability to support and encourage entrepreneurship.” Leslie Helm, Exec. Editor Seattle Business Magazine, September 2016 issue

Gamification software by Recurrence Inc. is now helping business school students participate in interactive case studies. As they play the game and make decisions, they can see the longterm impact of those decision inside the game. Read more: “Game Changer”, by Leslie Helm, Seattle Business Magazine, September, 2016

Because of the JOBS Act of 2012, regular folks “unaccredited investors” can buy small amounts of stock in start-ups. “So far, only 16 successfully completed equity sales. Part of the reason for the lull is just that it’s more complex than other ways of raising money, and the $1 million cap on fundraising is low given the red tape involved.” Jeremy Quittner, Fortune Magazine, September, 2016

The big food companies (think General Mills, Kellogg, and Campbell Soup) are putting their VC funds in foodie start-ups. Will the start-ups be supported or compromised? What do you think?

We needed to tell the market not to run with scissors, and we ended up writing 800 pages on how to run with scissors safely.” Nela Richardson on financial regulation; “How Nela Richardson Became the People’s Economist”, Fortune Magazine, September, 2016

Uber joined the party a little too late.” David Chao, general partner at DCM Ventures, on why Uber sold its China operations to Didi Chuxing

Cybersecurity company, Norton found that 76% of the women under 30 surveyed had experienced abuse or harassment online.” “Bullies and Trolls”, by Erin Griffith, Fortune Magazine, September, 2016

“Year to date, the TSX is up roughly 12%, besting the S&P 500 by six percentage points.” “Northern Exposure”, by Chris Taylor; Fortune Magazine, September, 2016; Makes Canada look like an attractive place to consider for your investments!

Munich Re: “It foresaw climate change’s impact; now it uses its insights to education, advocate, and protect.” Fortune Magazine, September, 2016 Kudos to Munich Re

Unilever: “Thirteen billion-dollar brands, shockingly little waste. Over 600 of Unilever’s warehouses and distribution centers now send zero waste to landfills.” Fortune Magazine, September, 2016, Kudos to Unilever!

Linkedin is now piloting “Training Finder”, a tool to guide job seekers to necessary skills and ultimately happy employment.” Fortune Magazine, September, 2016

Starbucks is partnering with “Feeding America” to provide food banks with 50 million meals by 2021- most of them leftovers from the chain’s 7,600 company owned stores.” Fortune Magazine, September, 2016

To win back customers, McDonald’s is changing how it raises its poultry.” They have made a 10 year plan to have cage-free eggs. Read more: “Free Bird”, by Beth Kowitt, Fortune Magazine, September, 2016

Developers in Russia recently launched an app called FindFace, which lets users scan a stranger’s face in a crowd and identify her. FindFace relies on VKontakte (Russia’s facebook) to reveal, reportedly with 70% accuracy who someone is, as well as personal details scrapped from the social network: who her friends are, who she’s married to, what she likes to eat etc.” Read more: “ Knowing Customers Before They Know You” by Amy Webb, Inc. Mag., Sept., 2016 Feels kinda creepy to me!

Game Over: Tablet maker Fuhu was #1 on the Inc. 500 two years in a row. Then it went bankrupt. Inside the unraveling of America’s one-time fastest growing private company.” By Lindsay Blakely + Burt Helm; Inc. Magazine, Sept., 2016 A morality tale with powerful warnings for fast growing startups!

Kudos to Irene Rhodes: “founder and CEO of Consumer Fire Products, united her backgrounds in engineering and firefighting to create a system that automatically sprays a biodegradable protective foam onto a house when a wildfire is nearby.” Read more: “Fighting Fire With Foam”, by Victoria Finkle, Inc. Magazine, September, 2016

Did you know that Seattle has more dogs than children? And that the average American pet owner spent $967. on their pet in 2015 according to the American Pet Products Association.

97% of Fortune 500 companies have been hacked. And in the next three years, the demand for security talent is expected to grow by 2.5 million, but the supply is only 1 million.” Read more: “Cyber Warriors”, by Karen West, Seattle Business Magazine, September, 2016 There is a big career opportunity for the right people in this growing field!

“In June, AngelList announced a new fund for startups with social missions.” “A Seed-Funding Matchmaker Turns into a Rainmaker”, Fast Co., September, 2016

“Tesla isn’t just making groundbreaking electric vehicles. It’s upending the way cars are sold across the country. And it’s making a few enemies along the way.” Read more: “Run The Road”, by J.J. McCorvey, Fast Co., September, 2016

Tesla will be launching at $35,000 Model 3 next year.

“Cyber Immunity: Modeled after the human body’s immune system, the EIS (Darktrace) embeds in a computer network and learns what behavior is considered normal for that system. It can then spot suspicious activity and even work to slow an attack. Darktrace’s immunity approach represents a compelling new take on cybersecurity.” Steven Melendez, Fast Co., September, 2016

The social network (Facebook) is in a race to master artificial intelligence and machine learning.” They are in competition with MS, Amazon, Apple, Uber, and Google. Read more: “Facebooks’ Beautiful Mind”, by Daniel Terdiman, Fast Co., September, 2016

Microsoft’s plan to bring people with autism into the workforce is a bold experiment in the power of neurodiversity.” Read more: “Brain Trust” by Vauhini Vara, Fast Co., September, 2016

“iPhone sales have slumped, the stock is down, and pundits insist that Apple is a technology laggard. So what? CEO Tim Cook and team are playing the long game. Why the company may be stronger than ever.” Read more: “Believe”, by Rick Tetzell, Fast Co., September, 2016

The Great Scramble: Hampton Creek CEO Josh Tetrick is bring his vision of sustainable plant-based foods to grocery aisles across the country-and hes’ cracking a few shells along the way.” A good read-by Jonathan Ringen, Fast Co., September, 2016

Can American Apparel Mend the Seams” CEO Paula Schneider has her hands full. “ American Apparel is one of the most controversial clothing manufacturers of the 21st century, dealing with—sexual harassment allegations, layoffs, bankruptcy, and protests.” Read more: by Anjali Mullany, Fast Co., September, 2016

August, 2016

Researchers are finding that students who believe in their own “free will” seem to have higher test scores and higher grades. The relationships is “correlational” so further study will be needed to see if it is “causal”. Read more: “The Will to Achieve” by Emily Silber, Psychology Today, August, 2016

Pre-biotics (think healthy fiber like onions, lentils, bananas) help reduce inflammation, prevent obesity, prevent colon cancer, and lower cardiovascular risks. Read more: “Going with the Gut” , by Jess White, Psychology Today, August, 2016

“The Perils of Sowing Your Oats: In love and marriage…..too much romantic experience may not lead to a happy and long future union.” Read more: by Scott Stanley Phd. And GAlene Rhoades, Phd; Too much comparison of past relationships seems to feed unhappiness in longterm relationships going forward.

“Love Interruptus: smart phones have become the stealth saboteurs of our most intimate relationships. The mere presence of a smartphone, even if not in use—degrades private conversations, making partners less willing to disclose deep feelings and less understanding of each other.” Hara Estroff Marano, Psychology Today, August, 2016 Something to keep in mind!

“Total sales in major companies has been dropping due to a surging dollar, the slowdown in China, and the dramatic collapse of oil prices.” Read more: “The Hard Truths of Globalization”, Alan Murray, Fortune Mag., August, 2016

Should we eliminate the bidding that cities do to host the Olympics and choose a permanent city location? Ryan Bradley makes a compelling case. Read more: “Hosting the Olympics is a Terrible Deal”, Fortune Mag., August, 2016

Phoenix is a major growth area for tech. Read more: “ The Country’s Hottest New Automotive City is Phoenix?” by Sue Callaway, Fortune Mag., August, 2016

Why is Facebook so important? “It has an 85% share of the social network market.” Read more: “Fueled by Network Power” by Joshua Cooper Ramo, Fortune Mag., August, 2016

As technology remakes the economy, businesses that can self-disrupt may hold the key to longevity.” Geoff Colvin, “Lead a Revolution From Within” Fortune Mag., August, 2016

“Investment in agtech is surging, but farmers aren’t buying what Silicon Valley is selling. Farmers need more basic technology.” Read more “The E-Harvest”, by Jennifer Alsever, Fortune Mag., Aug., 2016

Business professionals: “Follow the lead of Warren Buffett and allow time for quiet reading and thinking every day.” From “5 Crucial Performance Metrics” by Verne Harnish, Fortune Mag., August, 2016

Productivity: Spend 90 uninterrupted minutes each day on an important task for your business!

“On your next trip, take your best habits with you: wear socks around the hotel room to protect against germs, use antibacterial wipes on room phones, remote, faucets, switches, and alarm clocks, and use the individually wrapped paper or plastic cups instead of glassware.” “The Road to Wellness” by Christopher Tkaczyk, Fortune Mag., August, 2016

“When a Tesla Model S sedan equipped with the Autopilot feature drove itself into the trailer of a semitruck, Elon Musk took a defensive stance on Twitter arguing “the driver’s death was a statistical inevitability.” Read more: “Disconnected” by Erin Griffith, Fortune Mag. Disconnected sounds like the perfect word for Elon Musk!

After Brexit, Global is Local: GE plans to keep growing in a protectionist world by localizing… sustainable growth will require a local capability within a global footprint.” Jeff Immelt, Fortune Mag., August, 2016

“Beware the Mighty Dollar: A historic surge in the value of the greenback had a profound impact on this year’s global 500 list. Its continued strength could prove to be a huge drag on the U.S. Economy.” Shawn Tully, Fortune Magazine, August, 2016 As the dollar rises, our products becomes too expensive for other countries

Can Big Still Be Beautiful?” Alex Gorsky of Johnson and Johnson is betting on it.” Despite two dozen recalls and numerous quality control crises, Gorsky’s strategy is to continue building a broad based enterprise where different business units can work together to find synergies, cross-fertilize ideas, and reap cost savings.” By Erika Fry, Fortune Mag., August, 2016

“Glencore Digs Out of the Abyss: The commodities behemoth faced a crisis last year as prices of metals, grains, and petroleum products plummeted. The secretive Swiss giant survived and plans to thrive again in a post-boom world.” Read more: by Vivienne Walt, Fortune Magazine, August, 2016 — questions suspicions and intrigue follow this secretive company

The AIDS Activist & The Banker”—great article about brothers Jes and Peter Staley! By Patricia Sellers, Fortune Magazine, August, 2016

Do you have a fixed mindset or a growth mindset? A growth mindset expands your opportunities to learn and progress in new arenas.

“ We are a nation of frequent movers, and yet a growing body of research shows that the more rooted we feel to our communities, the better we feel and the more successful we’ll be, especially in times of crisis.” Read more: “Right Where You Belong” by Melody Warnick, Psychology Today, August, 2016

July, 2016

The importance of getting hiring right: The Center for American Progress says it costs roughly 20% of a new hire’s salary just to get them signed on. Hire smart- Check references, check their social media posts, give them actual problems to solve in the interview, develop and onboarding program and a mentor to guide them and followup with employee surveys.

“The best founders always keep these things in mind: Know your own motivations and foibles, narrow your focus, create your opportunities, and make hard choices for the long term.” Lolly Daskal, INC Mag., July, 2016

“CB Insights, a venture capital database, recently looked at 1,027 tech companies that raised seed money in 2009 and 2010. By the end of 2015 , 77% were either dead, presumed dead, or still in search of investors.” (23% success rate) Read more: “Why Failure Sucks”, by David Whitford, Inc Mag. July2016

A great operator loves the intricacies and nuances of the business, and loves being at work every day. I see now how my passion for what I do is key to my success.” Robert Herjavec, INC Mag., July 2016

When I left my job at Lehman Brothers to start a company (Zimride & then Lyft), my best friend’s mother sad “How could you leave a sure thing like Lehman to do a silly carpool startup? That was three months before Lehman went bankrupt. Lyft now has 1000 employees, operates in 200 cities, and has raised more than $2 billion in venture capital.” John Zimmer, co-founder of Lyft, INC Mag. July 2016

“VR-Ready Industries with a great view on virtual reality: Ticket vending—consumers can see how far a seat is from the stage, and how close they’ll be to the players; Real estate- VR can zoom in on selling point details of surfaces and lighting, as well as immerse you in views; Education- VR tours can help parents shortlist the colleges they will visit and provide an immersive experience.” INC Mag,July, 2016

“Lightwave is one of several companies furiously at work creating a new field—the emotion economy- focused on sensing and analyzing consumer’s mental states.” Read more: “The Mind Readers” by Tom Foster, Inc Mag., July 2016– a fascinating article

Startups: Should you race after the “star talent”? Jason Fried, co-founder of Basecamp has found that “nurturing untapped potential is far more exhilarating than finding someone who has already peaked.” “Opting out of the Talent War” Inc Mag., July 2016 I say amen to that!

The “PaperLab Machine” shreds, pulverizes, spins fibers and turns them into new sheets of paper within 3 minutes- made by Epson. Sounds amazing Read more: “Greatest Shredder Ever?” Mary Jerome, Entrepreneur Mag., July 2016

A growing number of biotech and pharmaceutical companies are ramping up efforts to create smarter, more effective blood diagnostics. The Theranos debacle notwithstanding if this new class of blood testing tech takes off the way investors think it might, cheaper, safer tests could replace old school surgical biopsies altogether.” Read More: “Blood Testing is Booming” by Sy Mukherjee, Fortune Mag.,July 2016

Meal kit companies are popping up all over with the promise of making home cooking easier, but they cost about double the price of shopping and cooking yourself and are about the same price as eating out- so what is the attraction?

Which jobs can’t be replaced by machines? “ When people need to make emotional decisions, need representation, or when someone must be held accountable” for certain actions. Read more: “Knowing the Limits of Machines” by Geoff Colin, Fortune Magazine, July, 2016

What will they think of next? “Personal Valet App DUFL lets you pack your luggage remotely in under a minute and will even launder your travel wardrobe.” Read more “Never Pack Your Bags Again”, by Christopher Tkaczyk, Fortune Magazine, July, 2016

Well funded cybersecurity firms are waiting for the right market conditions for an IPO. It might be a while.” “Fish or Cut Bait, by Robert Hackett, Fortune Magazine, July 2016

“Some Assembly Required: thanks to cheap sensors, powerful machine-learning technology, and a kick in the butt from the likes of Google and Tesla Motors, driverless vehicles are becoming a sooner than you think reality.” Read more: by Erin Griffith, Fortune Magazine, July 2016

“Last year investors poured $19 Billion into Fintech….An explosion of new financial technology startups is threatening to usurp the multitrillion dollar banking industry.” Read more: “ Citigroup Does Fintech” by Stephen Gandel, Fortune Magazine, July 2016

“ A Unicorn rises and Falls: Xiaomi’s surging smartphone sales earned it a sky high valuation, but its outlook has sagged along with the broader smartphone market.” Scott Cendrowki, Fortune Magazine, July, 2016

“Spy Tech That Reads Your Mind: Leaks, theft, and sabotage by employees have become a major cybersecurity problem. About 27% of electronic attacks on organizations- public and private come from within.” Read more by Roger Parloff, Fortune Magazine, July 2016 Companies are developing new tools to catch them.

“Is Pot Losing Its Buzz in Colorado? A backlash is growing… this new industry has not brought the promised jobs, marijuana related hospitalizations have tripled, emergency room visits have climbed 30%. Cartels grow the plant in Colorado and then illegally move it out of state. And a promised huge tax windfall to benefit schools hasn’t materialized.” Read more: by Jennifer Alsever, Fortune Magazine, July, 2016

“Beware of launching a company that just serves another one: Don’t Make a Start-up Sandwich”. Read more by Sam Hogg, Entrepreneur Mag., July 2016

Yelp—the good and the bad: They are working with Congress on bills to protect the consumer from being sued for negative online reviews AND- Yelp is accused of pulling positive reviews for businesses that stop advertising with it. Read more: Fast Co. July/August 2016 helps startups build relationships with investors—check it out;

“Club SOFI: online lender wants to change your definition of banking—even as it takes advantage of Wall Street style practices. Read More: by Ainsley O’Connell, Fast Co. July/August 2016

Lending Club in trouble:” Founder Renaud Laplanche was forced out of co. after selling $22 million in loans to an institutional investor, despite knowing the loans did not meet the investor’s express criteria.” Fast Co. July/August 2016

“Scientists are experimenting with different applications for ultra- flexible electronics: i.e. sensors that can be inserted into the skull after brain surgery to monitor temperature and pressure…. And dissolve over time; ..Under the scalp devices with LED lights to study brain circuits to better understand certain diseases;” Read more: “ Stretching to the Future” Fast Co. July/August 2016

“MC10 is working on stretchable electronics that could enable users to pay for groceries or access a hotel room with the wave of a hand.” Read more: The New Wave of Wearables” by Kim Lightbody, Fast Co. July/August 2016

Zero Days” looks at how the highly sophisticated malware Stuxnet, which was secretly developed by the U.S. and Israel to sabotage Iran’s nuclear program eventually spread worldwide to personal computers. The scary part is that code is malleable once it’s out and alive in the world. And that was the great danger of Stuxnet: This code got released to everybody.” Read more: “Sometimes You Find Secret Passageways” by KC Ifeanyi Fast Co. July/August 2016

Artificial intelligence is transforming healthcare—discovering why some people survive diseases, helping to diagnose problems, helping patients manage medications, and develop targeted treatments. Read more: “Smarter Medicine” by Christina Farr, Fast Co., July/ August 2016

Drones are helping save lives: Zipline International will start using drones this month to help deliver blood to medical clinics in rural Rwanda. Read more: “A Higher Calling” by Adele Peters, Fast Co. July/August 2016

Raden luggage- for the upscale traveler: comes with two USB ports and Bluetooth technology so you can track your luggage through the airport.

Avoid fees for parking your car at the airport: Use Flightcar—and rent your car out while you are gone!

“SpaceX vs Blue Origin: Fighting to win the modern space race” tortoise vs the hare; The SpaceX $1.6 billion contract from NASA certainly gives them the edge. Read more: by Austin Carr, Fast Co. July/August 2016

Under Armour vs Nike: Under Armour is focusing on wearables and data. Nike is focusing on “diversity”. I wonder which strategy will give the edge.

“Data shows that millennial women are on track to close the gender pay gap. Smart marketers are taking note”—and marketing to this group. Read more: “A Driving Force” by Jon Birger, Fast Co. July/ Aug. 2016

In May, a regulation called Title III, a part of the Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act, clicked into effect, and it has the potential to alter the way many startups are funded.” Read more “ One Bazillion Potential Shareholders”, by Michelle Goodman, Entrepreneur Mag, July, 2016

June, 2016

Start-ups: “The absence of funding often leads to the breakthroughs that become brilliant ideas.” Amy Cosper, Editor of Entrepreneur Magazine

Hormel’s New Recipe for Success” “As it celebrates its 125th birthday, the old-school maker of processed meals is riding a wave of growth driven by product innovation and boldly moving into the world of organic food and healthy snacks.” Read more: by Ken Otterbourg, Fortune Mag., June, 2016

Can P&G find its aim again?” “It’s been a humbling decade for the consumer products giant. P&G’s shares have trailed its rivals and the broader market over the past three years.” Read more: by Jennifer Reingold, Fortune Mag., June, 2016; They are focusing on cost cutting, but it will likely take more than that.

“Contents May be Hot”: Shockingly one of the most successful mobile wallets comes from a coffee purveyor. (Starbucks) Today millions of people use the company’s mobile app to pay for their lattes and frappuccinos, and one in four of the its transactions originates with a mobile device.” Read more: by Leena Rao, Fortune Mag., June, 2016

“Some Silicon Valley startups are turning to fasting to boost productivity (intermittent fasting for 16 hrs). There is scientific support for the benefits…new animal and human studies show cognitive and health benefits from intermittent fasting.” Read more: “Very Hungry for Success” by Jennifer Alsever, Fortune Magazine, June, 2016

“The Road Trip is Back”: “More people traveled on Memorial Day than have since 2005 and 64% of people are planning on taking a road trip this summer.” Lauren Silva Laughlin Fortune Mag, June 2016; Lower gas prices are helping!

“The Last Stand of Ken Chenault”” His heir apparent died suddenly. Wall Street began to question his strategy and the stock price tumbled. Can he win back investors and fix what ails AmEx before his time runs out? ” Read more by Willian Cohan, Fortune Mag., June, 2016

“Paypal Plays Catch-up”: “ The company once dominated the online payment world. But for years its technology languished as competitors gained ground. Can an independent Paypal get back on top? “ Read more: by Leena Rao, Fortune Mag., June, 2016

The Fractious Battle for Viacom”: “CEO Philippe Dauman survived for a decade in the face of weak performance by adroitly managing the company’s controlling shareholder, Sumner Redstone. Now the aging mentor has turned against his protégé, and Dauman’s days are surely numbered.” By Peter Elkind, Fortune, Mag. June, 2016

Fitness trackers and wearables: “The NPD Group estimates that 39% of fitness tracker owners stop using their device after six months.” “Working Out Smarter”, by John Kell, Fortune Magazine, June, 2016 What do you think?

Microsoft Will Serve You Now: The newly customer friendly tech giant is bulking up on data centers, betting its future on cloud computing and learning to be agile again. “ Read more: by Andrew Nusca, Fortune Mag., June,2016

The Outsiders: Netflix’s campaign to crank out original content is changing the way TV shows and movies get made-whether Hollywood likes it or not.” Read more : by Michael Lev-Ram, Fortune Mag., June, 201

By 2018, it is expected that women entrepreneurs will be responsible for the creation of more than half of all new small-business jobs.” Entrepreneur Magazine, June 2016

Feetz, a 3-D printed shoe company recently launched its first make-your-feet-happy product..custom printed shoes. A wide rollout is planned for this year.” “The Brilliant 100”, Entrepreneur Mag., June 2016 Jeff Chu

AKILI Interactive—has created a tablet-based game EVO…..carefully designed to improve attention, inhibition and working memory in kids with ADHD.” Jeff Chu, Entrepreneur Magazine, June, 2016

As China’s economy is slowing down, their government is creating more hurdles for Chinese companies who want to invest money in the U.S.

Kudos to Larry Fink, CEO of BlackRock for taking a stand against the short-term focus of so many investors and imploring them to focus on long-term value and strategies.

“After gangbusters growth, solar companies face a reckoning.” Read more: “The Sun’ll Come Out Tomorrow” by Robert Hackett, Fortune Magazine, June 2016

Shai Reshef’s “University of the People” (nonprofit) is launching a MBA program in the Fall- where students will pay $2,400. to sit for 12 exams and earn an MBA. His goal is to make education accessible to more people. Read more: “Making a Really Cheap MBA” by Vivienne Walt, Fortune Magazine, June 2016

“Investor’s fixation on short-term results can put leaders in a bind. However- the success of Bezos, Polman (Unilever), Warren Buffett, and others shows that investors aren’t uniformly hostile to long-term leadership.” Read more: “When Victory is Worth Waiting For” by Geoff Colvin, Fortune Magazine, June 2016,

Biotech leaders are moving to start-ups that have the cash, the ability to generate innovative drugs, and less bureaucracy. Read more “ Big Innovation in Small Places” by Jennifer Alsever, Fortune Magazine, June, 2016

Struggling start-ups: “Theranos : regulators have called their technology into question; Zenefits: they had a tool that enabled employees to skirt California health insurance licensing requirements; The Honest Co.: Several lawsuits allege that (some of their products) contain undisclosed chemicals.” Kia Kokalitcheva, Fortune Magazine, June, 2016

“Lighting Science Group is developing highly tuned LED’s that control pests using light.” Read more: “Into the Light”, by Corinne Iozzio, Fortune Magazine, June, 2010

A review of Tesla’s Model X: “Falcon wing doors flawlessly sense their surroundings; an auto-pilot system, and 0-60 mph in 3.2 seconds… however fit and finish were less thrilling.” Read more: “X Marks the Spot”, Sue Callaway, Fortune Magazine, June 2016

“ In three of the past six years, more tech companies by total value have fled the public market—than have gone public. The shaky markets and pressures of being public have changed the equation. There’s no need for public money when investment funds and strategic investors can supply all the needs, and many companies don’t need that much money. They can focus on business vs Wall Street, they can avoid the many disclosures- including executive pay; they can avoid the “activist investor”, and focus on the long-term. Private companies are getting more numerous, bigger, more successful, and more influential.” Read more: “The New Allure of Going Private”, by Geoff Colvin, Fortune Magazine, June, 2016

“Xiaomi: Two years ago, seemed untouchable….. unseated Apple as the top smartphone maker in China. But in 2015, Xiaomi faced a slowing Chinese market. Now the company is working to expand its offerings… it has invested in 55 different companies. “ (like an incubator) But, Apple will continue to be a challenge for them. Read more: “It’s All About MI”, Fast Co., June 2016

Disney is going to use “surge pricing” on popular days at their theme parks—up to $124. So be sure to check it out ahead and plan your trip carefully.

“Zappos- signed its first-ever athletic endorsement with Ronnie Stanley, however following CEO Tony Hsieh’s adoption of the radical management process called Holacracy, 18% of its workforce has left the company.” Fast Co.,June 2016 I hope they can pull together a united workforce!

4 Habits of Exceptional Bosses: They avoid assumptions. They’re empathetic. They can accept blame. They have a sense of humor.” Inc. Magazine, June 2016

“Inc. Magazine’s 50 great workplaces all share: a commitment to employee’s financial security, transparency, tracking of worker’s goals, and a sincere effort to solicit and reward innovation.” Eric Schurenberg, Inc. Magazine, June 2016

“While VC funding in general has slowed down in early 2016, corporations have continued to pour into deals. The number of big companies putting money into startups is reaching new highs. Salesforce is one of the most active corporate investors of the past few years.” “Should Big Customers Be Your Big Investors” by Alix Stuart, Inc. Mag. June 2016

“Despite the fact that small business is the engine of the U.S. economy, big business is still scoring the vast majority of the nation’s economic development incentives.” Read more: “ Do Incentive Programs Ignore Small Businesses? By Jeremy Quittner, Inc. Mag., June 2016

Vital Vio makes a light that “ disinfects indoor spaces by attacking molecules specific to bacteria, yeast, mold, and fungi.” (think MRSA infections that occur in hospitals) Kudos to Colleen Costello whose tool is now used in major medical centers across the country. Inc. Mag., June 2016

Kudos to Anna Stork and Luminaid—for creating a “floatable solar powered LED lantern that inflates like a balloon and collapses to become thinner than a deck of cards.” It is used by mountain climbers, and victims of natural disasters and “first responders”. “Bringing Light to Darkness”, Inc. Mag., June 2016

Kudos to TJ Parker for creating “Pillpack” so that people can have their pills in individual packets vs hard to open bottles.

Doppler Labs has created ear buds that allow you to turn up the bass or turn down annoying sounds—shape what you want to hear in your environment.

Common Bond- helps students refinance school loans and reduce interest rates down to about 5%.

“Harmless Harvest– is becoming a top player in the hyper-competitive coconut water wars. Their coconuts are ethically harvested, processed, and packaged in Thailand and they have surpassed $100 million in sales.” Read more : “Sustainability in a Bottle”, by Liz Welc

USTWO launched the “Pledge Parental leave” campaign.. and more than two dozen firms including IDEO and Wolff Olins have signed on agreeing to offer at least 3 months of fully paid parental leave with uninterrupted medical coverage, along with six months of guaranteed job security for new parents.” They are hoping to inspire other companies in the creative field to join in. Read more: “A Design Firm Rallies A Work- Place Revolution”, Fast Co., June, 2016

Trauma is Really Strange” by Steve Hains and Sophie Standing—illustrates how trauma impacts the brain

Apple is moving into personal healthcare. Apple’s new “CareKit Tool” allows physicians to prompt patients to take their medication or exercise and patients can check in and update their doctor about their symptoms or progress.

Kudos to Jean Liu, President of Didi Chuxing. “In less than a year and a half, she has increased head count from 700 to 5,000 as the company adds bus, bike and ride-sharing offers. She also lined up partnerships with “Grab”, “Ola Cabs”, and “Lyft”, and raised $3 billion for further expansion, while fending off Uber’s advance into China. She also engineered the surprise merger with its biggest competitor Kuaidi Dache.” Fast Co., June 2016 This is an amazing young woman!

Med-tech startup T2 Biosystems is working on new tests for fungal sepsis, blood clots, bacterial sepsis, and Lyme disease. Their fungal sepsis test is being used in hospitals currently, and they are seeking regulatory approval for the rest.

Kudos to Katie Nolan, Host of “Garbage Time With Katie Nolan”, the only woman to solo-host a national sports opinion show!

Kudos to Carlos Mario Rodriguez for solving the “coffee leaf rust (fungus) “ problem in South America for coffee growers by completing a crossbreeding of hybrid high producing coffee plants that are rust resistant. Read more: Fast Co., Mag., June 2016

Kudos to Abby Falik, Founder of “Global Citizen Year”—which “sends high school graduates to developing countries for a year of cultural immersion and apprenticeship before college. They stay with host families. 91% of fellow who reapplied to college during this bridge year have been admitted to more selective or better fitting schools.” Read more: Fast Co. Mag., June 2016

Kudos to Mary Powell, President/CEO of Green Mountain Power– “the first utility in the country to offer customers Tesla’s new Powerwall home-battery system, which stores electricity from solar panels or other alternative sources. They also advocate for energy efficient equipment even if it means lower bills.” Read more: “For Getting Us Off the Grid”, Fast Co. Mag., June 2016

Crisper- is a ground breaking gene –editing technology that allows scientists to program a strand of RNA to find a specific section of DNA, then attach the RNA to an enzyme called Cas-9 that cuts the DNA. The cell’s natural repair mechanisms fill the gap with a normal gene. This will make it possible to cure thousands of diseases caused by gene mutations.” Read more “ For Moving at Breakthrough Speed”, Fast Co., June 2016

Kudos to Sarah Snow of “Glide” for building a video-texting app- with closed caption- for the deaf community.

Kudos to Zainab Salbi for founding “Women for Women International” to helps victims of war, and for launching her TV talk show with TLC Arabia—that fosters frank discussion about topics not usually discussed in the Middle East, including transgender issues and child brides. Read more: Fast Co., June, 2016

Kudos to Abby Schneiderman and Adam Seifer for launching “Everplans”– an end of life information/ content site – to help us think about those things we want to avoid thinking about!

Whole Foods is bringing a “ Whole Foods 365” to Bellevue this year. Sales were down 1.8% first quarter 2016 and they are hoping to draw in a larger audience by building some smaller stores with more limited choices and lower prices. I look forward to the lower prices!! Read more: Fast Co., June 2016

Kudos to Mareike Geiling and Jonas Kakoschke for creating “Refugees Welcome” that connects hosts and potential refugees who might stay in a unused space in a host’s home or live there while the hosts are traveling or temporarily working in another location.

Fitbit is being incorporated into wellness programs in several large companies including Target, and some insurance providers are even offering policy discounts to employees who meet their exercise goals using Fitbit. Read more: Fast co., June 2016

Kudos to Jerry Stritzke, CEO of REI for “ closing down REI on Black Friday last December so employees and customers would spend the day outside with their families!!! It didn’t hurt sales—they posted revenue of 2.4 billion at years end. 72% of profit went back to members, employees and nonprofit partners.” Read more: “Workplace Warriors” Fast Co., June 2016

Kudos to PwC— the world’s largest accounting firm, for helping employees pay down their student loans—to the tune of $1200./year up to 6 years.

The Maverick Collective—composed of the Crown Princess Mette-Marit of Norway, Kate Roberts, Co-chair Melinda Gates, and “ 14 founding women- each investing atleast $ 1 million each- have invested $19.8 million of their personal funds into projects in 13 countries that support girls and women. So far they have attracted $60 million for new health resources for girls.” Read more: Fast Co., June, 2016

Kudos to Nancy Pfund, founder of DBL Partners-“ a VC firm that raised $400 million to create its largest socially minded investment fund yet. Their DBL (double bottom line) approach places equal weight on financial returns and social impact.” Read more: Fast Co., June 2016

Kudos to “ Craig Kinzer of Kinzer Real Estate Services who is one of several local leaders, including government officials, developers and landowners, who are brainstorming better ways to provide more middle-class housing” ( in Seattle). Read more: “Middle Ground” by Jeanne Lang Jones, Seattle Magazine, June, 2016

“ In 1994, Washington State had 96,000 high-tech jobs. In 2013, according to Washington Technology Industry Association, that figure had climbed to 238,900. Amazon has grown from 5,000 to 25,000 workers since 2010…and they have inked enough deals to add 15,000 to 20,000 workers in the next several years.” Read more: “Geek City”, by Ellis E. Conklin, Seattle Magazine, 2016

Check out Green Building financing through Fannie Mae and HomeStreet Bank.

“Women are starting businesses at one and a half times the national average—about 1,288/day.” American Express “2015 State of Women Owned firms in the U.S.”

Iodine Inc. has launched a smartphone app called START to help depressed patients track their progress.

Livongo Inc. has developed a remote patient monitoring application and a device that acts as a connected glucometer and pedometer tracking a diabetic’s status and alerting caregivers when necessary.” Jeff Chu Entrepreneur Mag., June 2016

Shyp—an easier way to ship. You pay a $5. Pickup fee however they have a discounted shipping rate and pick up your package within 20 minutes!

SitterCity—matches parents and sitters and their program “Chime” offers well- reviewed sitters nearby who are available now!

Movie Buffs: MoviePass gets you in to unlimited movies for $30./month—good at many local theaters in the Seattle area.

ROAR—a tiny Athena device- worn as a necklace- is a security system for women. Hold for 3 seconds and it sounds an alarm as loud as a freight train and alerts pre-selected family and friends.

Owlet” has created tiny socks that track an infant’s heart rate, oxygen level, temperature, and sleep position-and notifies parents of any concerns.” Jeff Chur, Entrepreneur Mag., June 2016

Kokoon Technology– is about to launch their headphones that monitor brain activity and guide wearers into a deep and lasting sleep. “ Jeff Chu, Entrepreneur Mag., June 2016

Stripe (a payment system) has now launched “Atlas” which helps foreign businesses incorporate in the U.S. with a Delaware address, a bank account, federal tax ID, and payment system. Read more: “Coming to Americal” by Matt Villano, Entrepreneur Mag., June, 2016

How to use Big Data with your website: Start with the free version of Google Analytics

“Why the smart money invests in B2B over B2C: the top 100 B2B exits yielded 37 times the investment (2009-2014) vs 22x the investment for B2C.” Sam Hogg, “The Case for UnSexy”, Enterpreneur Mag., June, 2016

This is so cool! “ Aira- has built internet connected, camera equipped glasses for the blind. If a person wearing them needs help navigating somewhere, an on-call sighted person can watch the camera feed and verbally direct the blind person. “ Read more: Find Your First Funder”, Brittany Shoot, Entrepreneur Mag., June, 2016

May, 2016

“Investors are skittish about the proposed merger of Marriott and Starwood. – A Deal That Almost Wasn’t” Read more- by Stephen Gandel in May, Fortune Magazine, 2016

For every dollar spent on U.S. business travel, the return on investment is an average of $12.50 in revenue and $3.80 in new profits, according to a 2009 study by Oxford Economics research firm.” From “Productivity on the Fly” by Alina Dizik, Fortune Mag., May, 2016 A good read on how to get the best use out of business travel.

As dire sanctions are lifted, entrepreneurship is bursting out in Iran…but Iranians wonder whether a new U.S. President will cancel the nuclear agreement…and investors worry that Iran will break the current deal- triggering fresh sanctions.” “Startup: Iran” by Vivienne Walt, Fortune Magazine, May, 2016 great read!

How to Do Salary Transparency Right: train managers to talk about variation in pay, encourage employees to recommend their coworkers for increases or even reducing salaries for low performers, be formulaic, and realize that millennials share everything even salary information—pay confidentiality will be impossible to maintain even if you want to.” Read More Inc. Magazine, May 2016 by Etelka Lehoczky

A low-cost infant warmer (called Embrace) has helped save 200,000 premature babies– thanks to Jane Chen and her team. It contains an insert that can maintain a temperature of 98.6 degrees for eight hours. Embrace released its warmer in 2011 and partnered with nonprofits and hospitals to get it to people in need—premature babies in Africa, Asia and Latin America. They also make a for-profit product called “Lotus” (swaddle with a temperature controlling fabric). “ Saving Babies With Blankets” by Will Yakowicz, Inc. Mag. May, 2016

“The cofounders of New York City’s e-Commerce startup Harry’s are taking an unconventional path to category disruption- purchasing a nearly century old factory in Germany.” Read More : “The New Industrialists”, by Bernhard Warner, Inc. Mag., May, 2016

Genetech: Cancer centers in seven states have sued the company, accusing it of shipping underfilled vials of its breast cancer drug Herceptin.” Fast Co., May, 2016

“NEXTEVU.S. is planning to release its first consumer-targeted vehicle later this year, a “super-car” that is expected to crank out more than 1,000 hp and accelerate from 0-60 mph in three seconds.” “The Road Warrior” by Claire Dodson, Fast Co., May, 2016

Avoid being put on hold when calling customer service: Use the “Get Service” free app!

Companies are beginning to offer Fitbit to their employees and that is opening up the option of negotiating with their health insurer to reduce the health insurance bill for the company. As long as personal information is protected, this could be a win-win for all.

Getting women on the Boards of Corporations: Boardlist, Catalyst, Women Corporate-Directors Foundation, Women in the Boardroom, and Thirty Percent Coalition are all organizations helping corporations get more women on their boards. Yea!!!

Super-Charge Your Workouts: “The Halo Effect: a Halo sport device beams a flow of electrical pulses to the brain’s motor cortex-giving the user a super charged ability to learn new skills and build physical strength.” Now being used by the Navy Seals and being tested by the US Olympic Ski Team. Soon to be available to amateur athletes. Read more-by Christina Farr, Fast Co., May 2016

Want to learn to code? Check out: Coursera, General Assembly, Codeacademy or Edx

CRISPER-CAS9 is a gene modification tool (not GMO)- gene editing technique that could make possible for example allergy-free peanuts, or plants that are drought resistant. Read more: “Against the Grain”, by Adele Peters, Fast Co., May 2016 Something to watch- I wonder about the risks!

WorthFM– has a mission to empower women to build net worth—with a website and newsletter and advice on investing. Check it out!

Good Advice from Norm Brodsky: “What Founders Must Choose”—Figure out your startup costs, and your working capital, figure out if you can raise that and support yourself until you are profitable, consider the hours/week you will need to work for the next several years and decide if that is what you want to do with your life. Norm Brodsky, Inc. Mag., May 2016

Giving 2.0 — When He founded Toms, Blake Mycoskie reinvented the idea of a company that does well while doing good. So What’s next for him? Doing that again. They now have 550 employees and five produce lines each with an associated give.” Read more: by Leigh Buchanan, Inc . Mag., May, 2016

“Connecting the Dots on Cancer”: “Pancreatic cancer, the disease that killed Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, has long vexed researchers. Boston’s Berg believes artificial intelligence can help.” By Laura Lorenzetti; Exciting research and hope for pancreatic cancer patients! Read more: Fortune Magazine, May, 2016

“Nestle spent three decades building a beloved noodle brand in India…then stumbled into a public relations debacle that cost it half a billion dollars. A cautionary tale of mangled crisis management on an epic scale.” By Erika Fry “Hot Mess”, Fortune Magazine, May, 2016 Fascinating read!

“Can Sean Parker Hack Cancer?—he is taking on medicine’s biggest challenge. He has gotten six centers with 450,000 patients to agree to combine their efforts on planning clinical trials in immunotherapy, recruit patients quickly, and share the information learned—which could be the single biggest factor in speeding up drug development.” Read more- by Clifton Leaf, Fortune Magazine, May, 2016

Virtual Reality is coming for custom auto design, surgical theaters, & entertainment, and for visiting properties or vacation spots, or stores—and much more. “Virtual Reality-an Actual Business Reality” by Jeffrey M. O’Brien, Fortune Magazine, May, 2016

April, 2016

“Lyft has maintained its relevance in an Uber-obsessed culture by focusing on the details it can control. What animates the company is a breathtaking idea: that ride sharing can radically change our transportation system, climate-change footprint, and even the way people interact.” And now they have new partnerships with Starbucks and GM. Robert Safian, Fast Company, April 2016

Kickstarter has re-incorporated as a PBC (public benefit corporation), a “legal designation that lets shareholders know the company has broader goals than just making money”. “Kickstarting a Pro-Social Trend”, Nikita Richardson, Fast Company, April, 2016 Kudos to them!

Kudos to Kaiser Permanente for their overhaul of the patient experience in their clinics- they are changing the furniture, layout, the entire patient experience beginning to end. “The culture of health care has been to get you in and out. We’re inviting you to linger. This is more than a physician visit; this is about your total health.” Read more: “What the Doctor Ordered” by Adam Bluestein in Fast Co. Magazine, April 2016

“Beautycounter founder Gregg Renfrew is urging passage of a bill that would strengthen FDA oversight of the (beauty) industry. “The European Union has banned about 1,400 ingredients from cosmetics. In America, that number is 11.” “A Clean Slate”, Lauren Schwartzberg, Fast Co. Mag., April 2016 We have a long way to go! Read your ingredients in your skincare products.

These sites help artists release their own music: Soundcloud, Bandcamp, and ReverbNation.

Alphabet: “Page picked the perfect time to reset his company– at the very moment that analysts were heralding Peak Google. He knew that traditional corporate structure limits innovation at the pace he wants and needs. He broke his business into smaller pieces to make them simpler and focused them more narrowly to discourage drift and distraction, which trying to maintain the advantages of scale and resources and a compelling culture to recruit talent.” “Search for the Future, Austin Carr, David Lidsky, JJ McCovey, Harry McCracken, Mark Wilson, Fast Co. Mag., April 2016

“Cory Carman, 4th generation rancher convinced her family to turn to holistic ranching—eliminating chemical fertilizers, minimizing irrigation, and moving cattle methodically. Today the ranch supports 67% more cattle and their organic beef sells for 10-30% premium. She is now educating other ranchers.“The Soil Savant”, Corie Brown, Fast Co. Mag., April 2016

“In 2016 33% more women than men will graduate from four-year colleges, which is four women for every three men.” “Let’s Talk About Sex Ratios”, Jon Birger, Fast Co., Mag. April 2016 Northern California is good for women seeking men. Manhattan is good for men seeking women!

March, 2016

Mark Kuzyk, WSU Regent’s professor is developing a shape-changing, laser-guided electrode for the treatment of pain, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimers, and depression.” Read More: “Trip the Light Fantastic”, Rebecca Phillips, Washington State Magazine, Spring, 2016

At school, on the job, and in mating life, young men are making no progress, even backsliding. This isn’t the way women’s advancement is supposed to work.” “The Big Stall” by Hara Marano, Thoughtful article! Psychology Today, March/April, 2016

“Sweet Solution to Toxic Waste: Sugar-activated persulfate holds promise as an enhanced tool for the disposal of toxic waste. And we have fifty –three ( toxic waste sites) in Washington state alone where bygone smelters, lumber mills, agriculture, and manufacturing have left a legacy of hazardous waste.” This is being developed by professor Richard Watts at WSU. Read more: Washington State Magazine, Spring, 2016

Meditating, for Love and Money— Mindfulness has become a big business—nearly $1 billion in 2015—over 600 mindfulness apps. (Headspace has been downloaded 6 million times)” Jen Wieczner, Fortune Magazine, March, 2016

“Startups aren’t increasing in the U.S., entrepreneurship has been declining for decades—dropping from 14% to 8% over the past 30 years.” This is despite our public perception– due to startups that have made it big. “Startup Stagnation” Geoff Colvin, Fortune Magazine, March, 2016

Acquiring companies for their talent or paying head-hunters is pricey, so some companies are focusing more on their internal talent- sometimes departments are even competing for the same employee. Read more: “Developing an Internal Market for Talent”, Geoff Colvin, Fortune, March, 2016

Kevin O’leary of Shark Tank believes that the CEO’s primary responsibility is to maximize profit for shareholders. Adam Lowry, co-founder of “Method Products” believes that “sustainable businesses are more profitable businesses”, and that businesses are responsible to owners, employees, the community and the environment i.e. all the stakeholders. “The Conscious Capitalism Debate”, Bill Saporito, INC Mag., March, 2016 – a fascinating read! What do you think?

A 2011 report by the U.S. Census Bureau found that women who got paid (parental) leave were more likely to return to work within 5 months than those who didn’t receive or use the benefit. Companies are starting to realize what it costs to replace an employee who might quit for a better leave policy.” “The Sheet Benefits”, Saki Knafo, INC. Mag. March, 2016

Iodine—helps you figure out which medications really are helping you— and it is free!

My love of chocolate just got a bit sour: “For a decade and a half, the big chocolate makers have promised to end child labor in their industry and have spent tens of millions of dollars in the effort. But as of the latest estimates, 2.1 million West African children still do the dangerous and physically taxing work of harvesting cocoa.” “Bitter Sweets”, Brian O’Keefe, Fortune Magazine, March, 2016

“Laura Weidman Powers and Tristan Walker founded Code2040, a nonprofit organization to help place black and Latino students in large tech companies (think Apple, Google). Jonathan Chew –Fortune Magazine, March 2016—soooo needed!

Anya Pogharian, age 18, was shocked at the $30,000. price of a dialysis machine so she invented a prototype for $500. that does the job in ¼ the time of the traditional machine. Kudos to Anya! See Fortune Magazine, March, 2016, author- Laura Lorenzetti

Want to be inspired about entrepreneurship? Read about Cheryl Krueger—who grew up in poverty, ran a business at “The Limited”, founded a baked goods company, survived a contentious divorce, lost her business partner through cancer, and sold her business to 1-800-FLOWERS for $40 million. Read her compelling story in Fortune Mag. March 2016 “Out of the Frying Pan and Into a 350 degree Oven”, by Dinah Eng.

Piraye Yurittas Beim started Cematix that makes software called Polaris that predicts which treatment will help women get pregnant. Fertility clinics are using this software to help thousands of women become pregnant.—Read more Fortune Magazine, March, 2016, Leena Rao

Data analytics is being used to tell managers how to manage people due to their strengths, and to help determine which employees are at risk to leave for better opportunities. Read more: “Is Software Better at Managing People Than You Are?”, Jennifer Alsever, Fortune Magazine, March, 2016; I can see the benefits and also some risks as more and more- we use data to manage people.

This is pretty wild! “Banks are using new biometric technologies to detect which customers are about to scam them. Biometric sensors can measure body temperature and blood circulation at a short distance and without alerting the subject—telltale signs of stress, tipping off the bank.” “To Catch a Thief”, Jeff John Roberts, Fortune Magazine, March, 2016 Takeaway—Don’t walk into your bank if you are stressed out!!!

“Walking, especially in nature, is known to alleviate depression by raising endorphin levels, which lead to better sleep patterns and improved mood.” April David, Clinical Assistant Professor, WSU, “Take a Walk and Call me in the Morning”, Rebecca Phillips, Wa. State Mag., Spring 2016

“Police Training in a New Light: Faculty at WSU have begun to research the effectiveness of body cam footage and realistic, relevant scenarios to help train police officers to more effectively handle interactions in communities of color and interactions with those experiencing mental health crises. Some officers are getting 105 hours of basic and enhanced Crisis Intervention Training. Read More: Larry Clark, Washington State Mag., Spring, 2016 This program holds a lot of promise!

This is one amazing young woman! Leen Kawas, age 30, from Jordan, is “one of the youngest biotech CEO’s in Seattle. M3 Biotechnology was launched at WSU focused on MM-201 a drug candidate with the potential to treat cancer. She moved the company to Seattle- UW incubator—and just recently to the Amgen auction. The company is moving towards clinical trials and they have eight issued and sixteen pending national and international patents.” Read more: Washington State Magazine, Spring, 2016, author: Alyssa Patrick

February, 2016

“Tinder’s Curse: How CEO Sean Rad’s outsize personality has spurred the dating app’s amazing boom—and undercut its credibility” Read More: by Austin Carr, Fast Co., Feb. 2016

“Novartis’s profit dropped by 42% due in part to a $390 million settlement for allegedly giving kickbacks to pharmacies that pushed its federally covered drugs.” Fast Co., Feb. 2016

Recent cyberattack at T-Mobile exposed the personal data of as many as 15 million people. Ouch!

Philip Tetlock, of Wharton tracked thousands of forecasts by ( geopolitical and economic) experts over decades and rated them for accuracy. He found that expert forecasts were, on average, no more accurate than random guesswork, and the most famous experts were the least accurate of all.” Eric Schurenberg, Inc. Magazine, Feb., 2016

“The best industries for starting a business right now: fraud detection software, drone manufacturing, biometric scanning software, and corporate wellness.” Graham Winfrey, Inc. Mag., Feb., 2016

While innovation may be accelerating, most organizations aren’t keeping up—business decision making has actually slowed down in recent years.” “The New Industrial Revolution”, Alan Murray, Fortune Mag., Feb, 2016

Growing numbers of the best-performing companies are “asset-light”, accomplishing a lot with relatively little financial or physical capital” Read more: “Heavy Hitters Travel Light” by Geoff Colvin, Fortune Mag., Feb., 2016

Why business decision making is slowing down: “Hiring a new employee now takes 63 days, up from 42 in 2010; Sixty percent of employees must consult with atleast 10 colleagues each day just to get their jobs done; Greater scale and greater focus on risk management; “Revving Up Your Corporate RPM’s” by Tom Monahan, Fortune Mag., Feb., 2016

Though the average time from founding to IPO reached a high for tech deals in 2015, the profitability of the typical technology company going public has plunged into negative territory over the past couple of years.” Read more: “Good Luck Getting Out” William Cohan, Fortune Mag., Feb., 2016

“Billionaire Stefano Pessina cannily took control of Walgreens using the chain’s own money. Now he’s squaring off with CVS Health for drugstore domination. Can a brilliant dealmaker become a killer retailer?” Read more: “Pharmageddon?” Jennifer Reingolf, Fortune Magazine, Feb., 2016

Three Diversity Strategies that Work: Develop talent through long-term mentorship; Get people talking- candid bias-training workshops; and Make inclusion the CEO’s job.” Read more: “Leading While Black” Ellen McGirl, Fortune Magazine, Feb., 2016

“From Stool to Fuel”– Mike McCloskey’s Fair Oaks Farm collects cow waste and puts it into digesters that turn the waste into gas the runs the farm and compressed natural gas to power milk trucks. The solids are used to fertilize new feed crops—which will then feed the cows.” Read more: “Big Agriculture Gets Its Sh*t Together”, Beth Kowitt, Fortune Mag., Feb., 2016

“Kevin Plank of Under Armour has just spent almost $1 Billon buying fitness and nutrition app companies- hoping to revolutionize his company and control every part of the digital health experience.” Tom Foster, Inc. Magazine, Feb., 2016

Boost your elevator pitch: Ask a question of your audience or tell a story and share something unique about you.

More than a third of the U.S. workforce is now freelance and if you want to join this movement, look up the Freelancers Union and places like Upwork.

Protect yourself online. Check the security tab in your account settings and turn on 2 factor authentication for each account you have.

A Standford study showed that you can increase the number of creative ideas you generate by 60% just by walking vs sitting.

82% of people over 45 who try to change careers are able to do it successfully.” MORE Mag., Feb. 2016

For insomnia: quiet your mind and focus on what you are grateful for, and work as close to a window as possible or get outside for breaks during the day

When women work out surrounded by nature, they get a bigger mood lift vs working out indoors.” MORE Mag. Feb., 2016

Wanting to re-evaluate your career? Hire a career- coach and explore new options.

Skillshare” is an online unaccredited learning community where you can learn business skills. ($10. Month)

To build a stronger immune system: “ avoid soda, white bread and starchy vegetables; eat peanut butter, avocadoes, flaxseed, salmon, ocean trout, and extra-virgin olive oil; add probiotics, shitake mushrooms, yogurt, garlic, and onion; and do aerobic exercise five or more days a week and yoga 15-20 min/day, and get 8-9 hour sleep/night.” Read More: “17 Ways to Build A Stronger Immune System”, Dana Kilroy, MORE Mag., Feb., 2016

“Iodine Inc.” has a new app called “Start” that helps people with depression decide if their medication is working. Worth checking out!

NerdWallet—helps you evaluate healthcare plans and compare credit card plans

If you believe you have to own a gun– “Identilock” is a biometric clasp that shields a gun’s trigger and releases only when it detects the owner’s fingerprint. Perhaps this can prevent some of the many home gun accidents that hospitalize and kill children each year.

“Blake Mycoskie, founder of Tom’s Shoes, sold half his company to Bain Capital, stepped down as CEO, and is now using $100 million of his money to launch an investment fund that will back companies that want to be just like Tom’s.” “Great Strikes”, Rick Tetzell, Fast Co., Feb., 2016

“The difference between skill and talent: A skill is something you can learn. Talent is what you can’t help doing.” C. Ghosn, Founder of Levo

Guiding Principle at Nike: “Be a sponge—have a wide peripheral vision and take in everything, because you don’t know where inspiration is going to come from” Mark Parker, CEO

When you put pressure on people, they default to their archetypes. But everybody is creative given the right context.” Alex Castellarnau, head of design, Dropbox

FDA finally approved 23and Me genetic testing products after previously removing them from the market. Read More: “Think Crazy”, Fast Co., Feb., 2016

January, 2016

“Ultrasound device from Seattle firm could vastly enhance diagnosis of ear infections: Seattle’s OtoNexus Medical Technologies has developed a patented device that uses ultrasound to recognize otitis media safely, quickly and effectively. In seconds, the doctor can tell if bacteria are present…and determine whether prescribing antibiotics is appropriate.” The device is expected to be on the market by 2017 Read More: “Have You Heard”, by Michelle Martin, Seattle Business, Jan. 2016

“We’re Slowing Down”: “Although our current forest does not call for a recession, it does anticipate a significant slowdown. Assuming that employment of Boeing, Microsoft, and Amazon stabilizes within two years—the pace of the Puget Sound economy will decelerate, eventually converging with the national rate.” Dick Conway, Seattle Business, Jan., 2016

Stylish Sipping: S’well is not the first company to make insulated, stainless-steel bottles, but for every Wood Collection bottle sold, S’well pays for American Forests to plant a tree.” Read More: Entrepreneur Magazine, Jan, 2016, author: Dina Mishew- and buy them at Starbucks

There’s a growing movement to eliminate gratuities for servers. The rise in the minimum wage to $15. an hour in some states, and new laws requiring paid sick leave and healthcare coverage are sending restaurant food costs soaring.” So, some restaurants are abolishing tips, but adding an administrative fee to the bill so that they have access to the money. Read More: “Tipping Point” by Corie Brown, Entrepreneur Mag., Jan. 2016 What do you think the longterm consequences with be?

The Death of American Research and Development” : “Less focus on corporate research has coincided with the decline in productivity growth that has been plaguing the U.S. economy since the middle of the last decade.” Read More: by Chris Matthews, Fortune, Jan., 2016

Moving Markets from 400 Miles”: “There are more private satellites in orbit than ever—Descarte Labs says “it can predict crop yields partway through the year with 99% accuracy. Orbital Insight- tracks construction in China based on shadows cast by buildings, and zeroes in on the parking lots of more than 50 U.S. retailers, providing intel about store traffic to hedge funds.” Jen Wieczner, Fortune Mag. Jan., 2016

Advice from “The Productivity Project” (book): “ Pare you day down to the three most essential tasks. Aim for the efficiency sweet spot of 40 hours a week. Work on one task for 25 minutes, then take a five minute break.” “Be Better”, Jonathan Chew, Fortune Mag., Jan., 2016

Kudos to “Thrive”—a company that” gives coffee growers 50%-75% of the sales of the finished beans on a given corporate contract. Thrive is the latest roaster in the $26 billion specialty coffee market.” Read more: “Friends of the Coffee Farmers”, Jennifer Alsever, Fortune Mag., Jan., 2016

The once-fruitful relationship between startups and investors is unraveling. Investors say that the vast majority of the 131 startup unicorns missed their 2015 targets, leaving their Wall Street backers seeing red.” Read More: “Tainted Love”, by Erin Griffith, Fortune Mag., Jan., 2016

After a bumper crop of mergers in 2015, investors fear that history will repeat itself—- past M&A peaks have tended to occur at the top of the stock market. But we are seeing companies pairing off from a position of weakness, not strength, at prices that don’t seem euphoric.” Read more: Will a Stock Bust Follow the M&A Boom? By Joshua M. Brown, Fortune Magazine, Jan. 2016

“When Exxon Mobil, GE, Intel, and others pushed for the Common Core standards, they had no idea they would be incurring the wrath of the Tea Party Conservatives. They got a painful lesson in modern politics.” “”Business Gets Schooled”, by Peter Elkind, Fortune Magazine, January, 2016 Fascinating article!

“Amazon Invades India– How Jeff Bezos aims to conquer the next trillion dollar market.” “ By some estimates the company is spending nearly $25 million a month in India already. Their strategy is to persuade Indian stores to sell their products through Amazon.” They face legal obstacles and challenges from competitors like Tata, Flipkar, and Snapdeal. “For Amazon to succeed in India, it will have to straddle two worlds: the wealthy few and the poor masses.” Read More: by Vivienne Walt, Fortune Magazine, January, 2016

India is set to become one of the fastest growing major economies in the world over the next several years. Under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, India is doing what its once-celebrated cohorts in the emerging markets block can no longer seem to do: emerge.” “The Last BRIC Standing”, Ian Bremmer, Fortune Magazine, January, 2016

Alibaba’s New Favorite Label: Made in The USA”: “The Chinese e-commerce giant needs the bump in sales and prestige that could come from bigger partnerships with American brands. U.S. companies needs an easier way to reach Chinese consumers. Could this be the start of an important relationship?” Read More- by Charis Tsevis, Fortune Magazine, January, 2016 They might need to solve the problem of counterfeit goods first!

In 2015 the Millennials surpassed Gen X to become the largest generation in the workforce. They’re less likely than others to stay in the same job for long—which may be realistic given that—in many cases a new gig may be the surest route to escaping salary stagnation. For those who take full-time jobs, pay is sinking. “ “Mastering Your Career”, Claire Groden, Fortune Magazine, January, 2016

All signs point to worsening flight experiences” Think: booking fees for flights not sold directly by the airlines, baggage fees tied to flight distance, charges for children on parent’s laps, shorter and thinner, harder seats. “What you can do: compare fares online, travel light, upgrade to business class. “ Read More: “Plane Nonsense” by Elaine Glusac, Entrepreneur, January, 2016

How to defuse a tense situation with a customer: “ Be pleasant. Be patient. Be professional – and if possible give more than one option to resolve the situation.” “Keep a Level Head”, by Christopher Hann, Entrepreneur Mag., Jan, 2016

For women entrepreneurs—“Circular Board” is a Houston- based start-up accelerator that helps women think big and launch companies. Ten women virtually come together for 12 week groups to share ideas and report on progress. Read More: “Expanding the Circle” Carolyn Rodz, Entrepreneur Mag., Jan., 2016 author: M.V.

Digitalundivided started by Kathryn Finney- identifies, trains, and funds a diverse range of women with the ambition and skills to build breakout tech businesses.” Read More: “Conquering the Divide”, Kathryn Finney, Entrepreneur Mag., Jan., 2016, Author: J.A

“VC Predictions for 2016: Virtual Reality, Cybersecurity, On-Demand Platforms (quality assurance), Consumer Healthcare, Services for the Underserved, Robotics and Drones, and the Internet of Things.” Read More: Michelle Goodman “Follow the money”, Entrepreneur Mag., Jan., 2016

Need some research done: try “”- you pay $19. Per question and their freelance researches get back to you within 6 hours- citing a minimum of 5 sources.

If you get a No from a VC, ask permission to keep in touch and send progress updates. You just never know!

Whole Foods has “doled out $18 million in low interest loans to 235 of its North American small-business suppliers. And- Martha Stewart Living, Miller Lite, FedEx, Chase, and Wells Fargo all award $10,000 to $200,000 in grants to select small businesses.” Read More: “Big Funds from Big Brands”, by Michelle Goodman, Entrepreneur Magazine, Jan., 2016

“Management consultants Aon Hewitt found that virtual teams are 10-43 percent more productive, depending on the industry and organization.” Remote Control, Marcia Layton-Turner, Entrepreneur Magazine, January, 2016

Top Ten of the top 500 Franchises’s for Entrepreneur Magazine- January, 2016: Jimmy Johns, Hampton Inns, Super Cuts, Servpro, Subway, McDonalds, 7-ll, Dunkin Donuts, Dennys, and Anytime Fitness. Read more: “Welcome to the 500” Entrepreneur Magazine, January, 2016

“The battle over minimum wage rages on, and no more so than in the franchise world”—Read more: “The Pay Fray” by Jason Daley Entrepreneur Mag., January, 2016

“Cowboy Up: A new workout by Ryan Ehmann has exercisers shouting Yee-haw called “Cowboys Gym- is a trainer-led circuit with 28 one minute exercises. The workout is on a constant rotation. Most of the action takes place on six rail rodeo fences bolted along the walls.” Read More: Jason Daley, Entrepreneur Magazine, January, 2016

So far, the one clear winner in the gig economy is the consumer. Increasingly .. workers are suing companies, claiming they are, in fact, employees and are entitled to benefits. For the gig economy to work for the long haul, communities need to ensure that workers still have access to benefits no longer being provided by companies, including the ability to buy into different kinds of retirement plans, savings plans, and benefit packages.” Read More “The Gig Economy” by Patrick Marshall, Seattle Business, Jan., 2016

December, 2015

Are you demolishing a home or building? You can send building materials to “Second Use Harvests” and get cash, store credit, or a Habitat for Humanity receipt.

“Cornish College bridges the gap between Art and Tech—helping students find pathways for their art in emerging digital practices”. Read More: “Modern Art School”, Madeline Lootens, Seattle Magazine, December, 2015

Amazon currently occupies more than a quarter of Seattle’s premium office space. Seattle is on its way to having the largest concentration of space filled by a single business in the United States.” “Growing Pains”, Drew Atkins, Seattle, Magazine, December, 2015

Assume everything you post on social media will be seen by your mother and everyone you know and will live on through the lives of your grandchildren.

“The sea is changing. Warming waters re causing some organisms to become more abundant, while undermining others ability to fight off disease. Invasive species, overfishing and mutated diseases are all signs and sources of changes to come. The UW Friday Harbor Labs for sciences explores these and other conditions.” Read More: “The Dream Lab”, Hannelore Sudermann, UW Columns, Dec., 2015

If someone you know has a stroke-get them to Harborview. “It boasts six of the top interventional neuroradiologists in the world as well as six of the state’s 10 specialists trained to use a device that works like a vacuum cleaner to remove blood clots from the arteries in the brain.” Read more: “The Silent Stroke” Julie Garner, UW Columns Magazine, Dec., 2015

“Japan is aging. The country’s growth is sputtering, its debt load is unrivaled and its population is the world’s oldest. Japan’s economy has serious problems—they could become our problems too. Despite the panic they increasingly evoke in political circles, younger immigrants can help offset the declining birthrates and an aging population.” Read More: Macro, Chris Matthews, Forturne Mag., December, 2015

The C-Suite Climate Converts: The number of weather-related events covered by insurance has tripled since the l980’s, and the cost has jumped from $10 billion annually to some $50 billion.” Read more: by Vivienne Walt, Fortune Magazine, December, 2015

Thieves are increasingly holding digital data for ransom– forcing users to forfeit sensitive information or pay up.” “Hostage Negotiatoin Goes Digital” by Robert Hockett, Fortune Magazine, December, 2015

“Costco has been an industry leader for years. With starting hourly pay at about $11.50 and a company average of $22. Per hour.” “Dancing in the Aisles”, John Kell, Fortune Magazine, December, 2015

The Benefit of Baring it All”: “Whole Foods lets everyone in the company know how much everyone else gets paid. Google lets every employees see the goals and objectives of every other employee. Bridgewater hedge fund founder Ray Dalio insists that virtually all meetings and conversations be recorded and available for any employee to hear. The latest revolution in the Information Age is making sure everybody has it.” Geoff Colvin, Fortune Magazine, December, 2015

“People who work 11 hour days or longer are 67% more likely to develop heart disease than those who work seven or eight hours a day.” 2011 Study by University College London

“Productivity takes a nosedive when people toil more than 55 hours a week.” 2014 Study by John Pencavelof Stanford University

43% = share of the world’s biggest banks that have zero board members with tech experience.” Accenture

August Inc. makes a connected doorbell that allows you to see who is at the door, talk to them, and let them in if you choose—whether you are at home or not. You could talk to your kids when they arrive home or to the mail man etc. pretty cool!

“Snap. Crackle. Pop?” A number of the unicorn startups are fumbling: “ missed targets at Zenefits, share markdowns at Snapchat, a cash crunch at Jet, an executive exodus at Rent the Runway, Theranos losing business deals, WeWork’s highly risky real estate deals, unrealized revenue projections at Lyft, Flipboard failed to find a buyer, and Square priced its IPO underwater.” Read more- by Erin Griffith, Fortune Magazine, December, 2015

Skip the Car Rental Lines at LAX: Using an app called “Skurt”—you will be greeted and lead to a nearby car and given the keys—no paperwork and no lines.

Choose Smart. Buy Cheap. Enjoy the Ride.” “Hedge funds have underperformed stocks for 2015 so far, and private equity’s reputation for outperforming the market has lost its luster.” Read more- by Matt Heimer, Fortune Magazine, December, 2015

Nikesh Arora, without ever having worked in venture capital, is now one of the world’s most visible and free-spending VC’s—president, COO and successor to Masayoshi Son at Soft Bank. He is best known for whipping Google, a freewheeling young business into a disciplined organization that scaled like crazy- and for doing it with a no-nonsense approach that bulldozed opposition.” Read More: “The Tech Empire Builder”, Erin Griffith, Fortune Magazine, December, 2015

While private equity has not suffered the embarrassment of the hedge fund industry, which has trailed the market since the start of 2009, the evidence suggests that PE now provides outsize rewards only to its managers.” Read more: “Private Equity’s Paper Tigers”, by Roger Lowenstein, Fortune Magazine, December, 2015

“Hedge funds are increasingly using services like Dataminr to gather lightning-quick intel on social media. Does it pay off? “ Read more: “Trading on Tweets”, by Jen Wieczner, Fortune Magazine, December, 2015

Chinese money has been trickling into Silicon Valley for years. Some 20 Chinese funded technology incubators dot Silicon Valley. But lately the flow, particularly into clean-energy technologies, has opened up. China’s leaders are mandating improved efficiency for coal powered plants, rolling out fat incentives for renewable energy and electric cars, and advising government affiliated banks to help finance this power shift.” “Silicon’ Valley’s New Power Player: China” by Jeffrey Ball, Fortune Magazine, December, 2015

A Biofuel Dream Gone Bad” – “Legendary venture capitalist Vinod Khosla backed a startup called KIOR as part of his ambitious push for green energy. Now KIOR is bankrupt. He and company executives are being sued for fraud, and Khosla’s big biofuel bet is looking increasingly questionable .Khosla’s willingness to purchase the remnants of the company suggests that he still believes in the technology. It’s a long shot.” Read more: by Katie Fehrenbacker Fortune Magazine, December, 2015

“Malaria vaccine: Mosquirix is the first of its kind to fight a parasite and has the potential to transform the lives of millions—manufacturer GlaxoSmithKline views it as a first-generation vaccine. A more effective followup drug is already in the works.” Fortune Magazine, December, 2015

Jeff Bezos added $29.7 billion to his net worth, bringing it to $58.3 billion in 2015.” Fortune Magazine, December, 2015

“With a 7.21% GDP boost in 2015, India is now growing faster than China, at 6.75% as estimated by the OECD.” Fortune Magazine, December, 2015

A new UW study that tested 65 wines from America’s top four wine producing states found all but one have arsenic levels that exceed what’s allowed in drinking water.” Paul Fontana, Columns UW, Dec. 2015

“UW researchers recently created a direct brain-to-brain connection to enable pairs of participants to play a question and answer game by transmitting signals from one brain to another over the internet. The experiment is thought to be the first to show that two brains can be directly linked to allow one person to guess what’s on the other person’s mind.” Paul Fontana, UW Columns, Dec., 2015

A five year $40 million study is laying the foundation for a Pacific Northwest industry that converts sustainably produced poplar feedstock into fuels and chemicals. The research led by the UW will seed the world’s first wood-based cellulosic ethanol production facility.” “Solutions”, Paul Fontana, UW Columns, December, 2015

“By 2020, 90% of the world’s population will be covered by mobile broadband. The advent of connected mobile technology is just as powerful and equally under estimated (as the steam engine). We are still in the early stages, with implications for health care, education, banking, energy, manufacturing and more. Our imagination is our limitation.” CEO Hans Vertberg of Ericsson. “Twenty Predictions for the next 20 Years.” Fast Co., Dec., 2015

Advice from the Tip Sheet: “Pitch Perfect: Don’t pitch until you know you’ll nail it; Research the heck out of every investor you pitch; Ask for advice , then take it” Lindsay Blakely, Inc. Mag., Dec., 2015

Don’t expect an investor to put big money in your company, if you haven’t done so!

Kudos to the founders of “Lua’s mobile messaging app” that volunteers can use in natural disasters to keep teams connected. Read More: “Communicating Through Disaster”, Kris Frieswick, Inc. Mag., December, 2015

Seattle is one of the top 6 growing manufacturing centers of the U.S. “In 2014, there were 170,000 manufacturing jobs here in aerospace and technology—including PetHub, SpaceX, and Blue Origin.

Small business hiring peaked in April 2014 and the rate of new business formation has seen the biggest year to year increase in two decades, according to the Kauffman Foundation.” “State of Small Business”, by Leigh Buchanan, Inc., Magazine, December, 2015

Decoding the DNA of the Entrepreneur: major challenges reported are time, hiring the right people, and managing cash flow; The essence of the Entrepreneurial DNA: hard working, competitive, confident, and problem solver.” Read More: Inc. Magazine, December, 2015

Iodine Inc. helps people monitor and figure out if their medications are truly helping, and then the data is used to help discern what drugs work best for which populations.

Graniteville was “reeling from a devastating accident and economic ruin. Then Recleim’s unlikely owners made their way to South Carolina and the town is being revitalized and diverting 57 million pounds of appliance waste from landfills.” Read more: “Reclaiming Graniteville” Tom Foster, Inc. Mag., Dec., 2015

Need to find a parking spot at a big event? Check out Park Panda or Park Whiz apps!

“Lord of the Things: Jasper Inc. runs IoT services used by more than 2,700 companies, including Ford, GE, Coca-Cola, Sony, Starbucks, and Amazon. The company helps manage connections for tens of millions of cars, trucks, appliances, and home sensors. The general consensus seems to be that something on the order of 50 billion devices will be connected by (2025).” Read more in Inc. Mag., Dec., 2015, author Will Bourne

“Slack is one of the fastest growing software companies on the planet—and it doesn’t have a single salesperson. It is a communications platform that lets team members message one another one on one or in groups.” Jeff Bercovici; Read More: Inc. Mag., December, 2015

Glen Tullman’s latest startup “Livongo Health” uses cloud technology to help people manage chronic illnesses, starting with diabetes. It’s the fastest growing chronic disease in the world, but it’s also the most manageable.” The app gives patients feedback and suggestions based on blood sugar levels.” Read more: “The Mission to Change the World” by Bill Saporito, Inc. Mag., Decemb

“Recent real-world studies have shown that having a purpose associated with work produces better performance than pure financial reward.” . “Twenty Predictions for the next 20 Years.” Fast Co., Dec., 2015

“Whole Foods vows that by 2018, all products it sells in the US and Canada will be clearly labeled if they contain GMO’s. Atleast 1500 brands have applied to become non-GMO verified.” “Organic goes Mainstream” Fast Co., December, 2015

Some of the outcomes from the Human Genome Project: gene based therapies that use engineered viruses to fight vision problems, the drug Ivacaftor for some cystic fibrosis cases, a blood test to detect heart transplant rejections, and tests that predict the potential effectiveness of chemotherapy for specific patients. Read more: “Our Body of Knowledge Expands”, Adam Bluestein Fast Co., December, 2015

Alibaba achieved the largest IPO in history– at $25 Billion. And now the annual transaction volume on Alibaba’s primary e-commerce platform is more than double what consumers spend on Amazon.” “The Rise of the Chinese Tech Giant” Ainsley O’Connell, Fast Co., December, 2015

“Venture Capital Gets Flipped: Y-Combinator selects promising founders, guides them through a rigorous grooming program, then helps them pitch their companies to other investors. “ Current President Sam Altman is helping to shift the power balance so that startups don’t lose control of their companies. Read More: Fast Co., December, 2015

“Dawn of the Do-Gooders: today there are more than 3,000 benefit corporations and more than 1,400 Certified B Corporations—“. This allows companies to give priority to issues like sustainability and employee wellness- concerns that some shareholders might try to block. Great examples include: Patagonia, Etsy, and Warby Parker; Read More: Kenrya Rankin, Fast Co., December, 2015

“Disrupters in the crosshairs” Portland sued Uber but now they have a trial period. Airbnb came up against San Francisco laws but now they have a compromise limiting how long people can rent our their home spaces. Read more: Fast Co., December, 2015

Can Innovation Save the World? The UN Sustainable Development Goals to help end poverty include a broad agenda i.e. climate change, hunger, education, gender equality etc. and technology will be key.” Mobile phones can help with reproductive health education, crop pricing, medication reminders for just a start. Read more: Fast Co., December, 2015

Zuckerberg is betting his company’s future on three major technology initiatives. One is developing advanced artificial intelligence that can help FB understand what matters to users. The second is Virtual Reality (Oculus VR- that FB acquired in March 2014 for $2 billion). The third is bringing the Internet, including FB to the 4 billion plus humans who aren’t yet connected- even if it requires flying a drone over the village and beaming data down via laser.” Read more: These Things Can’t Fail”, Harry McCracken, Fast Co., December, 2015

“It is no Longer Just my Voice. It’s the Voice of the People: Nobel Peace winner Malala Yousafzai is on a mission to help girls around the world get access to education. She has met with President Obama, the Nigerian President, Lebanon’s Prime Minister, and her Malala Fund has helped fund projects in Pakistan, Nigeria, Kenya, Jordan, and Sierra Lione—opening schools, providing scholarships, and setting up education groups and remote- learning programs. The Malala Fund is dedicated to ensuring that all children no matter where they live, can go to school through the 12th grade.” Read More: Karen Valby author, Fast Co., December, 2015

“Elon Musk, the CEO who made electric cars sexy and commercial space travel a reality, is venturing into the messy battery business. Here’s why it’s his boldest bet yet.” Great article: by Max Chafkin, Fast Co., December, 2015

India is now the fastest growing economy.

The marijuana industry is expected to reach $8.2 billion by 2018, hardly surprising given that half of Americans already report consuming the substance.” Elizabeth Segran, Fast Co., December, 2015

“Bezos has even proclaimed that his cosmic vision includes someday holding a news conference from space.” “Clouds, Star Wars and Unicorns” Jason Ankeny, Entrepreneur Mag., Dec., 2015 Think he can pull that off?

“Kathleen Kennedy is the unsung hero of the Star Wars universe. The most prolific female filmmaker in Hollywood, she has produced or executive produced more than 60 films that have grossed $11 billion worldwide.” “Kathleen Kennedy, President, Lucas Film”, Entrepreneur Mag., Dec., 2015 This lady rocks!

“Unicons” are startups valued at over $1 billion. “Venture Capital Database CB Insights counts 141 companies with a cumulative valuation of $506 billion. They include Uber, Airbnb, Snapchat and Xiaomi.” “The Unicorns” Entrepreneur Mag., Dec., 2015

Since Meg Whitman took charge of HP in late 2011, she has reshaped virtually all facets of the business…..slashed 55,000 jobs.. and HP will trim another 28,000 to 33,000 jobs.” “Meg Whitman, Chairman, President and CEO HP”, Entrepreneur Mag., December, 2015

“Out of the Ordinary Investing—Hybrid VC funds from corporations, cities, and special groups are expanding the equity game.” Read more: Michelle Goodman, Entrepreneur Mag., December, 2015

“Bolt Threads is aiming for a 2016 release of products that will harness proteins found in nature to create fibers and fabrics with both practical and revolutionary uses.” “Nature 2.0 Biohacking is big business” Matt Villano, Entrepreneur Mag., December, 2015

Home delivery startups are taking off—think Hello Fresh, Crunch Base, Munchery, Sprig, Plated, and Blue Apron but the field may be over crowded. Read more: “It’s All in the Delivery”, Corie Brown, Entrepreneur Mag., December, 2015

Horizontal or Vertical Leadership? For startups, the “horizontal is more egalitarian. It puts leaders on the front lines, builds autonomy… they are immersed in day to day operations. Vertical leaders are the visionaries who fire up the troops… Steve Jobs, Richard Branson. Very few entrepreneurs can scale the companies they’ve founded and cannot, therefore transition to vertical leadership. The real goal, experts say should be a mix of both styles of leadership among multiple people.” Read more: “Up, Down and Sideways”, Joe Robinson, Entrepreneur Mag., December, 2015

“The Cuban Quandry—the Cuban trade embargo is still in force. President Raul Castro has taken unprecedented steps to encourage international investment, but the market remains dominated by ventures that unite overseas firms with the Cuban government- and in virtually every case, the government seeks a 51 percent ownership stake.” Jason Ankeny, Entrepreneur Mag. Dec., 2015

Is a business degree worth the time and expense: Vivek Wadhwa at Standford says: “ You can join a startup in downtown Palo Alto or San Francisco, and you’ll learn it on the job. If you live anywhere else, you’d better go to school.” If you go to school make sure they focus on: “lean startups, iterations, using exponential technology, and building apps” not business plans . Read More: “A Degree of Uncertainty”, Jason Daley, Entrepreneur Mag., December, 2015

If you choose to get an MBA, check out the Business School in terms of the % of faculty who have started or run a business and how many companies have been started by their graduates.

ShaveFace- has created a “strop” made from denim that allows you 3-5 times more use out of each disposable razor.

“Hammer & Nails” has foot treatment for men on Melrose Avenue in L.A.—with such offerings as: “Citrus White Ale Pedicure” or “Tennessee Whiskey-infused scrub” or “Hops and Cedar tx”. Now that is creative, I must say!

PCC is moving towards a goal of launching one new store each year—kudos to CEO Cate Hardy. Read more: “Growing Organically”, Seattle Business, November, 2015

“Reinventing Retail: A new generation of stores is building brand awareness by attracting customers who crave that ‘wow ‘ experience.” Think: Starbucks Reserve Roastery, Nordrom’s upcomg flagship store, and Filson’s transformation. Read more: Seattle Business, November, 2015 by Julia Anderson

There are perpetually 25,000 local unfilled tech jobs in the Seattle region. Technology growth is providing enormous opportunities for individuals interested in building tech careers.

November, 2015

“If there’s a single media entity that has a passionate hold on millennials, it’s Snapchat”. Robert Safian, Editor, Fast Co. November, 2015

“Livestock produce 44% of the methane emissions that build up in the earth’s atmosphere each year, which contribute to global warming. But a recent study of a “clean cow” powder developed by Dutch life sciences company DSM found that feeding the substance to cows can curb emissions by more than 30%.” Fast Co. November, 2015

The U.S. Has the Highest Drugs Prices in the World. In most European countries, single-payer health systems use their size to negotiate big discounts… Medicare, the single largest payer for health care in the U.S. is barred by law from negotiating with drug companies. The result is that the U.S. is a drugmakers gold mine.” Read More: Laura Lorenzetti, Fortune Magazine, November, 2015

“IBISWorld estimates organized road racing to be a $1.4 billion and growing industry.” “Why Big Business Loves Marathons”- read more: Phil Wahba, Fortune Magazine, November, 2015

I think the development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race.” Stephen Hawking, Physicist

“Limeade” made it on the list of Fortune’s 25 best companies to work for!

“Point B” made it on the list of Fortune’s 25 best medium size companies to work for!

“Venture capitalists (think Khosla Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz, and Kleiner Perkins) are stepping in with billions of dollars focused on agriculture and food ventures that reduce waste and use of chemicals, conserve resources, accelerate distribution, and atleast theoretically improve our health and the health of the planet.” Read more: “The VC Grocery List”, Corie Brown, Entrepreneur Mag., November, 2015

The aims to challenge the Apple Watch and other wrist worn smart devices, offering consumer voice-activated access to music, maps, messaging and other digital media services.” Can they do it? Read more: “ can’t sit still.” Jason Ankeny, Entrepreneur, November, 2015

Entrepreneur Magazine looked at 400 U.S. privately owned for-profit companies with 10-1,000 employees who had shown net capacity growth for atleast 2 years to define the “best practices”. The take-aways were: “Pursue aggressive growth, lavish care and attention on employees; set up nimble and broad-based decision making processes; embrace change and disruption; stay on top of data; and communicate with customers and suppliers.” David Freedman & Matt Villano, “What’s Your Type”, Entrepreneur Magazine, November, 2015

How to Create a New Market Niche: “Driversselect” sells pre-owned cars but only if they are 1-3 yrs old, accident-free, and qualify for new car financing rates. Read more: “Create a Third Marketplace”, Fortune Magazine, November, 2015

A startup called “View” is making “smart glass” that occupants can control with a smartphone to adjust the “tint” to improve energy efficiency and increase comfort for the building’s occupants. Read more: “Through a Glass Brightly”, Erin Griffith, Fortune Magazine, November, 2015

Manoj Bhargava, developer of 5-Hour Energy drink is now pouring his money into solutions that may solve some of the world’s biggest problems. His “Rain Maker” desalination unit distills seawater into fresh water and holds promise to help the drought in California as well as India. Read more: “A New Approach to Clean Water”, Brittany Shoot, Fortune Magazine, November, 2015

How the business world is changing: “Alibaba is the world’s most valuable retailer but holds no inventory, Airbnb is the world’s largest provider of accommodations but owns no real estate, and Uber is the world’s largest car service, but owns no cars.” “The 21st Century Corporation”, Geoff Colvin

“Uber’s Tax Shell Game” by Brian O’Keefe and Marty Jones—a must read, Fortune Magazine, November, 2015

Once a badly wounded victim of the e-commerce revolution, the electronics chain Best Buy is back in the black, thanks to a savvy overhaul by a largely female management team.” Read more “”The New Geek Squad”, by Jen Wieczner, Fortune Magazine, November, 2015

Grueling hours, stress, junk food and red bull. Obesity is rising in America’s economic frontier, and the consequences—diabetes and heart disease- could be dire.” Read More “Is Silicon Valley Bad for Your Health?” Jeffrey M. O’Brien, Fortune Magazine, November, 2015

Skybell is an app allowing you to see who is at your front door- no matter where you happen to be at the time. Pretty cooll!

“The % of women in some of the top tech companies: Pinterest 42%, Amazon 37%, Apple 31%, Google 30%, Facebook 32%, Twitter 30%, Intel 24%; “ Read more: “ Pinterest’s Great Expectations”, Vauhini Vara Fast Co., November, 2015

Megan Tamte, Co-founder and CEO of Evereve was “living her lifelong dream of motherhood- and she was miserable. Launching a store for other mothers turned everything around.” She now has 59 stores across the U.S. She is opening a store in Seattle in 2016. Her focus is on creating a positive shopping experience for harried young moms. Read more: “Not a Spectator Anymore”, David Whitford, Inc. Mag., Nov., 2015

Iodine,Inc. has developed an app called “Start” that can help you figure out if your antidepressant is working by monitering symptoms.

Frustrated about getting sand in your beach towels? Convivial Cloth Co. makes towels that can be linked together. Check it out!

“Dan Price caused a media firestorm by establishing a $70,000 minimum wage at his Seattle Company, Gravity Payments.” He cut his own salary to match and will phase in the program over 3 years. Read more: “Does More Pay Mean More Growth?”, Paul Keegan, Inc. Mag., Nov., 2015

The most valuable startups in America call their workers independent contractors. Courts are starting to say they aren’t. If your on-demand company must treat workers as employees, can the gig econmy survive?” “The 1099 Bind”,Jeff Bercovici, Inc. Mag., November, 2015 Important article!

Ever considered a “detox” from the social media glitter? You will notice a significant reduction in stress!

iHealthHome offers software that makes it easier to manage elder care.” Family, physicians, and caregivers can all share relevant information re to BP, activity, eating etc. in a moment to moment basis. Cost is about $35./month

Want to earn a few dollars in your spare moments? Check out Spare5—where you can add keywords, take surveys, tag or describe photos etc. and make a little pocket change.

Are you demolishing a home or building? You can send building materials to “Second Use Harvests” and get cash, store credit, or a Habitat for Humanity receipt.

Kudos to Mod Pizza –they have more than 100 restaurants and 3,000 plus employees and they make an effort to hire individuals with a range of disabilities. Read More: Seattle Business Magazine, Nov., 2015

Kudos to Sound Transit—one of six in the U.S. that has earned the international ISO 14001 certificate for sustainable practices. Read More: Seattle Business Magazine, November, 2015

Seattle is becoming a “foodie heaven”— Urban Spoon, Foodista, Serious Eats, Roadfood, and Allrecipes have all been launched here!

PCC is moving towards a goal of launching one new store each year—kudos to CEO Cate Hardy. Read more: “Growing Organically”, Seattle Business, November, 2015

“Feetz, the first company to offer customized fully 3-D printed shoes for everyday wear.” They start with photos of your feet! “Sole Mates”, Julie Taraska, Fast Co., November, 2015 Pretty cool idea!

By 2020 it is estimated that more than half the children in the U.S. will be part of a minority group– so maybe that means there will be in a majority of minority groups!

Virtual Reality film making is creating immersive experiences for viewers and transforming them into participants- which is a powerful way for non-profits to engage potential volunteers and donors. Read more: “Reality Check”, Blake J. Harris, Fast Co., November, 2015

Fifteen Ways to Work Smarter “ from Fast Co., November, 2015: 1- Declutter your desk…helps you stick with a task 2- Carve out 20% of your day for the most important tasks 3- Work Less- output is proportional to time work— only up to 49 hrs 4- Unless your phone is fully turned off, it is a major distraction 5- set up email to –text for critical contacts 6- Do high value tasks and delegate the rest 7- Keep meetings short, on agenda, without distractions 8- Take a brief nap 9- Beware the distractions of phones, internet, gossip, social media, and email 10- prioritize 11- Get good sleep 7.76 hours is the sweet spot 12- seek out sun 13- define expectations and give positive feedback 14- Present solutions with your complaints 14- get exercise Author: Stephanie Vozza

The Redemption of Ron Johnson: The man who helped make Target cool and Apple Stores the most successful retail concept ever- was severely humbled after flaming out at JCPenny.” Now he is in a startup called “Enjoy” that delivers high end electronics to customer’s homes and helps them set up and learn how to use the equipment. Max Chafkin, Fast Co., Nov. 2015 Looks like he has found his way back into his sweet spot!

October, 2015

How to release “writer’s block”: “Norman Lear’s psychiatrist taught him to beat writers block by thinking of his ideas as though they were caught in a burning building. Get them out the door.!” “Unleash Your Creativity”, Fast Co. Mag., Oct. 2015

Looking for healthy organic frozen meals? Check out Luvo’s frozen foods. Russell Wilson is an investor and their brand ambassador!

Free MBA Courses– are available through “Coursera” through a partnership with the U. of Illinois—but the degrees aren’t free.

Vestas- the Danish wind turbine manufacturer has captured 37% of the market-beating GE and Siemens. Fast Co., October, 2015

“4 Time-wasting Habits to Stop Now”: Multi-tasking, micromanaging, procrastination, and working without a goal. Inc. Magazine, October, 2015

“theSkimm” – just like it sounds- a newsletter that skims through the top daily stories and summarizes them—written for “Millennial women”—gives you the headlines when you don’t have time for more;

Norm Brodsky’s Advice about whether you should write a book: “ If your business involves speaking or consulting, you should almost certainly write a book. If you’re writing a book for ego gratification and expect it to create sales, you can probably find better ways to spend your time and money.” Inc. Magazine, October, 2015 — Good Advice!

According to UN estimates, by 2060, for every 100 people of working age, there will be 30 people who are 65 and older…. Increasing the cost of social programs and impeding economic growth. One solution: Allow younger migrants to join the workforce to boost productivity—and chip in taxes to support the elderly along the way.” “The First World is Aging” Fortune Magazine, October, 2015

“Last fiscal year the (SEC) commission brought 755 enforcement actions and obtained orders for $4.1 billion of punishments, both record numbers.” Read more: “Don’t Mess with Mary Jo White”, Geoff Colvin, Fortune Magazine, October, 2015

Jeff Bezos, Peter Thiel and Paul Allen are all investing in fusion done on a small scale. Read more: Fusion 2.0, Fortune Magazine, October, 2015

Over 3,000 companies are now using Virtru– “what just may be the best technology to protect your data from cyber-criminals- and government spying.” Read more: “The Anti-Hacker”, Luke O’Brien, Fortune Magazine, October, 2015

“Each year, an estimated 48 million Americans are stricken ill as a result of one food-borne pathogen or another. A 2015 study by Robert Scharff, associate professor at Ohio State University estimates the annual cost of medical treatment, lost productivity, and illness- related mortality at $55.5 billion. So: use a meat thermometer, wash your hands, don’t drink raw milk, be wary of oyster, sushi, and sprouts.” “Contamination Nation”, Beth Kowitt, Fortune Magazine, October, 2015

Wevorce” helps divorcing couples via an online site that walks couples through the divorce process in about 3 months-teaching them the process, providing forms and bringing in experts as needed. It costs about 1/5 the cost of a conventional divorce and reports a 98% settlement rate. Read more: ”Building a Better Breakup”, Jeff Bercovici, Inc. Magazine, Oct., 2015

“Evergreen Companies– the increasing number of private, profitable, market-leading businesses that are designed to remain unsold and independent for a long, long time. “ VC Dave Whorton and Red Herring co-founder Chris Alden have brought many of this new breed together in the “Tugboat Institute”. They identify seven defining characteristics: purpose, perseverance, people first ,private, profit, paced growth, and pragmatic innovation. Some of these companies have VC’s who invest for profit distribution vs IPO or flipping. Read more: “Built to Last”, Bo Burlingham, Inc. Magazine, Oct., 2015

Elizabeth Holmes is the world’s youngest female self-made billionaire and founder of Theranos, valued at $9 billion. She is disrupting the lab test world with a system that detects hundreds of conditions from a couple drops of blood from the finger. The charge is half or less than what Medicare would typically pay. Fifty six of her centers are in Walgreens stores. Read More: “The Longest Game”, Kimberly Weisul, Inc. Mag., Oct. 2015 What an inspiration for young women of the world!

“When DIY becomes too much, should you outsource travel planning? Small businesses generally make the switch from DIY to a travel pro when they reach 25-50 employees and spend $50,000 to $100,000 annually on airfare. A firm can leverage spending, by for example negotiating with an airline for corporate rates.” “Professional Help”, Elaine Glusac, Entrepreneur Mag., Oct., 2015

Motivation vs Encouragement– Do you know the difference? “You motivate generally—for people already inclined to succeed—but you must encourage specifically. For example: I think you have the potential to be a fantastic…….. and in order to do that, I think we need to improve upon your…… skills.” Read more: “Words of Encouragement”, Ross McCammon Entrepreneur Mag., October, 2015

Zenefits offers benefits -management software for small businesses—helping eliminate tons of paperwork required to track and update employee information in different benefit programs—and it Is FREE- as they get commissions from benefit provider partners. This is worth checking out if you are a fast growing startup.

Need mileage tracking for your company: Check out: Mileage Log, TripLog, and MileBug.

“Sliding into Better Presentations”: “Slides” a version of “reveal.js” is a great tool. “If you can express your ideas dynamically on the web, you can turn them into a killer presentation or theme with Slides.” Jonathan Blum, Entrepreneur Magazine, October, 2015

The October 1, liability shift to the EMV credit card standard is a headache not just for big business but for the millions of solopreneurs and shop keepers who process cc’s via plug-in dongle on their smartphones or tablets. Square has them covered. Its $99. Square Stand works with its $49. Chip card reader to transform an iPad into an EMV compliant POS Terminal.” “ Cash, card or phone?”, J.P.P. Entrepreneur Mag., October, 2015

News Deeply”: Lara Setrakian, former foreign correspondent is the co-founder of a digital news startup that hatches single subject journalism sites around the world. She was frustrated with one-dimensional news and is taking on topics like Water, Syria, and Ebola indepth. Read more: “Uncovering News in Distress”, Spencer Bokat-Lindell, Inc. Mag., Oct. 2015

Bridge International Academies has built 412 schools in Kenya in 6 years and they are training roughly 100,000 African students. It is a for-profit company and parents pay $6. Per pupil. The program is supported by Bill Gates, the Omidyar Network, and Mark Zuckerberg. It does have its critics however who oppose private schools in poor regions. “The School That Could Save the World”, Leigh Buchanan, Inc., Magazine, October, 2015

“The DNA Whisperer : Anne Wojcicki’s genetic testing company was almost shut down by the FDA. Now it’s worth a reported $1 Billion. By filling a plastic vial with saliva and mailing it to “23andMe”, customers could decode the DNA embedded in their 23 chromosomes—whether they were at risk for inherited diseases or genetic traits—until November, 2014 when the FDA ordered them to stop marketing its tests for health purposes. In February the FDA agreed to allow them to resume marketing tests for autosomal-recessive diseases.” Mathew Scott, INC. Magazine, October, 2015 A good read- no question- she will persevere!

“Michelle Kaufmann- co-founder of “Flux” is applying artificial intelligence and computer science to help make thoughtfully designed, healthy, durable buildings accessible to everyone. She is also involved in the partnership between Alphabet and Sidewalk Labs, which is applying ambitious Google-type thinking to improve how we design and build cities.” Will Bourne, “Making Architecture Smarter”, INC. Mag. Oct. 2015 -this is one savvy, brilliant woman!

In July, First Round Capital released some startling numbers. The seed-stage firm examined 300 of its investments across almost 600 companies, revealing that those that included at least one woman founder performed 63% better, as measured by increases in valuation, than those founded by all-male teams.” “Will the next Steve Jobs Be a Woman?” Kimberly Weisul, Inc. Mag. October, 2015

Sheryl Sandberg’s “Lean in “ movement has generated 24,000 circles in 117 countries. I hope this movement supports more women becoming entrepreneurs!

Quote from Jack Ma, Alibaba founder and CEO who raised $25 Billion last year in the largest IPO in history: “If I had another life, I’d keep my company private.” “Do You Really Want to Go Public?” Tom Foster, INC. Magazine, Oct., 2015 A very telling comment!!!

The Challenges of going public: Less than 2 years after Zulily went public, CEO Cravens sold Zulily in a $2.4 Billion deal. “He had been spending a full fifth of his days reassuring investors.” “Everyone Wants Answers- All the Time” Tom Foster, INC Mag., Oct., 2015

The only reason any sane entrepreneur would go public is if the investors needed an exit.” Ben Chestnut MailChimp co-founder and CEO

The Dash- stereo headset has waterproof earbuds—so you can enjoying in the shower!

Amazon’s Alexa can set a timer, add items to your grocery list, play music, stream audiobooks, check your calendar, re-order items from Amazon, and turn lights and appliances on and off, and even order Uber for you. Read more: “Welcome Home, Alexa” Austin Carr, Fast. Co., October, 2015

The Detour App is now available in nine cities- giving you audio tours customized to your pace and rhythm. Check it out next time you are traveling!

Adonia ( Carnival’s new cruise brand) will send passengers on multiday volunteer missions for local charities via trips to the Dominican Republic, and Cuba—starting in May.” “Sea Change”, Kenrya Rankin Naasel, Fast Co., Oct., 2015 It will give customers a culturally immersive experience and do good for the environment- not to mention the reputation of the cruise line!

“L’Oreal chemist Balanda Atis is helping the cosmetic giant break color barriers”—creating 30 new shades for women of color across the world who have challenges finding makeup to match their skintone. “The Full Spectrum”, Elizabeth Segran, Fast. Co., October, 2015

“Crowd Capitalism” “It won’t be long before anyone can fund- and get equity in- a startup. Is that a good thing?” Harry McCraken, Fast Co., Oct. 2015 A very good question-and a thoughtful read! The idea seems a good one, however it brings challenges on all sides.

Blessings to Melissa McCarthy who is bringing style to plus-size clothing for women! “Melissa McCarthy Seven7”

Seeking employee feedback and engagement? Check out: Niko Niko, RoundPegg, Culture Amp, or Mood Ring—apps that make it easy and quick to get a read on your employees.

Have you checked out some of the “meal-kit” services—like “Plated”, “Blue Apron, or “Green Chef”? Seem pretty pricey but if time is precious it might be easier than eating out!

Squarespace7—has made an easy to use website builder-worth checking out!

“A Diagnostics Lab in a Domino”- This clever device (Cue Health Monitor) allows you to test your fertility, inflammation, testosterone, and Vitamin D levels—by inserting a sample and getting results on your phone. Read More: Fast Co., October, 2015, Nikita Richardson

Facebook has built a “Safety Check” that allows people to notify friends and family in cases of a natural disaster. A message will come automatically to users near a disaster site and they can check themselves as “safe”. Over 7 million people have used it so far.

The “Drinkable Book” is a tray with papers and instructions that will provide up to four years of potable water for each user. “Water is Life- made this product to distribute globally to the 783 million people who lack reliable access to safe drinking water.” Fast Co., October, 2015 Amazing product and for such a worthy cause!

A hybrid sleep/work space: Virgin Group’s Hotels realized few guests used the desk so they are making beds that can also be used as desks! Clever!

Boyan Slat, a Dutch student has raised $2.2 million via crowd-funding for research to use the ocean tides to cleanup the ocean garbage. Read more: “A Wave Making Fix for Sea Trash”, CD, Fast Co., Oct., 2015

A Personalized Video to Cheer on Runners”– Nike has created animated personalized short films summarizing the progress of their most active Nike+ users– cheering them and challenging them. KL, Fast Co., October, 2015 Clever! Users then post them on social media.

What Makes Uber Run” Fascinating article in Fast Co., October, 2015 by Max Chafkin about the leaders of Uber and the challenges and risks ahead.

“Watch Out for Dyson” Father and son are moving into robotics and lighting. “The company currently funnels $2.5 million into R&D every week.” Matthew Shaer: An amazing company with amazing products and brilliant, creative people!

September, 2015

“The middle of the creative process is the hardest—in the script- it is where the main character must face a tough journey to learn a lesson. You can’t skip the second act— It has the most potential for shame—but it’s where everything important happens.” “Wallow in Your Failure”, Kenrya Rankin Naasel quoting Brene Brown and Ed Catmull; Fast Co., September, 2015

Apple and Spotify are in a heated battle for America’s eardrums.” Read more: “Listen Up”, Jonathan Ringen, Fast Co., September, 2015

“Periscope, acquired by Twitter attracted nearly 10 million users in its first 10 days.” It offers users an interactive media experience where you can contribute news and ask questions of the broadcaster.” “Periscope has become a medium that can build truth and empathy”, JJ McCorvey, Fast Co., September, 2015

“Hi-tech travel innovations are coming your way—Clear- a membership service that captures your fingerprints and iris scans is providing biometric identity measures at 12 U.S. airports. AT&T is developing a smart luggage tag with real-time tracking that may, for example allow travelers to pinpoint the location of their suitcase in baggage claim.” Read More: “Moving Ahead”, Elaine Glusac, Entrepreneur Mag., Sept., 2015

“The average American woman will own 268 pairs (of shoes) in her adult life and spends more than $20,000. on shoes in her lifetime, according to a 2014 study commissioned by OnePoll. “ “Heel Thyself” Alev Aktar Are you as shocked by those numbers as I am?

Lockheed wants to sell or spin off its $6 billion government services business. And- it’s not the only giant trying to exit the $282 billion government services industry.” (as budgets are slashed) “ A New Wave of Defense Deals”, Fortune Mag., Sept. 2015

Starting this Fall, retailers will take the hit for counterfeit credit card fraud unless they install new EMV card reading systems for the new EMV chip credit cards that banks are issuing. Read more: “U.S. Stores are About to Pay Up for Security” Robert Hackett, Fortune Mag., 2015

Kudos to Jen Welter– the NFL’s first female coach!

“5 Ways to Find the Right Overseas Partner” Find a company that has collaborated with a U.S. business before, (the U.S. Dept. of Commerce Gold Key Program can help) , use Thomson Reuters World-Check to vet the company, and try out 2 potential partners at the same time. Verne Harnish , Fortune Magazine, Sept., 2015

Bill Ackmann’s Holy War”—against Herbalife. “Herbalife has clearly engaged in some sleazy business practices in its history…but most of these seem to be in the past. Ackman claims to be working on behalf of those abused…but victims are surprisingly difficult to find. He calls it a pyramid scheme… by definition unsustainable, while Herbalife is in its 35th year.” Read more: Alan Murray, Fortune Mag., Sept. 2015 The level of energy focused on the destruction of Herbalife is rather perplexing!

“Last year VC’s plowed $56. Billion into startups, the most since 2001.” “The Unicorn Economy” Erin Griffith, Fortune Magazine, September, 2015

The “Elio Car”—3 wheel thrifty vehicle selling for $6,800—coming out in 2016. Expected mpg is 84. I love the price and gas mileage—just wish it were a little cuter!!!

An Airbnb for cars: “Getaround” is an app enabling car owners to earn extra money renting their cars when not in use—to screened borrowers. It is available in the Bay Area, Chicago, Portland, and D.C.

For when your teenagers borrow your car: “Sober Steering” has devised a touch-based biosensor technology that can be installed in a steering wheel to read a driver’s blood-alcohol level.” Expected to come out next year for retail. Fortune Magazine, September, 2015

There is a lot being written and spoken about “narcissistic leaders” and if organizations really want to screen them out, they can use the “Narcissistic Personality Inventory”, however I wonder how many potential CEO’s would be willing to take the test!

Inspiration: “Barbara Bradley co-founded a handbag and apparel company out of her basement-named it after her mom (Vera Bradle)- and 33 years later it generates a half-billion dollars in sales.” “Bagging Success at Vera Bradley”, Fortune Magazine, September, 2015

Ron Jaworski, former NFL quarterback with years of business success with golf courses, “sees women and children-as an underserved market that will be golf’s future lifeblood.” “ A Keen Eye for Detail on Gridirons and Greens”, Dan Greene, Fortune Magazine, September, 2015

Uber recruiting women: Uber has a “ 1 Million Women Initiative” plan to enroll a million female drivers by 2020. Would you do this?

“The online quiz is now the primary means of research in many of the world’s top research markets, so online survey companies (like Qualtrics, Survey Monkey, Survey Gizmo, and QuestionPro) are gaining traction by selling to businesses.” It speeds up research results and cuts costs. “Do Lawyers Like Surveys?”, Leena Rao, Fortune Magazine, September, 2015

In 1995 the average cost of using a cancer drug to deliver a “year of benefit” to a patient was around $50,000 in current dollars; today that precious year costs about $225,000. Rather than paying the price the company wants to charge, we should pay based on the value of what the company has produced.” ”Seeking a Cure for Drug-Price Insanity”, Peter Bach, MD, Fortune Magazine, September, 2015 I say “Amen” to that!

“From Secretary to Studio Boss”: “Kathleen Kennedy has long worked in the shadow of moviemaking legends such as Steven Spielberg and George Lucas. Now, as her Star Wars megaflick readies for release, she is getting her star turn. And if the New Star Wars movie lives up to its hype, she may well be the most powerful woman in Hollywood too. It’s a tale perfect for Hollywood.” Machal Lev-Ram, Fortune Magazine, September, 2015

Want to be inspired by powerful CEO women? Pick up September Fortune Magazine-showcasing 27 CEO’s- 19 of whom are leading Fortune 500 companies. Think: Mary Barra- GM, Indra Nooya- PepsiCo, Ginni Rometty, IBM, Meg Whitman- HP, Phebe Novakovic- General Dynamics, Helena Foulkes- CVS, Marissa Mayer- Yahoo, and Susan Wojcicki- YouTube/Google, and Cathy Engelbert, Deloitte LLP;

Check out the 2011 TEDx talk “The Power of Human Energy” by Angela Ahrendts—former CEO of Burberry and now Senior VP for Retail at Apple.

“CVS retail czar Helena Foulkes is helping transform the drug-store chain into a healthcare giant. Giving up tobacco sales was merely the first step.” “Read more “She Thanks You For Not Smoking”, Phil Wahba, Fortune Magazine, September, 2015

“Heather Bresch elevated generic drug-maker Mylan from dinky to dominant- and more than doubled its stock price. But to some angry investors, she’s still “what’s her face”. And Mylan is now the target of two shareholder lawsuits claiming that references to the anti-takeover measure in the agreement were value and misleading.” “Why Wall Street Loves to Hate Mylan’s CEO”, Fortune Magazine, September, 2015

Harvest Power, a $145 million revenue startup turns food waste into fuel. An amazing business model—adding food waste to bio-solids-they get biogas. They eliminate the waste, create and sell biogas, and sell organic fertilizer created from the leftovers. Read more: “Harnessing the Energy of Uneaten Vegetables”, Beth Kowitt, Fortune Magazine, September, 2015

Kudos to Lubna Olayan for bringing women into the workforce in Saudi Arabia—an amazing woman. She runs a $7 Billion company that now employs 400 women. Read more: “Integrating a Country, One Job at a Time”, Erika Fry, Fortune Magazine, September, 2015

“Patagonia CEO Rose Marcario is leading the rebellious outdoor clothing maker into a new era of growth while pushing it to be even more radical in its approach to planet-friendly business practices.” She is proving you can make money and do good! “The Tao of Rose”, Ryan Bradley, Fortune Magazine, September, 2015

“Technology and globalization, for all their benefits, have widened the wedge between the rich and poor. The rising tide that once lifted all boats has caused a leak. Companies that are making genuine efforts to change the world for the better should be encouraged.” “Doing Well by Doing Good”, Alan Murray, Fortune Mag., Sept. 2015 A good read and recognition for some great companies working for the betterment of all.

Kudos to Fortune Magazine for honoring the efforts of companies such as Vodafone/Safaricom, Jain Irrigation Systems, Grameen Bank, Danone, Cemex, Roshan, M-Kopa, Unilever, Patagonia, Ecolab and others who are addressing major social problems as well as making a profit. Read more: “Doing Well by Doing Good”, Alan Murray, Fortune Mag. Sept. 2015

Kudos to Whole Foods for their “Whole Cities “ program that brings nutrition education to lower income communities.

Kudos to Whole Foods for their “Whole Planet” program that gives grants to microfinance programs—in 67 countries to date.

Just Capital” a nonprofit started by investor Paul Tudor Jones will rank America’s top 1,000 companies based on whether they pay workers fairly and make products sustainably. He sees a rising danger if we don’t shrink the rich/poor income gap. Read More: “Fix Income Inequality”, Patrick James Miller, Fortune Magazine, September, 2015 – a thoughtful read

“The world’s biggest diversified conglomerates are finally realizing that combining entirely dissimilar businesses in one company almost never works.” Think G.E., ebay spinning off Paypal, News Corp, HP separating its PC and printer business etc. “Breaking Up is Hard to Do” Geoff Colvin, Fortune Mag., September, 2015- a good read!

Toptal- An exclusive San Francisco staffing firm connects freelance software developers with businesses, but they only accept about 3% of the applications they receive. For their client businesses they offer a 100% risk free trial period for each new employee hired. Read More: “Talent Force”, J.A. Entrepreneur Mag., September, 2015

“$28,000. Is the difference in median household income between U.S. iphone users and Android users. ($87,000.- iphone Vs $59,000. Android users) com.ScoreMobileMetrix””

“There are more than 1,300 certified B Corps- from 41 countries and 121 industries.” “Cash For B Corps”, Michelle Goodman, Entrepreneur Mag., September, 2015; B Corps are for profit AND mission-driven. Perhaps the best of both worlds!!!

According to the National Venture Capital Association, the median time for venture-backed startups to exit more than doubled from 3.1 yrs in 2000 to 7.4 years in 2013.” “A Series of Fortunate Events”, Sam Hogg, Entrepreneur Mag., September, 2015

For the Love of pencils: Caroline Weaver opened “CW Pencil” in NY City—a store full of pencils. “Pencil’s best selling item is a Palomino Blackwing 602, reproduction of a cedar pencil made by a German Co. Eberhard Faber that’s known as the “Steinbeck pencil” because it was a favorite of the author.” “Adventures in Analog”, Judy Sutton Taylor, Entrepreneur Mag., September, 2015 What do you love that you could turn into a business?

Need a protective cover for your phone, tablet or computer? BodyGuardz makes protective sleeves—check them out!

The fastest growing companies in America? Look at healthcare, financial services, real estate and, food and beverage industries. “Eat, Drink, and Be in Healthcare” Leigh Buchanan, INC Magazine, September, 2015

Looking for a competitive plan on the market for international talk, text, and data– look at “Ultra Mobile”, “A Telco Giant-Killer Stalks Another Target”, David Glickman, INC Magazine, September, 2015

“The Ultimate Selfie “stick GoPole is a telescope pole that stretches up to 40 inches—a way to bring your GoPros on the slopes!

In INC Magazine’s Survey of their 500 fastest growing American private companies—26% of the CEO’s started their first companies between the ages of 5-19 yrs old. Seventy one percent started with personal savings, and 24% waited 3 years or more to take a paycheck. Seventy percent are in favor of raising the minimum wage. “Getting the Dream off the Ground”, INC Mag., September, 2015

Fitbit, started in 2007 has sold more than 20 million devices and is nearing a 9 billion valuation—however it is the social aspect that keeps people engaged.

Vicky Tsai was inspired to start “Tatcha” skincare after meeting with a Geisha in Japan. Today her products are in QVC and Sephora. Read More “Memoirs of a (wannabe) geisha”, Burt Helm, INC Magazine, September, 2015

Clothing made in the US: Dressmaker Leota has all their dresses cut and sewn in NY City and are sold in over 300 retailers—elegant and affordable. One of INC Magazine’s fastest growing private companies. INC Mag. September, 2015

Between startup and maturity, companies navigate a period of adolescence-that is awkward and uncertain—escalating customer expectations, relentless operational demands, and starkly different leadership requirements. You will probably need a new team. You’ll have to decide if you’ll get big and what it will take to get there.” “Your Awkward Phase, and Why You Should Love It”, Leigh Buchanan, INC Magazine, September, 2015

When employees feel anonymous in the eyes of their managers, they simply cannot love their work, no matter how much money they make or how wonderful their jobs seem to be.” Patrick Lencioni, “To Grow Your Business, Know Your People”, INC. Magazine, September, 2015

Andy Bogdan Bindea started out as a Greenpeace volunteer. Now his Virginia-based business solves environmental problems at home and abroad by designing and installing solar-power systems in the D.C. region and Haiti.” Sarah Todd, INC Magazine, September, 2015

Are We in A Tech Bubble?” :” While 2015 has seen a surprisingly small number of tech IPO’s, the number of private companies valued by investors at more than $1 billion has more than doubled in the past 18 months.” Jeff Bercovici, INC Mag., September, 2015

Electronic Beacons: are nearables that detect your location in the store and your preferences, collect data, send you notifications, ads” as you move around a store- changing your shopping experience.

“Biodesix- is developing diagnostics that use a patient’s molecular profile to detect and moniter such diseases as lung cancer and help doctors predict whether a treatment will be successful. “Improving Your Odds of Beating Cancer”, David Brunel, INC Mag., September, 2015

Akdy Imports makes a LED Rain-style showerhead that prevents temperature shock with a unique display that changes color when the shower gets hotter or cooler. Jarren Vink, INC. Magazine, September, 2015 I think I’d like that! offers classes by James Patterson, Serena Williams, and Dustin Hoffman. Get information and entertainment all in one! Read More: “New School”, Nikita Richardson, Fast Co., September, 2015

Did you know you can have your own “digital avatar” ?—Clara of Clara Labs can be your digital assistant and schedule all your meetings- for under $400./month “Help is On The Way”, Om Malik, Fast Co., September, 2015

Kudos to Burlington, Vermont—the largest city to go green– with a population of 42,384! Read More: “It’s Actually Kinda Easy Being Green”, Adele Peters, Fast Co., September, 2015

“DJI vs GoPro—Fighting to be King of the Consumer Drones” “Even after GoPro releases its drone, DJI will likely continue to dominate that market. DJI may win the air war, but when it comes to the ground game, GoPro remains the one to beat.” Daniel Terdiman, Fast Co., September, 2015

Facebook vs Microsoft” “Oculus Rift vs Microsoft Hololens: Potential weaknesses: “While hard core gamers own the pricey power PC’s that Rift requires, many potential customers do not. And the slick HoloLens promotional videos are splashier than the actual experience.” HM, Fast. Co., September, 2015

Kudos to Princess Reema bint Bandar Al Saud- social activist and member of the Saudi royal family- who is advocating for the right of women to leave their homes, socialize, and work in their country. Read more: “Driven”, Karen Valby, Fast Co., September, 2015

August, 2015

“Dine and dash in Silicon Valley-Leave Your Soul at the door and come on in” Amy Cosper, Editor in Chief, Entrepreneur Magazine, August, 2015 – a worthy read!

Do you like minimalist products elegantly designed? Check out “Muji” a Japanese company that carries 7,000 products aesthetically and meticulously designed without any visible brand identifiers.

Personalize your request “to connect” on Linkedin. Tell them why you want to connect specifically with them.

“2.8 million self-employed people consider home their primary place of work according to consultancy Global Workplace Analytics—thus the need for workspace is constant and evolving. Thus- “shed- office” has become a trend especially on the West Coast.” KitHaus and LoftCube have jumped into the space offering installations (some not requiring a permit). Read more: “Live & Work”, Lana Bortolot, Entrepreneur Magazine, August, 2015

Hot Spots” For: Software and hardware—Salt Lake City, Education—Baltimore, Media- Nashville, Specialty Foods—Kansas City, Ag tech- Sacramento, Restaurants—Minneapolis, Import/Export- Houston, Healthcare—Boston, Apparel retail—L.A., Vanessa Richardson, Matt Villano, Entrepreneur Magazine, August, 2015

According to McKinsey, companies in the top quartile for racial and gender diversity are respectively 35 and 15 percent more likely to have better financial returns than their peers.” WIRED August, 2015

Kudos to Kate Higgins—the first woman to fly during a Blue Angels Show. Read more: “Fearless Flier”, Lydia Belanger, WIRED, August, 2015

Boulder is booming in startups: TechStars (accelerator) is supporting over a hundred startups in their city. Alessandra Ram, WIRED, August, 2015

“As autistic people gain the ability to speak for themselves, many of them are calling for thinking about autism as one dimension of what they call neurodiversity.” Read More: “ The Beauty of Diversity”, Carl Zimmer, WIRED, August,2015

“The Genesis Engine. We now have the power to quickly and easily alter DNA. It could eliminate disease. It could solve world hunger. It could provide unlimited clean energy. It could easily get out of hand.” Amy Maxmen -WIRED, August, 2015 a fascinating article!

Kudos to Leila Janah, Founder of Sama Group who helps the World’s poor get tech jobs.

“There’s a new bot in town”: Clearpath Robotics of Ontario is scheduled to release its “automated guided vehicles (AGV’s) i.e. mobile robots this Fall. “Their robots operate in collaboration with what humans are already doing—they roll through an environment, laser scan and store it in their onboard memory. Ultimately they hope to remove humans from fulfillment centers. Marty Jerome, Read More: Entrepreneur Magazine, August, 2015

“DoorDash” is a startup that has” created web software and a mobile app that partners with restaurants to offer on-demand delivery using a team of Uber-style drivers. Their system addresses the needs of merchants, drivers, and consumers.” Brittany Shoot, Entrepreneur Magazine, August, 2015

Eric Ries, author of “The Lean Startup” raised $123,000. in 24 hrs to self- publish his upcoming book “The Leader’s Guide”. “The Lean Leader” Entrepreneur Magazine, August, 2015—inspiration for other authors wanting to self-publish!

July, 2015

Amazing Youth: Tavi Gevinson was writing a world famous blog “Style Rookie” at age 14, drawing 54,000 daily readers and now just a year out of high school- she has 5 fulltime employees and is starring in a hit Broadway play “This is Our Youth”. Read More: “A Rookie Moves Up to the Big Leagues”, Fast Co.,July-August, 2015

Kudos to Etsy- Only the second B Corp (Benefit Corporation) to go public! Let’s hope that they can recoup the first quarter stock- loss without increasing commissions. Read More: “A Crafty IPO”, Fast Co., July-August, 2015

If you use the computer late at night and have trouble falling asleep: F.lux is a desktop app that emulates natural light. Check it out.
“Startup wisdom from Norn Brodsky (on trying to get on Shark Tank)- Watch it, don’t do it. The odds of being chosen are so small… you probably have a better chance of finding outside investors if you spend the time-on your business instead.” Inc. Magazine July/August, 2015

I just heard about “BeautyCounter”—a Benefit Corporation that bans potential toxins from its cosmetics—products are sold through independent consultants. Anyone tried their products?

“85% of family owned firms that have identified a successor say it will be a family member, however only 30% of these firms remain in the family into the second generation and just 10 percent pass on to the third generation.” Ernst & Young, Inc. Magazine, July/August, 2015

Have you heard of “Haptics”? It is about the sense of touch and bringing the experience of touch to gadgets— for example having the experience of a raised keyboard on your iPhone or allowing you to “feel” the fabric of a clothing item you are looking at online. Read More: “Technology You Can Feel”, Inc. Magazine, July/August, 2015 pretty amazing!

Immusoft, started by Matthew Scholz is “programming B cells that produce antibodies to generate their own medicine. The concept: Instead of injecting treatments into a patient, cells are extracted, rewired to produce a treatment and then returned to the body. This company is now preparing for its first human trials.” Longterm this could put big pharma out of business. Read More: “Life Hackers”, Jeff Bercovici, Inc. Magazine, July/August, 2015

Seattle rocks: Seattle employees are now offered paid family leave—both male and female employees!

Love the heat? David Tran’s sriracha hot sauce company has never paid for advertising or had a year of declining sales, but they did get sued claiming the odors caused airborne irritants in the surrounding neighborhood of the plant. His solution was to offer public open houses to let visitors judge whether they were a nuisance or not. Read More: “Hot, hot heat”, Entrepreneur Magazine, July, 2015

Ahead of the Curve: Moo Cards will begin printing cards soon with near field communication chips so people can instantly access your bio or website.

U.S. workers took 16 days off in comparison, French companies are legally required to fund 30 days off annually. The average American failed to take five earned days off in 2014. And a recent Virgin Atlantic Survey found that one in four business travelers say they got their best ideas while traveling.” “The Bleisure Class” Elain Glusac, Entrepreneur Magazine, July, 2015 Maybe we need to remind ourselves about the value of vacation!

When you have to deliver disappointment: Disappointing news is not a single event. It should be the last stop in a larger event in which disappointment was always a possibility.. so it doesn’t come unexpectedly.” Ross McCammon, Entrepreneur Magazine, July 2015

When onboarding employees tell newcomers stories that communicate the history and culture of your company!

“Camio repurposes old smartphones into crime fighters: what distinguishes it from a basic webcam is that the app, which works with images gathered via a smartphone camera leverages algorithms to be selective about what it uploads to its cloud-based storage. It can differentiate between ordinary and extraordinary events.” A less expensive security system “Security Recycle” Matt Villano, Entrepreneur Magazine, July, 2015

If you have an online company and collect customer data, you need cyber insurance!

“MyTime” is a tool for allowing your customers to schedule appointments online—in a low cost way. Worth looking at!

Disney Accelerator—partnership between Disney and TechStars offers 120K per team, mentorship, a Demo Day, and resources company wide in Disney for consultation. Read More: “Pay to Play”, Brittany Shoot, Entrepreneur Magazine, July 2015

“The Franchise Council of Australia estimates that the country has more franchise systems per capita than any other, with 1,160 franchise brands.” “The Low down Down Under”, Jason Daley, Entrepreneur Magazine, July, 2015

Let’s emulate Portland! “In 2010, Portland, Oregon launched a plan to turn five neighborhoods into EcoDistricts where emissions, energy use, and waste will one day approach net zero.” “Build Urban Green Zones”, Fast Co. July-August, 2015

“Five years ago, Helena Morrissey set herself a seemingly impossible challenge: persuade the chairmen and CEO’s of Europe’s largest corporations that their boards should be atleast 30% female. Today there are no all-male boards left on the FTSE 100 (Financial Times Stock Exchange) and 23 companies have already reached the 30% mark.” “Changing the Odds”, Linda Kinstler, Fast Co. July-August, 2015

Krash– taking coworking spaces and meetups to the next level. Krash is a co-living space where startup founders, professors, business owners live together for 3-6months at a time- and brainstorm, practice pitches, and collaborate on projects. Local investors and CEO’s come for fireside chats. They have locations in Cambridge, Boston, and New York. Two hundred companies have started through Krash- so far. What a great idea! “Beyond Roomates”, Lauren Schwartzberg, Fast Co., July-August, 2015

“Obama and His Geeks: President Barack Obama has quietly reruited a swarm of top tech talent from the likes of Google, Facebook, and Amazon. Their Mission: To Reboot how government works.” This is sooo needed! Read More: Fast Co., July-August, 2015

Kudos to Starbucks for their commitment to hire 10,000 16-24 year old youths who have dropped out of school, their partnership with local women and minority-owned businesses, their commitment to ethically sourced coffee, and their financial support for education of their employees.

Congratulations to Patagonia—which has helped protect 420,755 acres of land and recently invested in “Beyond Surfaces Technologies” which is developing plant-based textile treatments.

“Put us out of business because you are so damn generous with what you give the people who walk in this door.” Randy Garutti, CEO of Shake Shack’s global chain. Now that is an unusual directive from at CEO to his employees!!

T-Mobile CEO John Legere—profanity spewing shock jock of corporate America. Is he performer, comedian, insane or all of the above? And why do his employees seem to like him?

June, 2015

When the Ebola crisis hit, it was an unassuming, little-known professor in Arizona, Charles Arntzen, who had a potential cure-courtesy of plant-based technology.” Read more: “For Fighting Ebola with Tobacco” Adam Bluestein, Fast Co., June 2015

Vian Dakhil has been targeted by ISIS and injured in a helicopter accident. And yet the Iraqi parliamentarian still taps into YouTube and mobile technology to generate global support for the Yazidis, who have been threatened with annihilation.” “For Answering the Call”, Vlan Dakhil, Fast Co. Mag., June, 2015

How much time should you devote to social media for your business? “Breaking through the pervasive social media noise takes a comprehensive digital marketing strategy and people who can execute it well.” Norm Brodsky, Inc. Mag., June, 2015

Stores of the future: the trend is small stores where you can have a touch/feel/smell experience and place an order—followed up by the product being shipped to you. Stores don’t have to hold large inventory and you don’t have to lug packages home.

“About 30% of gift cards go unspent—and “Raise” co. offers you a chance to sell your unwanted gift cards and buy others you do want- at a discount.” “Rebooting the Gift Card”, Darren Dahl, Inc., Mag.,June, 2015

“ Martha Murray decided ACL surgery was unnecessarily debilitating and came up with a new tissue-scaffolding approach that could ease recovery for millions.” Read more: “For Figuring Out How to Fix A Torn ACL”, Martha Murray, Fast Co., June 2015

“WSU says it needs its own medical school to help fix the doctor shortage. The UW fears this will only launch a destructive battle over state funding. The association of American Medical Colleges estimates the country may be short between 46,000 and 90,000 medical doctors by 2025. And some wonder if increasing the number of medical school students without increasing the number of residencies will actually solve the problem.” An important issue facing our state and our country. “Second Opinion”, Ari Cetron, Seattle Business, June, 2015

“ Women earn only 20% of all computer science degrees in the U.S., according to the U.S. Dept. of Education.” “Breaking the Code” Karen West, Seattle Business, June 2015 We need to encourage our daughters to learn more about technology and consider tech professions!

“Cross –laminated timber: Is it strong enough to build high-rises- and revive a legacy Northwest industry? It is a way of using “junk” trees, bonding layers with glue, dowels or nails, with each layer perpendicular to the next.” Oregon is off and running in the CLT movement, should Washington jump on board? Read More: “Critical Mass”, Andrea Watts, Seattle Business, June, 2015

Anybody tried “Zevia”
the natural soda without calories/sugar/ or artificial sweeteners? It is the only independent brand among the top 20 low-calorie sodas. What do you think of the taste?

“A New York startup created a patent-pending sleep surface that fuses memory foam and latex foam to make bedtime better for virtually everyone regardless of body weight or sleeping position. It folds into a box small enough to fit into a trunk of a car.” It is called “Casper”. “Bedtime Story”, Jason Ankeny, Entrepreneur Magazine, June, 2015

“meerkat” and “periscope” are free apps that allow you to tweet live video from your smart phone. You can see how many people are viewing and viewers can comment. “Riff” (free FB app) allows you to collaborate with others on a video. Anybody tried them and have feedback?

“IPSOFT’S Amelia is an artificial intelligence platform that leverages cognitive technologies to interface with consumers and colleagues in astoundingly human terms, parsing questions, analyzing intent and event sensing emotions to resolve issues more efficiently and effectively than flesh and blood customer service representatives.” “Even Better Than the Real Thing”, Jason Ankeny, Entrepreneur Magazine, June, 2015 Imagine talking with customer service and hanging up unsure if you had talked to a real person or a machine!

“Nearly half of wearable tech owners, 48 percent are between 18 and 34 years old, according to Nielsen.”

Need a way to reward your employees? “AnyPerk” offers HR departments a program through which they can incentivize employees with preferred pricing on hundreds of products and services nationwide. “AnyPerk costs about $7.50- $10.00 per employee per month.” “That Something Extra”, Matt Villano, Entrepreneur Magazine, June, 2015

Kudos to Rachel Maxwell for developing “Community Sourced Capital”, a zero interest crowdfunding platform for community based ventures here in Seattle. She hopes to expand the concept nationwide.

“Empowered by You” lingerie donates 20% of their net proceeds to the “Seven Bar Foundation” which offers microloans to impoverished women in the developing world so they can become entrepreneurs.

Do you have an elderly parent who wants to live alone. Check out “Independa” a TV based platform allowing you to make appointments, remind about medications, interface with BP moniters, and be an emergency alert system. Read more: “Independent Living”, Jason Daley, Entrepreneur Magazine, June, 2015

Want stylish and eco friendly clothing—check out startup: “Reformation” by Yael Aflalo

Want custom fit earbuds? Snap a photo of each ear with “Normals” free app and they will make 3-D custom fitted ear buds and mail them to you.

Kudos to Larry LeSueur and Jose Lugo of Redmond who developed the “Harvester”” which turns food matter into a high nutrient liquid that can be converted into an organic fertilizer”. They are taking food waste from grocery stores—saving it from the landfill and turning it into something helpful for the planet! Read more: “Keeping Pace with Food Waste”, Jenna Schnuer, Entrepreneur Magazine, June, 2015

Coming soon: “Scio” is a handy spectrometer that will analyze foods and pharmaceuticals in a quick scan and give you nutritional info, the ripeness of produce, and authenticate medications.

Planning a trip to Europe? GoEuro is operational in 9 countries—you plug in a destination and the service returns listings for rail, air and bus transit including schedules and pricing. You can select for the cheapest mode or the scenic route-sometimes both! Read More: “Planes, Trains, and Automobiles”, B.S. , Entrepreneur Magazine, June, 2015

When Azzedine Downes of the International Fund for Animal Welfare saw endangered animals under attack by poachers, he tapped into drones and other technology to pinpoint perpetrators.” “Saving the Animals”, Azzedine Downes, Fast Co., June, 2015

“Harvard professor Jennifer Lewis developed a machine that prints out 3-D electronics.” “For Giving 3-D Printing a Jolt”, Jennifer Lewis, Fast Co., June, 2015

An art collective called K-Hole started satirizing business trends as social commentary. Now they’ve got a consulting practice for large companies.” They look at emergent behaviors and make trend reports. “Turning Detachment into Dollars”, Greg Fong, Fast Co., June, 2015

Leslie Dewan has developed a molten-salt-based process that eliminates environmental challenges associated with nuclear power plants.” Read more: “For Throwing Salt on Traditional Nuclear Technology”, Leslie Dewan, Fast Co., June, 2015

“Isabelle Rose Taylor has a line of clothing at luxury retailer Nordstrom and she is only 14.” Read more: “Putting The Teen- in Teen Fashion”, Isabelle Rose Taylor, Fast Co. Mag., June, 2015

“Waze” app incorporates user data input in it’s maps real time—and now it’s being used in DC so drives can report potholes—which then get filled within 48 hours. Let’s bring it to Seattle!!!

“Drs EJ Caterson and Matthew Carty, members of one of the world’s finest reconstructive plastic surgery teams in Boston worked in a women 7 yrs ago who had been mauled by a pit bull. The team opened the dog’s stomach, removed the face and re-attached it. Today if you saw this woman, you wouldn’t bat an eye.” “Goodbye Org Chart”, Fast Co., June, 2015 This brings tears to my eyes!.

Want to build a game by yourself? “Hopscotch”, a build your own game app allows anyone to create and share a game. Give it a try!

May, 2015

“Last year Warby Parker distributed its millionth pair of glasses through its “buy a pair, give a pair “ program.” Kudos to Neil Blumenthal of Warby!

According to the Census Bureau data reported by the Kauffman Foundation and the Brookings Institution, the number of new companies as a share of all U.S. businesses has dropped 44 percent since 1978. “ “The Vanishing”, Leigh Buchanan, Inc. Mag., May, 2015

“Since the recession, many banks have stopped issuing small loans, even to healthy businesses.” This is where “Lending Club” comes in to help start-ups and small businesses. They act as an intermediary in a peer to peer marketplace. Loan interest ranges from 5.9%- 30%. A financing alternative to consider. Read more: “Money on Demand”, Robb Mandelbaum, Inc. Mag., May, 2015

“Coconut water that’s easier to swallow” : “ Harmless Harvest, Inc. sells fair trade, organic coconut water and trains farmers in sustainable practices.”— Fast Co., May 2015—Look for their coconut water and help both yourself and the planet!

What inspires creativity is exposing yourself to what might make you feel uncomfortable or different.” John Maeda, Design Partner, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (“Design Sense”- Fast Co., May, 2015)

Over the next five years, Intel plans to invest $300 million in something called the “diversity in technology initiative,” which will aim to bring the company’s workforce to full representation by 2020 . Intel’s timeline runs the risk of encouraging the hasty adoption of strategies that lack infrastructure.” “Can Intel Solve Tech’s Diversity Problem?” J.J. McCorvey Fast Co., May, 2015

“Next for NASA” Tracking the impact of climate change, looking for potential life in space, and identifying far-flung planets that may support life. Audacious goals of Ellen Stofan, NASA’s chief scientist. Fast Co., May, 2015

“The Man of Many Questions”—Brian Grazer is one of the most successful movie producers ever. His key to success is asking questions. “Questions can quietly transmit values more powerfully than a direct statement…questions create the space for all kinds of ideas and the sparks to come up with those ideas.” Brian Grazer, Charles Fishman, Fast Co., May 2015

“RadioShack for the Maker Crowd”—“Nathan Seidle started reselling Bulgarian chip sets from his bedroom. Now he runs a thriving electronics retailer called SparkFun” in an era where Circuit City, Best Buy, and RadioShack have struggled. Rob Walker, Fast Co., May, 2015

“Clear the Air” Klaus Lackner, Arizona State Scientist, knows how to pull carbon from the atmosphere with white resin material—in effect doing what trees do—but 1,000 times more effectively than a single tree. The best solution would then be to pump the CO2 underground. The Challenge is making it affordable.” Jon Gertner, Fast Co., May, 2015 I hope some innovative investors are prompted to support his work—the planet needs it!

Airline perks getting degraded: “If you fly atleast 50,000 miles or the cash equivalent with one airline during a calendar year, the perks still seems to outweigh the costs.” “What Price Loyalty?”, Elaine Glusac, Entrepreneur, May 2015 For the rest of us it’s a toss up!

“Things you should try not to say during a work place confrontation: Never, Always, You, Constantly, All the time, hug?” Read More: “Can We Talk?” Ross McCammon, Entrepreneur Mag., May, 2015

“The Wellness Debate : A 7year study at PepsiCo. Found that disease management programs targeted at conditions like hypertension and Type 2 diabetes returned an average of $3.80 for every dollar invested, while “softer” lifestyle programs returned only $.50 per dollar invested. Gwen Moran, Entrepreneur Mag., May 2015

Success on six legs” Gabi Lewis and Greg Sewitz have raised $1.2 million in VC capital to make protein bars based on insects (crickets). They are called exo bars. Jodi Helmer, Entrepreneur Mag., May, 2015 I still can’t get my head around it!

Soundhawk has built an ear piece for $299. targeted for folks who don’t need full hearing aids, but struggle in noisy restaurants or other public places.

Sam Altman, 30 yr old new president of Y Combinator is out to “ fund as many world-changing ideas as he possibly can.” “California Dreamin”, Max Chafkin, Fast. Co., May 2015 One amazing bright young man!

“The Messy Business of Reinventing Happiness”, Austin Carr “ Inside Disney’s radical plan to modernize its cherished theme parks”—fascinating article of the behind the scenes political challenges to update their parks! Fast Co., May, 2015

“Less than 3 percent of all venture financing goes to startups headed by female CEO’s; for angel investments, the percentage is 19%.” Helaine Olen We need more female VC’s!

“ A new study on what successful companies have in common: incorporating in Delaware, having trademarks, a name that is two words or shorter, and patents.” “Made for Speed”, Inc. Mag., May 2015

Kudos to Elizabeth Holmes who created “Theranos”—so that with a pin prick you replace a “blood draw” and results come quicker and cheaper.

Young Innovators: Kegan Schouwenburg built a company called “ With Sols”. Using 3-D printing and mobile technology, they make orthotics – customized, thin, flexible, and less expensive than the usual ones. With an ipad app you take 3 pictures of your foot and complete a profile- send it in- and they will be shipped to you within a week. “Best Foot Forward” Inc. Mag., May, 2015

Stripe—a new mobile payments co. is growing fast, strong competition for Paypal.

April, 2015

The Working World is Changing: “Millenials will represent 75% of the American workforce by 2020 and 50% of the workforce will likely be working from home by 2030. Currently we leave little space for ambiguity, spontaneity and raw emotion in our companies. We’re trapped in an iron cage of “business requirements”.” “The Future of Work Must be Romantic”, Tim Leberecht, Seattle Business Magazine, April 2015- a thoughtful article!

Are you a small entrepreneur making products that appeal to Moms and kids? Zulily “offers products from 15,000 vendors, many of whom are quite small and have little experience selling in volume or working online.” They have planners who will assist you in getting your products promoted on their site!

“Brands We Love”- Amazon, Costco, Microsoft, Alaska Airlines, and Starbucks—in that order (for Seattleites) Read More: Nika Kabiri, Seattle Magazine, April 2015

Marketing Partnerships: Select a partner your customers will love; Choose one that allows you to fill in the gaps of each other’s business; Get the right reputation match in your partner; And be clear on the terms and responsibilities; “The Tricky Art of Parnering”, Erin Geiger Smith, Inc. Magazine, April, 2015—a great article!

Kudos to “Nokero”- a company that developed a solar powered light bulb that runs up to 7 hours per charge and pays for itself in a few weeks. This allows families in the developing world to move away from harmful kerosene. Read More: “Let It Shine”, Kris Frieswick, Inc. Magazine, April 2015

Little Guy “teardrop trailers” are developing a “cult like following” and priced at around $5,000. are affordable to many. They are constructed at an Amish-run factory close to headquarters in Ohio. “Great Things in a Tiny Package”, Jennifer Alsever, Inc. Magazine, April 2015

Anthony Katz, owner of “ Hyperice” has developed an ice pack concealed inside a black compression sheath, and college and professional teams are snapping them up. Looks like he’s got a winner on his hands! At $200. They are even affordable for the non-pro.

“Comfort in bowl” Lasse Anderson of Copenhagen has taken his passion for porridge and created a thriving business that involves restaurants, a cookbook, and a weekly TV cooking show. His advice is “Tell your story—believe in your brand’s value—and recruit people who share your passion” Read more: Entrepreneur Magazine, April, 2015 article by Grant Davis What is your passion that could be built into a business?

“Stitch Fix” – kinda like Birchbox (except it is clothing) in that you get 5 clothing items on a regular basis styled to match your preferences and you pay a styling fee which goes towards any purchase. Could be a valuable service for women who hate to shop! Anyone tried it?

Tips for Conference Calls:” be on time, have notes prepared, be serious—jokes don’t work well, speak in long statements, and when you find yourself talking over someone—concede immediately or power through.” Read more: “The Blind Leading the Blind”, Ross McCammon, Entrepreneur Magazine, April, 2015

“Dealing with the Feedback-Averse” “Arrogance often masks fear….take a look at how you demonstrate empathy and clarify what is expected of him”. Thoughtful advice from Gael O’Brien about how to handle an arrogant employee. Entrepreneur Magazine, April, 2015

What is the secret of Levi’s staying power? Their brand has survived for 162 years. They “represent individuality and rebelliousness while appealing broadly—and above all else Levi’s is authentic- and fiercely committed to maintaining and reinforcing that authenticity.” “Great Brand?”, Denise Lee Yohn, Entrepreneur Magazine, April, 2015

“The Tales We Tell—one of the biggest buzzwords in business- storytelling—setting the scene- building action- some sort of tension—and finally a resolution. That is what prompts the brain to synthesize oxytocin and make people more generous, charitable, and compassionate.” It is what prompts people to buy what you are selling! Alina Tugend, Entrepreneur Magazine, April, 2015

“Creative Genius—habits and tips from inventive people in business: take time to ruminate, visualize ideas together (think- mapping), dream big, and go off-site to collaborate.” Matt Villano, Entrepreneur Magazine, April, 2015

OrderWithMe”- a buying club that helps small retailers get better wholesale pricing. Check them out!

Poynt – a Palo Alto Co. has built a smart terminal that accepts every form of payment. A useful idea for retailers needing to upgrade before October 2015 EMV protocol deadline.

Tax tip: “ A tax extension does more than buy you time… it gives you an extra six months to fund your SEP-IRA.” “Not so Fast”, Step Wagner, Entrepreneur Magazine, April, 2015

“Kurbo- is a rare kid-focused – app to help curb childhood obesity. It helps kids track and classify their food intake and exercise over a 12 week period—and features game style challenges.” “Kids Play to Lose”, Brittany Shoot, Entrepreneur Magazine, April, 2015 What a great idea!

Need an idea for building a business? “The market is headed toward consumers wearing upward of three to five accessories and someone needs to solve how all these devices and apps will talk to and coordinate with one another.” Tim Chang “Wearing Your Tech on Your Sleeve”, Entrepreneur Magazine, April, 2015

“Wanted: US trep’s—foreign programs are funding a new breed of expats. An increasing number of financing opportunities exist for U.S. businesses people willing to move overseas, courtesy of governments, private companies, seed funds, accelerators and incubators. Aligning yourself with an overseas accelerator or incubator that offers capital-is most expedient.” Michelle Goodman, Entrepreneur Magazine, April, 2015

Mobile franchises are growing—think bike repair, pest control, dog grooming, mobile fitness, or mobile arcades for birthday parties. Read more: “Curbside Enthusiasm” Jason Daley, Entrepreneur Magazine, April, 2015

“Almost half of founders are out of the CEO spot within 4 years of starting up”. Consider taking on the role of CTO, leading the board of directors, becoming chief product officer etc.—but whatever you do,-take control of the process before others do. “Plan Your Own Demotion” Alix Stuart, Inc. Magazine, April, 2- 015 Thoughtful article!

Got a great idea for a product but don’t know how to get it manufactured? Quirky, a NY start-up crowd sources ideas—chooses the best—gets them prototyped and manufactured for you. You get royalties.

“A bionic eye brings sight to the blind- individuals with retinitis pigmentosa can purchase the Argus II, a bionic eye that can be surgically implanted and paired with a video camera- equipped glasses to help them distinguish objects around them.” Fast Co., April, 2015

“The Biggest Comebacks of the Past 20 Years”- Think- GM, Marvel, Delta, Starbucks, Old Spice, J.Crew, CBS, Nintendo, Pabst, Netflix, Disney Animation, Burberry, Lego, Target, The Patriots, Lacoste, Lower Manhattan, and Bacon. Jeff Beer, Fast Co., April, 2015—interesting article!

“Microscopic robots will deliver meds to places nothing else can reach” Scientists are developing mini robots that will deliver drugs precisely to the spots where they are needed. Not available today, but hopefully soon! Ben Schiller, Fast Co., April 2015

Raves for Carolyn Duran and her team at Intel for releasing the world’s first microprocessor made entirely from conflict- free minerals last year. “Troubleshooting the Supply Chain”, Rachel Heller Zaimont, Fast Co., April 2015

“Founder-CEO companies beat professional CEO companies on valuation and stock-market performance, studies show.” “Grabbing a Seat at a Much Bigger Table”, Leigh Buchanan, Inc. Magazine, April, 2015

“Sustained growth is hard—most startups fail- the 6 year failure rate is about 60%. Wise leadership is the ultimate guarantee of finding the balance between innovation and scale.” “A Post-Startup Guide to Innovation”, Thomas A. Stewart, Inc. Magazine, April 2015, A thoughtful article!

“When you attempt to transform your organization and simultaneously retain every employee and every customer, you’re sabotaging its growth and health.” Patrick Lencioni, President of the Table Group, Inc. Mag., April, 2015

“Non-founding CEO’s reliably net the most cash pay annually– on average from 2010-2014- $59,940. more than founding CEO’s”—but remember founders usually get more equity. “The Secret Salary Files for Today’s Top Tech Execs”, Noah David, Inc. Mag., April, 2015

Damien Patton- built a company called “Banjo” that mines social media in real time—getting hot news and breaking stories before media channels; It is predicted to become a powerhouse in financial services as it builds predictive capability. (think oil & gas news impacting gas prices) Will Bourne, Inc. Magazine, April, 2015

“It’s About to Get Weird”—“The kind of quirky that arguably leads to creativity and change is often what makes us uncomfortable, and more startups are cultivating offbeat cultures, but how weird is too weird?” Leigh Buchanan, Inc. Mag., April, 2015—fun article

Brianna Wu: “She set out to transform the video gaming industry by creating a hit game aimed at female players. Then came Gamergate. And the harassment. And the death threats.” “Why Would Anyone Want to Kill Brianna Wu?” David Whitford; An unsettling article- Inc. Magazine, April, 2015

Are you a small business owner seeking a loan? “Captivon” is a matchmaking company connecting small entrepreneurs and banks. No charge to the borrower-they get a finder’s fee from the lender.

March, 2015

B (Benefit) Corporations are finally getting respect: “InVenture, Revolution Foods, and Kickstarter prove that B Corporations can be A-list”; Read more: Fast Co., March, 2015

Warby Parker lands as #1 of Fast Co.’s top 50 innovative companies for 2015; Others on the list include Apple, Google, Netflix and Tesla. Read More: Fast Co. Mag., March, 2015

GoPro went public in June with a $3 billion IPO-but how will they handle the competition from Polaroid Cube and Sony Action Cam. Read more: Fast. Co., March, 2015

“Twitter lost $175.5 million in the third quarter of 2014.” Fast Co., March 2015; Can they recoup,?

Looking for a good read? “Historical Decisions, Hysterical Decisions” by Michael Harscor and Ehud Fuchs “Hilarious, inspiring, and sobering at the same time”, Tomer Ben- Kiki, Fast Co., March, 2015

Eileen Fisher— I admire their vision statement and values around human rights, sustainability, and preventing social and environmental injustices!—they rock!!

The store of the future is here: Rebecca and Uri Minkoff’s store allows you to interact with a large screen and choose items to try on- that sales people bring to your fitting room; In the fitting room, you can touch the mirror and request different sizes; With their app, you can check out right from the dressing room. Read more ” Mirror, mirror”, Danielle Sacks, Fast Co., March 2015

AOL’s BBG Ventures $10 million dollar fund is committed to investing in women-owned start-ups. Currently only “seven percent of venture funding goes to women led start-ups.” Kudos to Susan Lyne, President of BBG Ventures, “I Just Always Believed There was a Bigger World Out There”, Jeff Chu, Fast Co., March, 2015

“Twitter co-founder Evan Williams is shaping the future of digital design.” The platform and publisher “Medium” provides easy tools for writers to add photos, videos, hyperlinks, or flourishes to their work. “Medium Cool”, Om Malik, Fast Co., March, 2015

Warby Parker is able to charge as little as $95. for frames because they design, manufacture, and sell directly to customers over the internet and now they are building a retail presence as well. One key to their success is “sweating every detail and touch point”, and creating a great customer experience. Read more: “For Building The First Great Made on The Internet Brand”, Max Chafkin, Fast Co. March, 2015

Alibaba is remaking everything from banking to entertainment in China. Their money market fund drew in $86 billion in the first year alone. Fast Co., March, 2015

“US K-12 schools snapped up more than 1 million Chromebooks in the third quarter of 2014. Google is hooking kids into its ecosystem early.” “For Making the Hit Laptop Nobody Saw Coming”, Fast Co., March, 2015

“Now fashion companies are seeing Instagram as not just a place to promote their wares, but to advertise them as well.” Read more: “For Its Beautiful Relationship With the Fashion Industry”, Emma Whitford, Fast Co., March 2015 has started to monitor police misconduct. They sponsor campaigns and petitions online. A recent win was over NY City’s “stop and frisk” police policy- which was finally ruled unconstitutional. “For Creating a Civil Rights Group For the 21st Century”, Fast Co., March, 2015

Virgin America Airlines offered stock options to frequent fliers before the company went public, and they raised $306 million in an IPO. They get high marks for perfecting customer satisfaction. “For Perfecting Customer Service for an Innovative Clientele” Fast Co., March, 2015

Houzz- fast growing site for home renovators to find designers, contractors, landscapers etc. or just the products to DIY.

“Catapult” makes devices to help determine if athletes are at risk for injury or if some workouts are too stressful. It captures power and movement efficiency turning it into useful data. “For Taking the Guesswork Out of Injury Prevention”, Fast Co., March, 2015

InVenture-offers small loans to individuals in India, Eastern Africa, and South Africa where 2.6 billion people have no credit score and banks won’t loan. Kudos to Shivani Siroya, CEO Read more: “For Introducing Trust to An Unsteady Economy”, Fast Co., March, 2015

Gilead Sciences has developed four effective new treatments for HIV, plus Sovaldi-the first antidote to the hepatitis C virus, boasting a 90% cure rate, and last fall- Harvoni- an even more powerful sequel to Solvaldi. A twelve week course of Sovaldi costs $84,000. A twelve week course of Harvoni costs $94,500. Read More: “For Developing Lifesaving Drugs At The Speed of Need”, J.J. McCorvey; Fast Co. ,March, 2015 We need to do something about the cost of medications in this country!

Kudos to Tesla- for making their patents available to all- to encourage competition in the electric revolution! And stay tuned for the upcoming luxury Tesla SUV coming out later this year.

DJI- has made drones appealing for everything from archaeology to roof inspections, sports training to fire fighting—they are one of the fasting growing drone manufacturers. Read more: “For Creating The GOPRO Of the Sky”, Fast Co., March, 2015

Eataly, NY—I so want to go there!—7 restaurants, a rooftop beer garden, cooking workshops, culinary school, grocery/ Italian market/emporium/bakery/cheese shop– a destination rich in experiences with the very best of any food you can imagine.

Looking for an “Accelerator” for your startup? Eight of the top business “accelerators” in the U.S. include: Y Combinator, Techstars, Betaspring, Capital Factory, Tech Wildcatters, AngelPad, Brandery, and MuckerLab. Their seed funding ranges from 21K-150K and equity stake ranges from 2% -10%. Read more: “The Field Guide To Acceleators”, John Brandon, Inc. Mag., March, 2015

Growing startup hubs throughout the world: Santiago, Chile, Dubai, U.A.E., Talinn, Estonia, and Shenzhen, China. Silicon Valley isn’t your only choice. Think Dubai- for 3-D printing and drones. Santiago, Chile will pay you to move there. Estonia makes it easy to register a business and provides rich technical talent. And Shenzhen , tho living isn’t cheap- it offers a global magnet for hardware companies and rich technical expertise including low-energy sensors and chips not yet available in the U.S. Read more: “Pushing the Boundaires”, Greg Lindsay, Inc. Magazine, March, 2015

Think you are a “multi-tasker”—think again! “It takes more than 23 minutes to get back on track after an interruption.” Gloria Mark, Irvine Professor “The Latest Thinking About Time”, Jill Krasny, Inc. Magazine, March, 2015

“Timeful” is an app that will remind you to get up, move, and stretch- if you tend to sit for long hours at a desk.

“How Dick Costolo (of Twitter) Keeps His Focus: Ignore what Wall Street Says” Jeff Bercovici, Inc. Magazine, March, 2015 a good read!

“Perfectionists aren’t people who do something perfectly. Perfectionists are people who fantasize about doing something perfectly.” John Peerry, Emeritus Professor of Philosophy at Stanford.

Productivity: It is easy to get tricked into thinking mundane tangible tasks make you more productive than mulling strategy and imagining the future. Don’t be fooled. “The Psychology of Productivity”, Leigh Buchanan, Inc. Mag., March, 2015

In one study by Francesca Gino, the group that spent 15 minutes at the end of each day writing about what went well, had a 23% higher performance level vs those that didn’t. “The Psychology of Productivity”, Leigh Buchanan, Inc. Mag., March, 2015

Most people have just two really productive hours a day.” Dan Ariely, professor of psychology at Duke and co-founder of the “Timeful” app.

A good negotiation tip: Listen carefully to what the other individual really wants, reluctantly negotiate that in exchange for what you really want.

“Sales of 3-D printers are skyrocketing and they are used to make toys, clothes, candy, prosthetic body parts- even cars and houses. Materials range from thermoplastic, nylon, photo-activated resin, to chocolate.” “The Revolution Will Be 3-D Printed.” John Brandon, Inc. Mag., March 2015

GT Dave, “The King of Kombucha- invented and dominates a $600 million beverage category guided by instinct and a sense of destiny- if only things could stay so simple” fascinating article by Tom Foster in Inc. Mag., March 2015

Nabi- a tablet for kids that comes with 17,000 lessons for preschoolers to 6th graders. It even has a “curfew” that parents can set for shutoff, and digital goodies that parents can use to rewards kids for chores. Read More: “For Serving Kids in Ways The Tablet Giants Don’t”, Fast Co., March, 2015

Tablets in Restaurants—at the tables for ordering and paying. Applebee’s and Johnny Rockets use them. Have you used them? What do you think?

New CEO Yancey Strickler has reengineered Kickstarter to encourage creativity whether it’s an art project or a startup, and he is expanding the platform from a fundraising tool into a publishing and distribution system. “For Fostering Every Form of Creativity”, Fast Co., March, 2015

Shopping Malls are undergoing major Changes:--apps for easier parking, locating items, getting directions, pre-ordering food, interactive store windows, touch screens, co-working spaces, ordering online and picking up at the store etc. “For Giving the Mall a High-Tech Makeover”, Fast Co., March, 2015

“No U.S. manufacturing industry has suffered more from outsourcing than textiles and apparel.” American Giant is bringing manufacturing back here—“an e-commerce phenomenon—their clothes are comfortable, flattering, durable, and popular with a fanatical fan base.” “For Breathing New Life Into U.S. Apparel Manufacturing”, Andrew Rice, Fast Co., March, 2015

Kudos to “Revolution Foods” that provides “real food” to school children in 25 cities for only $3.00 a piece—and kids like it! (Schools are ones that provide free or reduce price meal programs with federal funding) “For Selling Good, Cheap Food To Children Who Need It Most”, Fast Co., March, 2015

“Samsung has seized the leading role in creating the Internet of Things; “SmartThings connects Samsung devices, Schlage locks, GE lightbulbs, Sonos etc. and the refrigerator sends you a text when the door is open.”!! “For Bringing Internet Intelligence to More Things”, Fast Co., March, 2015

A 2014 TEDTalk must-see- Shaka Senghor on embracing prison reform

February, 2015

“Profits are elusive. Investors are unhappy. So what is Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’s real vision for his company’s future?” “Under Fire” Austin Carr- Fast Co., Feb 201 – a thoughtful article!

“4 Ways to Shake up Your Morning Routine– 1- Roll over to your right side and push yourself into a sitting position with a straight back 2- Ditch your screens 2- Skip the coffee (do water with lime)4- Try meditation even if it’s just a few minutes” Drew Hendricks, Inc. Mag., Feb. 2015

Where should you launch your startup? The top cities are: NY City, San Francisco, Miami, Denver, Las Vegas, Nashville, Omaha, and Detroit. Read more “Find Your Launch City”, J Brandon, M. Hollister, Inc. Magazine, February, 2015

Smart advice from business owners of “Jax & Bones”: they manufacture most of their products and make small batches so they can be constantly incorporating feedback from their customers. “Biting off the High End of the Market”, Jennifer Alsever, Inc. Mag., Feb., 2015

The Art of Getting Press- have compelling content, a strong narrative, pitch to the right reporter, and realize you’ll have to relinquish control over how your company’s story is told.” Thomas Goetz, Read More: Inc. Magazine, February, 2015

Immigrants now launch more than a quarter of U.S. businesses, pay an estimated $126 billion in wages per year, and employ 1 in 10 Americans who work for private companies. Yet U.S. immigration policy has largely ignored the contribution of immigrant launched businesses. Companies are in global competition for talent and other countries ( such as Canada) are rolling out the red carpet for them while we are rolling out the red tape”. Read More “The Most Entrepreneurial Group in America wasn’t Born in America”. Adam Bluestein, Inc. Mag., February, 2015 We need to overhaul our immigration policy!

Tax Tips for Business Owners: “The Power of Deduction- check out the “research and development tax credit”, employee health insurance credit, donation credit (excess inventory donation to non-profits), wage credit for hiring employees in “empowerment zones” (think Detroit), and start-up cost deductions (up to 5,000k)” Read More: Inc. Magazine, February, 2015 article by Amy Feldman

“271 Trillion $=the value of total corporate deductions in 2011– up more than 35% from 2001” Inc. Mag., February, 2015

“30% of family owned businesses remain in the family into the second generation. Only 12% survive into the third.” Ari Weinberg, “Ready to Go”, Inc. Mag., Feb, 2015

Starting your business on a shoestring: Kavita Shukla started her business “Fenugreen” with $300. She makes simple, inexpensive spice-infused paper that keeps foods from spoiling quickly and sells them to Whole Foods. “Green Goddess”, LB, Inc. Mag., Feb., 2015

Kyle Vogt, founder and CEO of Cruise Automation, is hoping to beat Google to the self-driving car. He will sell his” RP-1 after market kit”, which will convert any Audi A4 or S4 to a self-driving car, for $10,000. His company is shooting for Audi’s automated cars to be on the road in 2016. Will he beat Google, Tesla, and Cadillac? Great article “The New Cruise Control”, John Brandon, Inc. Mag., February, 2015

Contests and crowd-sourcing designs for your product: It is working great for Fluevog Shoes and it might work for you! “ Choose the right prize (money, recognition, free stuff), create careful intellectual property protections, give specific directions to contestants, and practice quality control. Read more: Designing a Winner” Jennifer Alsever, Inc. Mag., February, 2015

“Everyone’s catching a ride on the delivery-app bandwagon” Check out this article by Jennifer Alsever in Feb Inc. Mag., 2015

“Harvest Automation” a startup in Massachusetts designs robots that arrange pots in nurseries and greenhouses. See “Robots with Green Thumbs”, by Leigh Buchanan, in Feb. Inc. Mag., 2015 What problem might you solve that would develop into a business?

Looking for a thoughtful read about sustainability? Try “Transformational Thought” by Seattle’s Jason McLennan

“ As Twitter heads into 2015, it finds itself where Facebook was in the summer of 2012; beset with investor pressure to reinvent itself, to prove to users, advertisers, and shareholders that it can live up to its potential.” “Twitters Facebook Envy”, JJ McCorvey, Nicole LaPorte, Fast Co., Feb., 2015

Patagonia- is a remarkable company that makes profit and commits to sustainability for the planet. They have invested in solar panels for homes in Hawaii, funded projects to educate about the harm of damming natural rivers, and given away their intellectual property to competitors for the sake of protecting natural resources. They deserve our patronage!

What a Heroine! Bilikiss Adebiyi-Abiola launched a recycling startup in Lagos, Nigeria that invites community residents to bring bottles and cans and exchange them for money or household items. Her program “Wecyclers” is netting 40 tons of recyclables/ month—in a country where only 40% of the trash is typically ever collected. “Turning Trash into Treasure”, Jaclyn Trop, Fast Co., February, 2015

Want to learn how to launch a start-up? Attend Startup Weekend, a Seattle based non-profit that offers 54 hours of training for $100.

Last year Lego beat out Mattel as the biggest toy manufacturer in the world and one of their secrets is doing deep ethnographic studies of how children play. They discovered that boys are more drawn to a strong narrative. Girls tend to use their legos for role play. They are integrating legos and tablets/apps to capture the next generation and are drawing in adults as well. Read more: “When It Clicks”, Jonathan Ringen, Fast Co., February 2015

“Gut Check– There are trillions of microorganisms in your body right now waging war against disease. Startups are harnessing them in an effort to eradicate diabetes, arthritis, and more.” Jon Gertner Fast Co. February 2015 Fascinating article about possible new solutions for major diseases we struggle with!

December, 2014

Hi-tech Water Works: WET inc is a high tech fountain company that has built mind blowing attractions – 300 in 20+ countries- featuring water, lights, music, fog, and even fire. Their project at MGM Resorts, Las Vegas was named the top U.S.landmark by TripAdvisor. Tourists come from all over the world to see this spectacular display.- Catch it on your next trip! From ‘Water Works”, Carren Jao, Entrepreneur Mag., Dec. 2014

Rohan Marley (son of Bob Marley) is in partnership with Starbucks to help local coffee farmers and it has become a multimillion dollar coffee operation. Fast Co., Dec., 2014

“African-Americans make up 13.2 of the U.S .population, however among tech workers at FB, Google, LI, Twitter, and Yahoo, only 1% are black. This is a travesty.” Robert Safian, Fast Co., Dec., 2014

About 97% of the water on earth is saltwater and we have a growing problem of drought-not just in California. A massive seawater desalination plant is being built just north of San Diego- the Carlsbad Plant. It will cost $1 billion and will produce 50 million gallons of freshwater/day—but we need a lot more research re to changing the process or the components in desalination. “We are Running Out of Water”, Jon Gertner, Fast Co., Dec., 2014

“Power to Fly” vets, coaches, and places female tech applicants—many in virtual tech jobs.

“Shoes Made for the Man” LeBron James has a collaborative partnership with Nike to design the very best shoes possible for his game—this year his shoe will bring in $300 million in US revenue for Nike! Jason Feifer, Fast Co., December, 2014

4 Ways to Be a More Compelling Leader”—tell a story vs a vision statement, use images, be present to your staff, and reward collaboration. INC. Mag., December 2014

2014 was the year that the sharing economy got so big(10 million listings) that regulators had to strike back.” San Francisco and Portland have agreed to legalize them in exchange for tax revenue though many other cities have not. Eric Schurenberg, “Why This is Airbnb’s year”, read more at INC., Mag., Dec 2014

“State of Small Business” INC.’s survey of 5000 business owners showed that health care costs are growing nearly 20%/year, EPA and OSHA regulations are becoming more strict, some companies are self-insuring for healthcare, over half support a hike in the minimum wage, over 40% are in favor of more visas for skilled workers, the rate of business failures exceeds the rate of starts, and though the cost of starting a business has declined, the competition to reach customers is quite fierce.” Leigh Buchanan, INC. Mag., December, 2014

The best way to predict the future is to create it.” Peter Drucker

Advice to future entrepreneurs: “Do what you are passionate about, because that’s when you do your best work. Attack the world’s biggest problems. “ The best way to become a billionaire is to help a billion people.” Aaron Levie (CEO of Box), INC. Mag., Dec., 2014

“The best entrepreneurs have a purpose that drives them. Too many see the role as the goal.” Esther Dyson INC. Mag., Dec, 2014

The future of entrepreneurship will be innovation re to how we stay healthy, how we learn, how they get around, and how we consume energy.” Caterina Fake, co-founder of Flickr

Iodine Inc.– a website where you can get information about the cost, efficacy, and side effects of medications.

“URL Hunting– a unique strategy when the asking price is 6 figures or more: create an alter ego with Twitter and LI accounts, and an email address and send an inquiry to the owner of the domain and negotiate. Some companies have negotiated equity for a prime URL.” Read More- INC. Mag., December, 2014

The New Rules of Engagement” Statistics say that just 30% of American workers are engaged. Motivating employees isn’t really about free food and nap pods—if employees hate their jobs, perks won’t help. Surveys can be very expensive and often aren’t helpful- so #1 just ask employees “what can we do better”? #2 treat people well, listen to them, learn about them personally and give them room to grow. Paul Keegan, INC. Mag., December, 2014

Biomimicry is-using the inspiration and genius of nature to create products for human beings. In 2013, the number of biomimicry patents increased 27%. Bees are influencing energy saving technology. Sharkskin is inspiring germ deflecting surfaces for hospital countertops and medical devices. “Into the Wild”, Jennifer Alsever, INC. Mag., Dec. 2014

Molecule shoes- for those who want something extremely unique! These are 3-D shoes made by Francis Bitoni; check them out:

Deep Games” a different kind of video game—more cerebral and creative– about becoming more enlightened and creative. Check out: “Proteus”, “Mountain”, “Soundself” or “Journey”. “Video Games for Grown-ups”, Adam Bluestein, Fast Co., December 2014

Innovations in Waste Management: “California Safe Soil” turns unsold food from grocers into liquid fertilizer improving soil quality and increasing yields. “Enevo” makes sensor that go inside garbage cans and send alerts to collectors when they are full.

“There are expected to be 28 billion connected devices by 2020 and the sensors connecting these devices will generate a lot of data requiring computing scale that only the cloud can provide. Amazon’s Kinesis product can process data at a massive scale and is best positioned to usher us toward this real-time world. Amazon Web Service has gone from an experiment to a multibillion dollar business.” “The Cloud’s Bright Future”, Om Malik, Fast Co., December 2014

“The Future of Clothes-“ “Wearable Experiments” is a company that is exploring the possibilities of “digital fashion”—for example “the navigate jacket” that gently taps you on the shoulder to indicate which direction to turn or the “Alert Shirt” that simulates what professional athletes are feeling during a televised sporting event. Nikita Richardson, Fast Co., December, 2014

“How to Make Meetings Better”.. remove the chairs—when people stand they are more creative, collaborative and engaged. Secrets of the Most Productive People—Fast Co., Dec., 2014

Your To-Do Lists: Make them better by giving them a specific day/hour on your calendar; Make them more fun by shaping them around your energy levels during the day; Fast Co., December, 2014

How to Make Your Mornings Better/Faster/ and More Fun: Exercise, meditation, and 30min of bright light can help get you going, having everything prepped the night before, and walking, biking, or public transportation can give you time to connect with others or yourself before work. Fast Co., Dec., 2014

A bold entrepreneur with a radical startup/ An African American- in Silicon Valley- Those two phrases usually don’t go together—enter Tristan Walker” “The Visible Man” JJ McCovey, read more Fast Co., December, 2014

Code 2040- Non-Profit in San Francisco that helps black and Latina engineering students land internships at places like Facebook, Linkedin and Uber.

Black Girls Code- offers after school classes in web design, mobile app development and robotics for African-American girls in the U.S. and South Africa.

Old-school arcades are coming back- in an explosion of “arcade bars”. Read more: “Pac-Man with a twist”, Entrepreneur Mag., December 2014

Entrepreneurs Who Defined 2014: Tony Fadell, former Apple executive/spearhead of the ipod-now founder/CEO of Nest (owned by Google) which bought Dropcam is developing video capabilities for users to more closely moniter their property; May Barra, new CEO of General Motors who is implementing a massive company makeover as a result of the recent scandal—steering the company in a positive direction; EvanSpiegel, co-founder/CEO of Snapchat- which allows users to capture videos and overlay text/content that is available for 1-10 seconds and then disappears. Jack Ma, China’s richest man who brought Alibaba to IPO. Alibaba drives 80% of China’s online sales—yielding profits that exceed Amazon and eBay combined. Jason Ankeny; Read more: Entrepreneur Magazine, Dec. 2014

Which watermelon is sweeter? How many carbs in this shake? Molecular Scio- scans any item’s molecular fingerprint and tells you the chemical makeup- via connection to your smartphone. “The good, the bad”, Entrepreneur Magazine, December 2014

“The Push to Close the Gender Financing Gap”-“A 2012 Dow Jones report found that startups with more female executives have a better chance of success Likewise a 2013 SBA report found that VC firms that back female founders make more money.” Michelle Goodman, Entrepreneur Magazine, December, 2014

Graphene Could Change the World”- stronger than diamonds, lighter than steel, and razor thin- it is also better for the environment—it can revolutionize products and processes across industries- from consumer electronics to biomedicine. J.A. Read more: Entrepreneur Magazine, December 2014

Bring Nature inside your home or company: Vertical Gardens—living walls are enhancing retail spaces and improving the bottom line. An NRDC report noted that consumers are willing to spend up to 12% more in commercial centers with certain types of quality landscaping. “Vertical Gardens”, Carren Jao, Entrepreneur Magazine, Decembe, 2014

Tableside Payment Systems are growing—and Seattle based “TableSafe” is in on the game. The payment process at the restaurant table takes less than a minute and the customer doesn’t have to release the card- out of sight . We will see more of this to come. “Check, please”, David Port, Entrepreneur Magazine, December, 2014

Getting an instant snapshot the moment before meeting: The “ Refresh- app” gives you a summary in seconds of a person you are about to meet—just enter their name and learn interesting tidbits about them. “Breaking the Ice”, Jonathan Blum, Entrepreneur Magazine, December, 2014

Venture capital and crowd-funding are mutually beneficial in the start-up world. Crowd funding builds and audience and creates validation for the idea—in addition to the funds raised. “Mutually Beneficial” Sam Hogg, Entrepreneur Magazine, December, 2014

“Building a business for the sake of accumulating wealth is no match for living a rich life.” JD.Roth

“When it comes to tough discussions, business people need to stop texting and e-mailing and start talking.” Susan Pinker, author of “The Village Effect”

November, 2014

A phrase that will get someone to open your email message :”The Rumor is True”, from “Four Opening Phrases to use in Email”, INC. Magazine, November 2014

Travel and Sleep: “Crossing time zones knocks your circadian rhythm out of whack, so napping won’t necessarily fix that foggy feeling. If you are traveling to an earlier time zone, use bright light at nite and melatonin in the morning.”. “Come Out of the Fog”, Sophia Dembling, Entrepreneur Mag., Nov. 2014

Sleeping on planes: “ Book a window seat on the side of the plane you sleep on at home in bed and snuggle with one of those U-shaped pillows on the front of your neck. Put your feet on top of your carry on to raise your knees.” “Come Out of the Fog”, Sophia Dembling, Entrepreneur Mag., Nov., 2014

Are you taking the vacation time you have earned? A survey of over 1300 employees conducted by GfKPublic Affairs shows that despite acknowledging the benefits of down time, 41% don’t use all their PTO. Reasons given included—not being able to afford it, showing dedication, thinking no one else can do the job; “Relax, don’t do it”, Michelle Juergen, Entrepreneur Mag., November 2014

“We tend to notice only the things that confirm what we already think. We “lock in” a view of ourselves, creating a “self-seal”. When we move outside our own self-reference and notice something new, we have a chance of changing and “breaking the seal”. Margaret Wheatley, author of “Finding Our Way”

Etaly NYC—authentic Italian food—cooking classes, restaurants, grocery—a destination spot in NY.

Hackathons—more companies are doing them- to bring different departments together in a different environment , stimulate creativity and problem solving in a fun competitive atmosphere. Read more: “Problem Solved”, John Patrick Pullen, Entrepreneur Mag., November, 2014

Are you using the cloud in your business? 1- Be sure you are using strong passwords and changing them every 90 days, 2- Choose a cloud service that provide data protection when data is both in transit and at rest, including backups; “Safe Harbor” Mikal E. Belicove, Entrepreneur Mag., November, 2014

“Guesty” helps Airbnb customers manage and maintain their properties, screen and schedule client guests, and answer guest questions. Another example of creating a business in the growing “sharing economy”.”No vacancies”, Andrew Tilin, Entrepreneur Mag., November 2014

“Taking on Amazon”– a company called “Boomerang” has developed a software that helps a retail client who is being under cut by Amazon to determine other areas where it can raise prices in order to compete. (for a seven figure annual fee), They recently announced $8.5 million investment from Madrona and Trinity Ventures Joe Lindsey, Entrepreneur Mag., November, 2014

Need a small business loan? “Able” ( loans 25-250K to small businesses in one to three year loans at 8-16% plus 3% origination fee with a requirement that you raise the first 25% from friends and family. “A Little Help from Friends”, Michelle Goodman, Entrepreneur Mag., November, 2014

Need a personal loan? “Ernest inc.” loans money to young people for moving, weddings, home repairs, vacations, furniture, etc. They offer 1,2, or 3 year loans from 2-30K for 4.25 to 9.25% APR. “Young bucks”, Michelle Goodman, Entrepreneur Magazine, November, 2014

Is your idea a potential viable business? 1- does it solve a problem? 2- are you in it for the long haul? 3- have you kept it simple? 4- are people anxious to get their hands on your product? 5- is the timing right? “Are We On To Something”? Jenna Schnuer, Entrepreneur Magazine, November, 2014

Startups: “Once you’re certain you’re on the right path, flip that switch and just say “No one’s going to stop me.” Daniel Lubetsky, Founder of Kind INC Mag. Nov/2014

Family Businesses: “Research has shown that businesses co-founded by family members fail at a higher rate than all other types of business partnerships . Even when a business is a blockbuster success—think Kellogg’s and Warner Brothers- it can destroy family relationships as it did in both of those cases. The sibling startups that succeed tend to have partners that share a deep understanding and built-in trust and are aligned on core values and priorities.” “He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Partner”, JenniferAlsever, INC Mag., Nov. 2014

More MBA grads are forsaking corporations to launch their own companies—because of the rise of of entrepreneur focused MBA programs and the fact that entrepreneurs have become rock stars.” “Masters of Startup”, Kris Frieswick, INC Mag., Nov 2014

Getting Millenials into Golf:” Topgolf ” is combining DJ’s, bands, food, t.v., and driving golf balls as a new way of getting Millennials to party and enter the golf world.

Startup Genome Project surveyed 100,000 startups and identified 4 discrete stages: Discovery, Validation, Efficiency, and Scale. As you are planning in each stage think about: People, Product, Market, and Money.” “Making a Plan to Plan”, Thoms Goetz, INC Mag.,Nov. 014

“To Etsy Or Not To Etsy”—For handcrafts Etsy or eBay can help because of the exposure, customers are already there, and Etsy customers value the connection to the maker. However Etsy charges 3.5% commission, eBay goes up to 10% ,you will have a lot of competition, and you take the risk of being copied.. INC. Mag. Nov. 2014

People value products they help build: “If You Let Them Build It, They Will Come”: Small companies that build racecars, personally designed bikes, and hand carved furniture/ or surf boards are creating opportunities for customers to participate in building some or all of the product and people are loving it! Leigh Buchanan, INC. Mag. Nov., 2014

There is a small but growing group of “conscious consumers” who care about the who, what, why, where, and how behind the products they buy. These customers want to connect with the companies they purchase goods from and share their enthusiasm with others like themselves.” Mark Dwight, founder of Rickshaw Bagworks, a SF maker of custom bags (check out their products at

Almost 25% of small businesses seek no outside counsel of any kind. About 30% talk to fellow business owners.” Having a board of advisors representing different disciplines such as accounting, marketing, and law, and your specific industry- is a smart decision. “Collective Wisdom”, Randy Myers, INC. Mag. ,November 2014

Office Space That Really Pays” “ Ergonomic features, temperature, lighting, and imagery on the wall- all impact productivity” Expensive furniture? Not so much .Think strategically about your office expenditures. Alexa von Tobel, INC. Mag., Nov. 2014

Advice from Jessica Alba- of the “Honest Company” on pitching to potential investors: Get the pitch down to 10 minutes with 15 minutes for Q&A so you are in and out in 30minutes. “Know How”, Lindsay Blakely, INC.Mag., Nov., 2014

Hiring Advice from Michelle Zatlyn, founder of Cloudflare: Ask about a project, product, or time when the potential hire had to start and end a project over a period of weeks or a couple of months—to see who is biased towards action. “Be Brutally Efficient” INC. Mag., Nov., 2014

How To Kill It On Shark Tank” The questions most routinely asked are about finances, and what differentiates you in the market- you need to have these two things down cold. Tim Barklage, CEO, Better Life, INC. Mag., November 2014 good advice for pitching to any VC!

“Hacking Sleep” and “Anatomy of a Power Nap” Many companies including Google, Zappos, and the Huffington Post, are providing nap pods and other places for employees to catch some shuteye at work. Even 10-20 minutes in the afternoon can decrease fatigue and improve alertness for up to 4 hours. A power nap is 15-20 minutes. Some experts recommend drinking coffee right before the nap—takes 20min to kick in- so you wake up with a jolt of energy. Adam Bluestein, James Maas, INC. Mag., Nov. 2014

“The War for Talent is raging fiercely among tech companies and startups. One great way to double the talent pool: get more women doing it.!” David Cohen, Techstars Co-founder, INC. Mag. Nov. 2014

Intel has made a commitment to make its entire supply chain conflict-free by 2016– i.e. free of minerals like tin and gold, income sources for the armed groups in the DRC.” Fast Co., November 2014 Kudos to Intel

Headspace App- has 10 minute guided meditations to easily fit into your crowded schedule. No excuses now!

Oregon Manifest challenged designers to create bikes for their own cities- and the Seattle winner is called “Denny” by Teague. Lights illuminate when the bike starts to move and the handle bars are removable. Fast Cities, Fast Co. Mag., November 2014

“Keli Lee has remade ABC into a diversity leader-by creating a showcase of undiscovered actors of all colors to perform for the network producers and casting directors. Now the network has a diversity of stars”. “Real Color TV”, Jennifer K Armstrong, Fast Co. Nov 2014 Keli rocks!

VMatter is using an alloy once tested in space by NASA to make kitchen knives that resist bacteria and rust and don’t dull. For the chef who has “almost everything”!

Factune- is a 3$ app that cleans up blemishes and anything else you don’t like on your “selfie”.

“The more companies like Apple and Chpotle focus on something beyond money, the more they make.” “Find Your Mission”, Robert Safian, Fast Co. Mag., November 2014

The financial industry despite its bad reputation, can do a lot of good in the world, but it has defined itself about money and not about meaning at all. I believe it is good for American business and for the global banking system to have more diversity in leadership.” Sallie Krawcheck, Chair, Ellevate Network

If you choose the right purpose, certain people will be attracted. They will be motivated and unified—execute products that fit the purpose. Strong purpose ties it together.” Robert Wong, head of Google Creative Lab, Fast Co. Mag., November 2014

Eileen Fisher starts her business meetings with the ring of a bell and a moment of quiet. There is a “no email policy” on weekends and no meetings before 10AM Monday or after 3:00 PM Friday. Her company foundation also advocates for women in need around the world. “The Power of Purpose” Robert Safian, Fast Co. Mag., November 2014

“Max Levchin founded PayPal and helped launch Yelp. His new startup wants to make credit cards obsolete.” Read more at: To The Max”, Austin Car, Fast. Co. Mag. November 2014

FDA has approved Genprime’s software based platform (D-Cipher) for detecting multiple “drugs of abuse”- using an electronic reader for quick analysis. “Test Case”, Treva Lind , Seattle Business, November 2014 A big congratulations to the Spokane company!

VRcade is building gaming technology tools to sell condominiums. Wearing goggles, a prospective buyer can have an virtual experience of being in a Condo under construction and can choose different finishes and see how they would look in the new space. “The Future is Now”, Jeanne Lang Jones, Seattle Mag., November 2014

Enlearn—one of the most promising STEM learning systems that is customized to the skill level of individual students was developed through the U.W. Center for Game Science. Four thousand Washington students have used the program and within 90 minutes, 93% of them achieved mastery of complex linear equations- something that usually takes a month for 7th graders! “Private Enterprise”, Amelia Apfel, Seattle Magazine, November 2014

Starting in 2015, employers could be assessed $2,000. per fulltime employee if a percentage of them are not offered medical coverage. This applies to companies with 50 or more fulltime employees. Good article in November Seattle Magazine “Avoiding Bitter Pills”, Wade Symons

Seattle ranks 4th in the nation for highest rental hike rates behind Austin, San Diego, and San Francisco. This makes it especially tough as renters make up 52% of Seattle’s population. “Through the Roof”, Mandolin Brassaw, Seattle, Magazine, November 2014

The University of Washington was rated the nation’s top university last year- for commercial agreements and individual technologies under license, and was also 3rd in the number of spin-outs. Next Autumn, Schmitz Hall will offer a “maker space”. Fluke Hall has a “science incubator”. The Buerk Center for Entrepreneurship recruits 25-40 students annually who want to work on early state companies. The Foster Business School has partnered with the School of Law to form the “Entrepreneurial Law Clinic”. And the University District is being developed as a potential “incubation zone” for new businesses. “Idea Factory”, Alex Alben, Seattle Magazine, November 2014 Kudos to the UW!

“Since 2000, the UW has cut its greenhouse gas output by 15.6% and its water use by 40%. And since 2005, every new building on campus has achieved a minimum of LEED Silver certification.” Seattle Magazine, November 2014

Stockbox Neighborhood Grocery—brings competitively priced fresh vegetables and fruits to Seattle’s low income neighborhoods—folks that live in “food deserts”. It is the brainchild of Carrie Ferrence- with cofounder Jacqueline Gjurgevich—both of whom have been honored at the White House for their efforts. You gals rock!! Seattle Magazine, November 2014

Boots to Shoes Foundation—is a mentorship program for veterans transitioning to private sector work. They pair up professionals from finance, technology, logistics, and human resources to help veterans in their career search process. Since 2010 they have matched over 300 veterans! This is so needed! Seattle Magazine, November 2014

501 Commons is a non-profit serving nonprofits in the Northwest with management consulting, finance, IT, and HR resources. If you are a non-profit, check them out!

Theo Chocolate– sold in all 50 states, with expected sales for 2014 to exceed $15 million—benefits nonprofits like the Jane Goodall Institute and the PCC Farmland Trust. They also pay premium prices for cocoa beans from farmers in Panama, Peru, and DRC. Enjoy their chocolate and know you are helping farmers get a fair price!

Did you know that PCC was founded in 1953 as a food buying club for just 15 families. Today they have 52,000 members and they donate 35 tons of food each year! Seattle Magazine, November 2014

October, 2014

Check out “Kurzgesagt”, a utube series that explains gigantic, complex topics with colorful animation. Used in classrooms—a great infographics tool!

Germany has one of the shortest workweeks –employees average 35 hours-but it is the world’s most productive nation.”

In general, women cry more than men– an average of 5.3 times/month vs 1.3 times/month for men, according to the American Psychological Association.” “Crying At Work”, Entrepreneur Magazine, October 2014; Testosterone seems to inhibit crying in men and more prolactin in women seems to facilitate crying.

You can skip waiting in lines and taking off your shoes at the airport if you join “TSA Precheck & Global Online Enrollment System”- it costs $100. for 5 years.

Google Glasses: Acme Hotel sends guests out with loaner pairs for two hour walks around town, guided by an app with landmark information; and Stanford Court in SF has a package including a pair of google glasses for your entire stay.— a fun way to try them out! “Vision Quest”, Entrepreneur Mag., October 2014

Saying No: the trouble starts when you feel you must make someone happy or satisfy their wish or need, or elicit approval of your actions.” Michael Hess, “You Can’t Please Everyone”, Entrepreneur Mag., October 2014

Writing Wisdom for Entrepreneurs: “Trim word bloat—more words just contributes to content obesity”. “Words of Wisdom”, Ann Handley, Entrepreneur Mag., October 2014

“SpaceX founder Elon Musk has stated that his company could land humans on Mars in the next 10-12 years, and Virgin Galactic has its sights set on commercial space flights this year.” “Innovators” Carren Jao, Entrepreneur Mag., October 2014 Would you go if money were no obstacle?

In the space realm– there is an opportunity for start-ups building satellites or their components.

“Continuous time on-task sets off strain, stress and fatigue—draining focus and the brain’s ability to self-regulate. We need to replenish and refuel by scheduling breaks, stepping outside, getting exercise, sleep, delegating, and taking vacations. In addition, when you are thinking, only 1-2 regions of the brain are involved and by resting the information sits and percolates across other sections of the brain.” Joe Robinson “The Refueling Principle”, Entrepreneur Magazine, October, 2014

Fiberfix—a cool product at Home Depot that can permanently repair shovel handles, leaking pipes, and other broken objects.

Do entrepreneurs need an MBA? “I don’t think you can train entrepreneurs, but you can bring out the entrepreneurial spirit in people who have it inside of them”. Germain Boer, Owen Graduate School of Management; “ To MBA or Not to MBA”, Christopher Hann, Entrepreneur Magazine, October 2014

The top five best entrepreneurial programs according to the Princeton Review: Harvard University, Babson College, University of Michigan, Rice University, and Standford University; “Higher Learning” Entrepreneur Magazine, October 2014

A new digital money system that can help small businesses who do a lot of business overseas: “Ripple Labs” allows financial transactions in any currency, the money transfers in 3-5 seconds, and for a very small fee. “The Ripple Effect”, Entrepreneur Magazine, October 2014

Traveling and need translation in Chinese or Japanese? “Waygo” mobile app takes a picture of a menu and translates it into English; You can buy a week’s use for $1.99

“Kisi” a cloud based key managing app can remotely control locks on your business doors via your smartphone and manage who can gain access.

Startups: The right investors in your company can bring not only money, but experience and expertise, help in further fundraising, and help with recruiting, and connections to other potential partners.

Health insurance for small businesses: find an agency that specializes in health insurance for micro-businesses. It can be well worth it!

Programming concepts for young children through play: “Play-I” closed $8 million in funding in March from Madrona Venture Group in Seattle- to make small robots that can interact with each other and can be controlled via Bluetooth-enabled iOS or Android phone or tablet. Kids use animation, stories, music and simple programming languages to direct the robots. “Play pals”, Michelle Goodman, Entrepreneur Magazine, October 2014

“For some time now, it seems Americans have been moving beyond the notion of dessert with every meal in favor of the premium indulgence” Trends” in Sweets Come and Go”, Jason Daley, Entrepreneur Magazine, October 2014

“Rural Studio” designs modular houses that can be built for $20,000.
Color+City : artists use this app to connect with people who own ugly exterior walls or buildings-and artists come paint murals and bring color to the city.
Two people connected by Oculus Rift feel like they have switched bodies.” “Innovation by Design”, Fast Co., October 2014-what a trip!

Pinterest was declared the fastest growing web service of all time in 2012, and this year its numbers have nearly tripled. Fast Co., October 2014

“Smart Lock” a AA battery powered, Bluetooth enabled keyless entry system—lets you offer Grandma unlimited entry to your home, while a housekeeper gets one-afternoon/week entry access.” Yves Behar, Fast Co., October 2014

“NYT Now” topped the download charts for news apps in its first week!—It gives you morning briefs, lunch time reads, and quirky or fun items- totaling 50-80 articles/day.

“Little Bits Space Kits”—think legos with science and engineering agenda—great gift for young girls! “Embedding Face With Story is How You Reel Someone In”, Ayah Bdeir, Fast Co., October 2014

The world’s most fuel efficient car- in production: The $150,000. XL1 gets over 260mpg, made by VW—not available yet in the U.S. “We Wanted Something with Precision”, Peter Wouda, Fast Co., October 2014

September 11th, Memorial & Museum: “Local Projects” one of the lead design firms set a goal to create a museum that’s a platform for people’s own narratives and as of last month they recorded over 60,000 remembrances. They created an app including witness photos, a guided tour, and augmented reality features. They also invite visitors to write messages on touch screens next to a remnant of steel from the fallen towers. Together this is creating a powerful experience for individuals who come to the memorial. “This Is All About Unresolved Feelings”, Jake Barton, Fast Co., October 2014

“Magista Obra”—the first major soccer shoe to rise above the ankle– made by Nike has 3-D textures than enhance ball control and grip- similar to human skin. $275. Per pair—for you really serious soccer players! Fast Co., October 2014

“Three months after Apple bought “Beats Music”, it was the most downloaded music app on iTunes and #5 among all apps.” Scott Plagenhoef, Fast Co., October 2014

“With 115 million homes in the U.S. and hundreds of millions world-wide, Nest has the potential to give Google its deepest integration into the lives of consumers by developing a platform that connects smart appliances with thermostats, smoke alarms, and security cameras. And Next bought Dropcam- a video monitoring system in June.” Did Apple make a mistake in letting Nest go to Google? “Design is Changing How We Live”, Austin Carr, Fast Co.October 2014

A Billboard that Fights Pollution: FCB Mayo, an advertising firm in Lima, Peru developed a billboard for a school that draws moisture from the air—purifies it—and then sends the water to a reservoir where locals can fill up tanks to take home. A Win-Win for everyone in a community where water is scarce. Fast Co., October 2014

Solar System Mapdwell– This platform helps home owners figure out the costs and benefits of installing solar panels. It can compare complete vs partial solar coverage, compute tax credits, payback period, define electricity output, carbon offset and even determine the most efficient spots for panels. Fast Co., October 2014

CityFarm- using custom software to precisely define light,humidity, temperature, and ph- is creating a replicable soil free urban farm system—with the goal of one day feeding our cities by growing food using fewer resources. (MIT Media Lab), “Urbanites can Reap What They Sow”, Fast Co., October 2014
AT&T with Goal Zero is piloting a “vertical public charging station with three solar panels” in NY,where anyone can recharge mobile devices for free. The idea is expanding to college campuses and music festivals nationwide. “Charging Stations Bring Power to the People”, Fast Co., October 2014

Quirky– an online platform where you can submit your idea for a product. If your idea is chosen, they handle all the logistics/production/marketing etc. You get 3-6% (royalties)

Pocket Printer by Zuta Labs is a portable printer that easily slips into a bag and you can take with you. It was funded on Kickstarter and will be available next year for $240.

“ In the 21st century, organizations are going to put teams together for very specific projects and then disband them. It’s going to be a faster, more fluid management function than what you see today.” Jody Miller, “Business Talent Group, Fast Co., October 2014– helps retirees connect with non-profits for encore careers where their rich experience is valued.

“Melon- a headband that monitors your brain waves to help you stay focused”—planned for release later this year. Fast Co., October 2014

Zero-Waste Design- repurposes unused fabric on a garment instead of trashing it. Kudos to Daniel Silverstein , designer who incorporates the technique in every collection. “Flaunt your fashion- every single scrap of it.” Daniel Silverstein, Fast Co., October 2014

“Samsung takes on the Thorny Design Challenge of Building an Intimate Fashionable Wearable Computer” Max Chafkin, Fast Co., October 2014 great article!

Borrowing is the new Owning” Jennifer Hyman (Rent the Runway) is hoping to conquer both the Netflix and Amazon models with a new rental subscription service and to one day offer everything a person could ever need. In this model, you subscribe and keep items as long as you desire—clothing, furniture, and other household items. Fast Co., October 2014 How does this strike you?

“Beyond Meat” has a vision of changing the world one protein fiber at a time—by creating animal protein with plants. They hope to produce and market a new meat for the world. “Carnivores May Never Know the Difference”, Jonathan Ringen, Fast Co., October 2014 They currently have products at Whole Foods.,

What’s For Dinner? Chef Watson is an free app. You type in the ingredients in your frig that you’d like to use, name the type of dish, and the style (French, Italian) and it produces 100 recipes for you to try. How cool is that! “A Supercomputer soups up your upper”, Mark Wilson, Fast Co., October 2014

“Her ice cream costs $12. a pint and it’s worth it”—Jeni’s Spendid Ice Creams- from carefully sourced ingredients and crafted flavors- are a hit. Jeni Britton Bauer has created a B Corporation adhering to pro-social guidelines and is dedicated to making a contribution to her community. Fast Co., October 2014

Aireal—is a device that Disney Research built that fires puffs of air to trick you into sensing phantom objects. Via motion tracking software and precisely timed swirls of air that collapse when they hit your skin, the Aireal can make you feel a butterfly sitting on your hand or a flock of birds flying past your ear. “Digital Becomes Physical”, Fast Co., October 2014

When you are late: You can enter your destination in “ridescout transit app” and it shows you nearby bus stops and arrival times, all bike-share stands and available bikes, and all taxi or car-share options—letting you know which will be the fastest. “Better Navigation” Fast Co., October 2014

Sometimes a Car is not Just a Car” Google’s self driving car could enable robust transportation systems that ameliorate chaotic urban traffic by-making real time adjustments. Om Malik, Fast Co., October 2014 Kind of hard to imagine how it might change our experience!

Checklight– for detecting head injury in sports created by Paul Litchfield’s team at Reebok is a skullcap with a thin pliable band of sensors encased in a thin strip. The sensors measure motion and rotational forces and when they perceive a blow to the head changes the color of a light- sending a message to the coach to remove the player and have them checked and treated. It doesn’t prevent head injury, but does signal coaches to remove players to prevent further injury. “Reebok Heads Off Injury”, Josh Dean, Fast Co., October 2014

Pillpacks– puts all the pills you need at a given time together in a single dose packet. Good for elderly folks who get confused.

ETA APP can tell you how long it will take you to get to your destination given the current traffic .

Apple recently bought “Beats Electronics” for $3.2 billion. It isn’t clear if they will integrate it into itunes, however it is especially focused on personalization to suit your moods. “Why Apple Needs Beats”, J.J. McCorvey, Fast Co., September 2014

“The End of Potholes?” Professor Ming Wang is trying to persuade auto manufacturers to embed tire sensors in new cars that would help crowdsource data on road quality—including feed back information on the location of potholes. Cynthia Graber, Fast Co. Mag, September 2014 I am glad someone is working on this!

NRML.Com (Normal inc. has created an app with which you can snap photos of your ears. The app system converts the photos into renderings and printers can make personalized ear buds for $199.

Toyota announced in May that it was ending its deal with Tesla and choosing hydrogen gas over Elon Musk’s vision. And Toyota’s first commercial fuel-cell vehicle will go on sale in 2015 for under $50k. Musk refers to hydrogen fuel cells as “fool cells” and argues that battery-electric cars are greener. Maybe we need both! “Duel For Fuel”, Jon Gertner, Fast Mag., September 2014

“Susan Wojcicki built Google into a $55 billion advertising giant. Now she is running YouTube.” Nicole LaPorte, Fast Mag, September 2014 Can she do it again?

“Is “Square” scrambling or hustling?” “Back to Square One”, Austin Carr, Fast Mag., September 2014

Have you heard of the “third wave roasters”? —Stumptown, Intelligentisa, Counter Culture, and Blue Bottle cook the raw green beans lightly to bring out their distinctive profiles and these purists are on a mission to persuade us to convert our morning ritual to a $7. Cup of black gold” “Brewing the Perfect Cup”, Danielle Sacks, Fast Co. Mag. September 2014

“Personal Touch”—When you order from Sugarfina’s (candy emporium) website you receive not only your order but also a couple of samples of other products, and you’ll get a customized, handwritten note. “How Sweet It Is”, Margaret Littman, Entrepreneur Mag., September 2014 Nothing like personalized service to create loyal fans!!

“Followerwonk” is a place to type in the topic you are interested in and find out who on Twitter is tweeting about that issue.

There’s no good evidence that Socially Responsible Funds as a group do any better or worse than other funds over the long term. But politically, atleast in the mutual fund universe, virtue has all but vanquished vice.” “Virtue & Vice”, Rob Reuteman, Entrepreneur Magazine, September 2014

Swiftkey Keyboard for iPhone is slated to hit the App Store this year. Once it understands your writing style, it anticipates what you’re going to type faster than your fingers can follow. It is now installed in over 200 million devices worldwide and accommodates 70+ languages.” “Just My Type”, Jason Ankeny, Entrepreneur Magazine, September 2014

Getaround – is a new peer to peer car sharing marketplace– active in Austin and Portland. Car owners receive coverage of up to $1 million in insurance coverage, and drivers are screened to ensure safe driving records. Rental fees average $9./hr and Getaround takes 40% commission. “Full Speed Ahead”, Katherine Duncan, Entrepreneur Magazine, September 2014

Everlane’s mission is to bring upscale shopping (of luxury quality clothing) online and give consumers the story behind every product. CEO Michael Preysman believes Everlane is a test case for building a profitable company on core values of transparency, community, and education. “Chic, Cheap, and Honest”, Brittany Shoot, Entrepreneur Magazine, September 2014

“Information overload cost the U.S. economy $997 billion in 2010. An interruption of just 2.8 seconds doubles the risk of error. The average time people spend on one task is 3 minutes. Technology destroys the ability to control impulsivity which leads to more message checking and shorter attention spans. What you can do: set aside 3-4x/day to check emails and set aside chunks of time each day for focused activity. “ “Pay Attention”, Joe Robinson, Entrepreneur Mag., September 2014

If you are being audited: Get professional help, don’t volunteer information, don’t file a return during the audit, get organized, get everything on paper, be courteous and get more organized for the future. “The Three Little Words”, JD Roth, Entrepreneur Magazine, September 2014

“Gotta Go”—traffic lights for toilet stalls! Clever tech system that changes the stall light from red to green when it is empty. Used in large event venues—what a great idea! Carren Jao, Entrepreneur Magazine, September, 2014xx

August 2014

Graphic Facilitation adds another dimension to large conferences and workshops: A visual journalist documents in real time what is being discussed in the venue. The visual may be in the form of word clouds, charts or other images-that make it easy to remember the key points. Great for visual learners! “See What I Mean?” Margaret Littman, Entrepreneur Mag., August 2014

Starbucks is creating unique store designs that fit in the neighborhood- some of the best are at Anaheim (Downtown Disney), Canal Street in New Orleans, and the W Hotel in Austin. Take a look in the August Entrepreneur Magazine, 2014.

When to Travel for an In Person Meeting-“The miracle of modern communication technology can give you the impression that you can get your job done without costly flights and hotels, but an opportune investment in travel can result in time and money saved. When things get serious, for better or worse, it is time to hit the road.” Sophia Dembling, “Should I Stay or Should I Go” Entrepreneur Magazine, August, 2014 Problems that can linger for months can get resolved fairly quickly in a face to face visit.

The Best Free Travel Apps: Whatsapp, Gateguru, Hoteltonight, Waze

“Small businesses really have the advantage when it comes to relationships and how technology allows you to have a conversation and develop a relationship with your customers like never before.” Gail Goodman, CEO of Constant Contact

“Without an environment that makes it safe for people to contribute their best thinking, you have a one-man company, which isn’t sustainable.” Gael O’Brien, “Take Down the Swat Team”- How to temper the office know-it-all. Entrepreneur Magazine, August 2014

Creative Business Models: Yves Behar of Fuseproject creates groundbreaking products and brand identities for companies like SodaStream, One Laptop per Child, Herman Miller, and Prada. He develops longterm relationships with his clients in exchange for an equity stake vs fee for service—which upends the traditional consultant-client relationship. “Better Business By Design”,Jason Ankeny, Entrepreneur Magazine, August 2014

Open Floor Plans in Offices—a trend: Tech firms are on the edge of this wave to create spaces fostering more transparency, choice, collaboration, and more exchange of ideas however some surveys show a 6% drop in performance, with 53% of respondents saying they were disturbed or distract by co-workers. What is your experience? “Workers First”,LanaBortolot, Entrepreneur Magazine, August 2014

Specialty Cities for Niche Entrepreneurs: For beer and spirits, Fort Collins is the place, specialty foods-NY City, Software and Apps- Newark, CA, Tech hardware- Brooklyn, recycling and clean tech- Orange County, CA, recreational apparel- Portland, and weed- Denver. “Boom Towns”, Jonathan Blum, Entrepreneur Mag., August 2014

A Web Tool to help you find the best location for your business: “PiinPoint” helps businesses identify optimal expansion sites by collecting multiple types of data—demographics, traffic, taxes etc. At $3,000./month it isn’t cheap but depending upon what is at stake, it might be worth it. “X Marks the Spot”, Vanessa Richardson, Entrepreneur Magazine, August 2014

If you want to go from paper to virtual: Vend is a POS system that will integrate your online store with your physical one.

To get the best air fares: try and Kayak.comxx

A Solution to watching the game in the rain: “Under the Weather” is a clear one person tent you can put your chair inside of so you can stay dry while watching your kids soccer and baseball games. Check it out!

Cratejoy– a new company expects to launch next month offering a single platform for business owners to run all aspects of their business—including a host website to set up shop, billing and shipping, and even analytics. “Subscriptions, simplified”, Judy Sutton Taylor, Entrepreneur Magazine, August 2014

15 Signs Your are an Entrepreneur” You: take action, are insecure and willing to do whatever it takes, obsessed with cash flow, never satisfied with the status quo, fearless, can’t sit still, malleable, solicit feedback to self-improve, motivated by challenges, consider yourself an outsider, recover quickly, are an innovator, surround yourself with advisors, and you work and play hard. Marcia Layton Turner, Entrepreneur Magazine, August 2014

Franchises that have taken a hit in recent years: Sbarro relied too much on Malls, which are now dying and didn’t innovate, and kept to the old cafeteria style; RadioShack became irrelevant with Amazon taking so much of their share and and AT&T and Verizon opening their own stores. Radio Shack never differentiated. Quiznos made the mistake of challenging Subway vs creating their own brand. Jason Daley, “Mistakes We Made”, Entrepreneur Magazine, August 2014

Starbucks is creating unique store designs that fit in the neighborhood– some of the best are at Anaheim (Downtown Disney), Canal Street in New Orleans, and the W Hotel in Austin. Take a look in the August Entrepreneur Magazine, 2014.

When to Travel for an In Person Meeting-“The miracle of modern communication technology can give you the impression that you can get your job done without costly flights and hotels, but an opportune investment in travel can result in time and money saved. When things get serious, for better or worse, it is time to hit the road.” Sophia Dembling, “Should I Stay or Should I Go” Entrepreneur Magazine, August, 2014 Problems that can linger for months can get resolved fairly quickly in a face to face visit.

The Best Free Travel Apps: Whatsapp, Gateguru, Hoteltonight, Waze

“Small businesses really have the advantage when it comes to relationships and how technology allows you to have a conversation and develop a relationship with your customers like never before.” Gail Goodman, CEO of Constant Contact

“Without an environment that makes it safe for people to contribute their best thinking, you have a one-man company, which isn’t sustainable.” Gael O’Brien, “Take Down the Swat Team”- How to temper the office know-it-all. Entrepreneur Magazine, August 2014

Creative Business Models: Yves Behar of Fuseproject creates groundbreaking products and brand identities for companies like SodaStream, One Laptop per Child, Herman Miller, and Prada. He develops longterm relationships with his clients in exchange for an equity stake vs fee for service—which upends the traditional consultant-client relationship. “Better Business By Design”,Jason Ankeny, Entrepreneur Magazine, August 2014

Open Floor Plans in Offices—a trend: Tech firms are on the edge of this wave to create spaces fostering more transparency, choice, collaboration, and more exchange of ideas however some surveys show a 6% drop in performance, with 53% of respondents saying they were disturbed or distract by co-workers. What is your experience? “Workers First”,LanaBortolot, Entrepreneur Magazine, August 2014

Specialty Cities for Niche Entrepreneurs: For beer and spirits, Fort Collins is the place, specialty foods-NY City, Software and Apps- Newark, CA, Tech hardware- Brooklyn, recycling and clean tech- Orange County, CA, recreational apparel- Portland, and weed- Denver. “Boom Towns”, Jonathan Blum, Entrepreneur Mag., August 2014

A Web Tool to help you find the best location for your business: “PiinPoint” helps businesses identify optimal expansion sites by collecting multiple types of data—demographics, traffic, taxes etc. At $3,000./month it isn’t cheap but depending upon what is at stake, it might be worth it. “X Marks the Spot”, Vanessa Richardson, Entrepreneur Magazine, August 2014

If you want to go from paper to virtual: Vend is a POS system that will integrate your online store with your physical one.

To get the best air fares: try and

A Solution to watching the game in the rain: “Under the Weather” is a clear one person tent you can put your chair inside of so you can stay dry while watching your kids soccer and baseball games. Check it out!

Cratejoy– a new company expects to launch next month offering a single platform for business owners to run all aspects of their business—including a host website to set up shop, billing and shipping, and even analytics. “Subscriptions, simplified”, Judy Sutton Taylor, Entrepreneur Magazine, August 2014

15 Signs Your are an Entrepreneur” You: take action, are insecure and willing to do whatever it takes, obsessed with cash flow, never satisfied with the status quo, fearless, can’t sit still, malleable, solicit feedback to self-improve, motivated by challenges, consider yourself an outsider, recover quickly, are an innovator, surround yourself with advisors, and you work and play hard. Marcia Layton Turner, Entrepreneur Magazine, August 2014

Franchises that have taken a hit in recent years: Sbarro relied too much on Malls, which are now dying and didn’t innovate, and kept to the old cafeteria style; RadioShack became irrelevant with Amazon taking so much of their share and and AT&T and Verizon opening their own stores. Radio Shack never differentiated. Quiznos made the mistake of challenging Subway vs creating their own brand. Jason Daley, “Mistakes We Made”, Entrepreneur Magazine, August 2014

July 2014

Choosing an Accelerator for your Start-up: Ask the alums about their experience, see if the mentors have the expertise you need, assess the culture fit, be realistic about the curriculum time requirements, and read the legal terms carefully. “Accelerate Me” Inc. Mag July/August 2013

“4moms”, maker of baby- products has produced “Origami”- a robotic stroller that folds with the push of a button, and MamaRoo- a rocking baby seat that mimics the swaying and bouncing motion of a parent soothing a baby. “The Company That Plays Together”, Robin Schatz , Inc. Mag. July/August 2014 I gotta see these!

Nico Sell, co-founder of Wickr wanted her daughters to be able to communicate safely, anonymously with the capacity to control what information is retained on the other end. She is hoping Wickr will replace Facebook and Skype. Wickr makes an “all but unhackable mobile messaging app”. All the encryption takes place on the phones of the sender and receiver. Nothing is stored in a central server-so no record to recover. Will Bourne, Inc. Magazine, July/August 2014

“How to pull off a merger without smothering your target’s creative spark”: Hold on to key people, don’t rush to integrate, let them stay put if possible, and sweat the small details that ease decision making. “Keeping Innovation In the Mix”, Adam Bluestein, Inc. Mag., July/August 2014

Millennials Transforming Business:

Ayah Bdeir, from Lebanon founded “LittleBits”—tiny snap together modules with power sources, connectors, motion sensors, speakers and more. You can create instruments, security systems, and mini Mars rovers! Christine Lagoria-Chafkin, “Generation Why Not”, Inc. Magazine, July/August 2014

Michael Karnjanaprakorn co-launched Skillshare– which offers hundreds of expert led online classes in graphic design, web development, and entrepreneurship. You can take unlimited classes for $9.95/month. Abigail Tracy, “ Generation Why Not”, Inc. Mag., July/August 2014

Jordi Munoz, 28 hacked the sensors from a Wii controller, wrote some code and turned a remote controlled helicopter into the first autopiloted drone. He co-founded 3D Robotics- now the larges commercial drone manufacturer in North America, with over 200 employees. “Generation Why Not”, Will Hakowicz, Inc. Magazine, July/August 2014

Josh Tetrick 34 wants to feed the upcoming 9 billion people on the planet-reduce greenhouse gas emissions and produce healthy food. Just Mayo is “Hampton Creek’s” first product- mayo without eggs. Available at Whole Foods; “Generation Why Not”, CLC, Inc. Magazine, July/August 2014

Jason Fried of “Basecamp” has started a new website called “The Distance” to tap into the wisdom of private companies that have been in business atleast 25 years- to see what we all can learn from them. “Lessons From the Long-timers” Jason Fried, Inc. Mag., July/August 2014

If your company policy says that employees cannot talk about the boss or working conditions, (on social media) you probably are going to run afoul of the NLRB” Mark Sullivan “Social Media By the Book” Inc. Mag., July/August 2014

When you’re doing what you love and it’s working, you don’t get tired working what other people might consider long hours or crazy schedules. It’s just fun. It’s energizing.” Michael Dell

“Research has shown that it actually doesn’t matter what your values are. What matters is that you have them and align your entire organization around them. The power comes from the alignment.” Tony Hsieh of Zappos

Zappos: In 3.5 years over 50,000 people have come through their offices for tours and indepth training to learn about their unique culture. They have defined a higher company purpose and focus on employee engagement. They offer employees thousands of dollars to quit- to ensure that those who stay really want to be there. “What You Should and Shouldn’t Take From Us”, Tony Hsieh, Inc. Mag. July/August 2014

“If you want to get into a business, work for a really well run company in that industry and learn some management fundamentals. I am talking about how to hire people, hire to fire people with dignity, how to motivate people.” Tom Stemberg of Staples, Inc. Mag., July/August 2014

“I ran into trouble. We started to grow. I brought in a creative director and we tried to do too many things and we lost our reason for being. I had to find that again. This is what you must do time and time again as an entrepreneur. As you grow and hire more people, you can forget what you stood for in the first place.” Diane Von Furstenberg Inc Mag., July/August 2014

Drew Gilpin Faust, the first female president of Harvard is transforming the school to be a diverse student body so that the leadership class in political life, academia, and public service represents a broad range of humanity. About 20% of the students pay no tuition and 60% have some financial aid. She champions a liberal art education to promote imagination, insight, and perspective—critical thinking, and challenging assumptions. “A Leader Has to Keep Saying the Same Things Over and Over Again”, Evie Nagy, Fast Co. July/August 2014 Kudos to Drew!!

“Eventually FB hopes to deliver high speed wireless internet via drones.” Kevin D’Souza of Facebook “As India Goes, So Goes the world?” Fast Co. July/August 2014

Jeff Immelt, CEO of G.E. is pushing to turn jet engines, locomotives, and other giant machines into data-spewing computers. “Can Jeff Immelt Really Make the World 1% Better?” Jon Gertner, Fast Co. July/August 2014

Shinola is working to bring manufacturing back to the U.S. and specifically to revitalize Detroit’s manufacturing legacy with their classic watches.” “Time for a Motown renaissance ” J.A. Entrepreneur Mag., July 2014

Loyalty no longer: United Airlines doesn’t grant miles on its Star Alliance partner flights unless you buy the code-shared flights through them directly, and even then- only part credit. Delta will begin rewarding based on money spent vs miles traveled- in 2015, and American has reduced the number of free bag and increased mileage levels for free flights. “Why airline loyalty may no Longer Pay off”, Elaine Glusac, Entrepreneur Mag, July 2014

Your Website Home Page: “Tell people what’s in it for them and communicate “we get you and you belong here”. Use the language of your audience, especially the word “ you”, and give them a free download or sample. “The Welcome Mat”, Ann Handley, Entrepreneur Mag., July 2014

Enthusiasm: In talking about your business, the more passionate you are, the less professional you seem—passion has diminishing returns, so what do you do? Ross McCammon suggests: “enthuse, temper, enthuse”. The idea is to balance passion with self-deprecation or even hedging. Or bring in enough humor so people see you are both in the part and playing the part. “Crimes of Passion”, Entrepreneur Mag., July 2014

Flipboard- has designed an app for Apple’s iPad tablet bringing news and information with the feel and experience of traditional print content—and they now have over 100 million readers onboard. They have signature flip-page animation that gives you the sense of turning pages. “Paper Chase”, Jason Ankeny, Entrepreneur Mag., July 2014

“There is no evidence for what has not been created yet; only insight, purpose, passion and a willingness to move into what could be instead of what is.” Howard Schultz explaining why he does not rely upon market research for innovation. Entrepreneur Mag., July 2014

You can now have a custom made exercise bike that has a tablet computer built in where you can stream interactive spin workouts in your livingroom. All this for about $2,000.00 at Peloton. “Pedal Power”, Andrew Tilin, Entrepreneur Mag., July 2014

Need to manage a large event? Splash will allow you to manage the entire process from sending out invites and selling tickets to hosting post-party photos and video. “By Special Invitation”, Vanessa Richardson, Entrepreneur Mag., July 2014

Mophie Space Pack-works as an external iphone battery case doubling as a sleek mini-server. Sells for $150. For 16GB “Power Serve”, J.P.P. Entrepreneur Mag., July 2014

Don’t assume that a personal investment from an Angel will lead to a deal with the Angel’s associated VC firm. This could create a conflict of interest. “Angels in the Firm”, Sam Hogg, Entrepreneur Mag., July, 2014

ShareDesk- is an online platform where professionals can find and book a desk, office, or meeting room-by the hour, day, or month—a resource worth looking at. They have a DB of over 2000 workspaces in 70 countries. “Rent a Desk”, Michelle Goodman, Entrepreneur Mag., July 2014

June 2014

If you want to sound really smart: The new “jargon” is “thick data” which “captures not just facts, but the context of facts.”

Lolly Wolly Doodle- an online children’s clothing company in North Carolina, started by Brandi Temple has “cracked the code on social commerce”. They have 900,000 fans on FB and a business model that revolutionizes the apparel trade. They make samples, post on FB, analyze what styles get a response and mass produce the winners. They brought in $11 million in revenue in 2013. “Along Came Lollly”, Inc. Mag., June 2014

“Great design is the great equalizer– it allows even the smallest company to snatch success from giant competitors.” “2014 Best in Class Awards”, INC. Mag., June 2014

The ultimate 1.25# four person tent for backpackers is made by HMG UltaMid 4 Shelter. The tent is made of Dyneema, which is used to make Cuben fabric and is 70% stronger than Kevlar. It won the “Best in Class/Recreation” for Inc. Mag. June 2014

Frustrated because your headphones get in a knot—Zipbuds has the answer with their unique zipper design. Checkout Zipbuds Juiced 2.0

Wanting to hire overseas? Attending global trade events and conferences is a way to network and make connections in other countries. Also check with U.S. Business Schools and connect with alums from your desired countries. If you are still stuck, check out “Globalization Partners” in Boston who will hire on your behalf and act as the employer of record. And don’t forget to check the labor laws of the countries you are interested in- some companies have mandatory benefits 3-4x the U.S. “Global Positioning”, Alix Stuart, INC. Magazine, June 2014

Advice from Howard Schultz for entrepreneurs: “Don’t settle! Embrace a dream-and keep dreaming. Don’t be a bystander. Take it personally” “Howard Schultz Unfrothed”, DAK, Inc. Mag., June 2014

“Do you run your company like a bodybuilder or a farmer? Unless you are forced to grow by any means necessary because of impatient investors or a disruptive market, consider that the farmers approach to growth takes greater wisdom, humility, and restraint than the bodybuilders, and that the rewards are far more attractive and dependable.” “Why Growth at any Cost Isn’t Worth the Price”, Patrick Lencioni, Inc. Mag., June 2014

Innovation Play for Girls: “Roominate, Inc. sells kits that lets kids build and wire their own dollhouses and trick them out with motorized elevators and glowing tv sets. Their toys inspire girls to build anything they can imagine.” “Innovation at Play” Inc. Mag, June 2014 Kudos to Roominate!

Start-ups don’t need expensive PR firms, just identify your unique story, contact 5 media outlets that reach your target audience, and craft talking points around your 3 main messages. From: Entrepreneur Mag., June 2014

Protecting Your Identity When You Travel: a- Let your CC companies know you will be traveling b- If you receive a call from a card issuer don’t give out account# or personal info (could be a hacker) c- keep important info on a pw protected thumb drive d- use real passwords e- use virtual private networks e- don’t use debit cards f- be careful with public Wi-Fi g- use Tyvek card sleeves “Don’t Be a Road Worrier”, Beverly Harzog, Entrepreneur Mag., June 2014

Bringing together Art and Tech: New Inc. is an incubator for professionals at the inter-section of art, design and technology—bringing together work spaces, labs, mentors, and advisors—led by the New Museum in NY. This will enable creative entrepreneurs to take their business to the next level. “Creating Cultural Commerce”, Lana Bortolot, Entrepreneur Mag., June 2014

Smart Sensor for your garden: Edyn Co. has created a sensor powered by solar panels that allows you to check in on your garden’s temperature, humidity, light, soil moisture, and fertility—remotely via your smartphone. (Available at Home Depot) “Greener Pastures”, Millie Kerr, Entrepreneur Mag, June 2014

“Nest” is on a roll: Bought by Google for $3.2 Billion, they have a top selling thermostat, they partner with utility companies to manage peak-time energy usage, and they have many more ideas to come. A company to watch. “Man of the House”, John Patrick Pullen, Entrepreneur Mag., June 2014

“The Maker Movement” “The glamour of innovation so outshines invention these days that inventor support groups have sprung up to champion these maligned but essential players”—young inventors with inexpensive technology making prototypes without outside funding—are reinvigorating the reputation of invention.” “The Road to Newness”, Joshua Schuler, Entrepreneur Mag., June 2014

Hampton Creek makes “egg-free mayonnaise”—called “Just Mayo”-a plant based substitute—better for the environment, for the animals, and humans! Anyone tried it? It is available at Safeway, Costco, and Whole Foods.

iGrill thermometers connect via Bluetooth to a smartphone app that tells you when the BBQ meat has reached ideal temperature—a gift for someone who has everything!

Alcohot attaches to you smartphone to become a professional-grade Breathalyzer.

ASAP54- an app with a visual recognition system that can identify a product/ and store from a photo for the times you snap a picture of someone wearing clothing you love but don’t know where to find.

Bionym wristband- authenticates identity from cardiac rhythms allowing access to computer, smartphone and car without password or keys.

Sensoria– socks and ankle band connect to smartphones via Bluetooth to measure runner’s pressure and stride rate and provide real-time coaching

The “lark alarm” offers a gentle wake-up call in the form of a vibrating wristband, which also moniters sleep and offers advice for good sleep.

A battery powered “Owlet Smart Sock” moniters infant vitals—heart, oxygen, and temp and sends data to the caregivers phone. An alert sounds if the baby rolls over, stop breathing, or reaches an unusual temperature.

Epiphany Eyewear- makes smart glasses with cloud connection, HD video camera and up to 32GB of storage-and they look good!!

The Spree headband obtains temp and heart rate, as well as speed, distance, time and calories burned while keeping your eyes sweat-free while jogging.

AfterShokz headphones use mini-vibrations to conduct sounds from the cheekbones to the inner ear—leaving the ear uncovered so you can stay tuned to the rest of the world while you listen to music.

Beep-which is integrated with Pandora, connects devices via Wi-Fi to play synchronized music on all speakers, receivers and docks throughout your house.

DoorBot, a Wi-Fi enabled doorbell with webcam lets you see and talk to visitors outside your from door through a smartphone app- even if you aren’t home.

Zooppa, an advertising and digital marketing platform- in Seattle, sets up competitions to uncover new talent and save its clients hundreds of thousands of dollars. It makes it easy for newbies to break into the business and winners get 25K-50K. “Fresh Spots”, Grant Davis, Entrepreneur Mag., June 2014

Withings” has built an internet enabled bathroom scale that allows users to track weight, BMI, and fat readings via iOS and Android apps. They also have a sleep system “Aura” that records body movements, breathing, heart rate and environmental factors i.e. noise, temp, and light generating light and sound to help you get to sleep and wake up gently. “The Knee Bone’s Connected to the Smartphone”, J.A., Entrepreneur Mag., June 2014

“Blaze Laserlight” mounts to bike handlebars and projects a green image of a bike onto the road-alerting drivers of the cyclist’s presence.

“Hovding” has made inflatable airbag bike helmets that burst out of their collar on impact for soft, tough protection.

“Wheel Genius” Stacy Zoern has a electric car startup promising to revolutionize mobility for millions of wheelchair users. The Kenguru hatchback has no seats—you access through the rear and secure wheelchair in the driving’s place. J.A., Entrepreneur Mag., June 2014

Helios bars transform a bike into a smart bike with GPS tracker, smartphone connectivity, turn signals, speedometer and LED headlights.

Avoid airport parking fees by joining “FlightCar” which lets travelers park their vehicles for free and rent them to approved members.

Nike’s free Making App- documents the environmental impact of materials used in manufacturing apparel and home goods-and is free!!

WhatsBusy App crunches big data and predicts wait times in crowded places like airports.

Cheap and durable cardboard furniture for start-ups attending Trade Shows- check out “chairigami”!

The “Cota” wireless power transmission system automatically charges smartphones and digital cameras from up to 30 feet away.

XL Hybrids- converts conventional commercial trucks and vans into hybrid electrical vehicles-reducing fuel, emissions and costs.

Let’s protect Net Neutrality against the ISP’s who want to turn the internet into a tiered service!

”High-five for free Wi-Fi”! “Fon” crowdsources Wi-Fi—users allocate a slice of their home Wi-Fi in exchange for free access to any other hotspot across the company’s network. Each home signal is separated from a guest signal by a firewall. Consumers join for a one time purchase of their encrypted router for $49. Jason Ankeny, Entrepreneur Mag., June 2014

3-D printing is now being used to make personalized orthotics and reduce chronic foot pain. “Sols” has a mobile app allowing users to take a video of the individual’s foot, which converts to a scan that’s downloaded on the 3-D printer. Currently they are available through certified orthopedists, but by early 2015 they will be available directly to the consumer. “Best Foot Forward”, Andrew Tilin, Entrepreneur Mag., June 2014

If you want people clicking to your website, send your email blasts on Fridays—which has the highest click-through rates (4.9%) vs Mondays at (4.17%) The Stat, Entrepreneur Mag., June 2014

“Crowd Mentality” Sam Hogg, a VC recommends getting a first “lead” investor who paves the way for followup investors reducing their need for extreme due diligence. Once someone signs on, it is much easier to get follow-on investors. Sam Hogg, Entrepreneur Mag., June 2014

littleBits makes circuitry kits that allow you to build your creations and connect them with a Cloud Module, bringing Wi-Fi to your little network. “You can create your own jawbone”. Ayah Bdeir “Building your own Internet”, Fast Co., June 2014 Great gift for your techy kids!

Princess Reema Bint Bandar Al-Saud, part of the royal family—has taken over a struggling piece of the family business and is aggressively creating employment opportunities for women in Saudi Arabia. Work options for women are highly restricted in her country and she is making waves. Robert Safian, Jennifer Armstrong, Fast Co. June 2014 Kudos to Reema!!

“Study after study has shown that startups with diverse teams fail less often and generate higher rates of return than companies managed by men alone.” Max Chafkin, “Silicon Valley has a problem”, Fast Co. June, 2014

“Two top VC’s Jennifer Fonstad and Theresia Gouw quit their jobs and launched Aspect Ventures—focused on investing in companies that target female internet users.” Max Chafin “Silicon Vally has a problem”, Fast Co., June 2014

32 year old mayor, Aja Brown is building trust in the city of Compton, California—a city where so many leaders have abused the public trust. Kudos of Aja! “Straight into Compton”, Jillian Goodman, Fast Co. June 2014

Seattle’s new neighborhood- “ A sprawling mall parking lot has been transformed into a pedestrian oriented community, Thornton Place. It features hundreds of LEED certified apartments, retail stores, and a park.” Thanks to Mithuan, architecture firm that designed it! “Infrastructure, lost and found”, Fast Co., June 2014

A company called “Withings” makes a sleep light system with a sensor and a glowing orb that changes color during the night so that it gradually wakes you up in the morning. Pretty cool! It is called “Withings Aura Smart Sleep System” and sells for $299.

“At the micro level, people love change. At the macro level, we hate change.” Marc Andressen, founder of Netscape, Cofounder of Andreessen Horowitz VC firm

Uber is the New Google” “Rumors have it valued at north of 3.5 billion- It is a five year old start-up that is remaking urban transportation, linking people with cabs and limousines and they have now announced a delivery service in New York”. It may well be worth the 250 million Google invested!, Om Malik, Fast Co., June 2014

Jewelry for a Cause: This NJ business melts the metals down from illegal guns and makes it into superchic bracelets and cuff links. Now that is creative recycling!

Have you seen “Kodable” a coding app that’s fun and helps your kids learn how to code!

Need a disposable email for selling your stuff on Craigslist? Try GLIPH

Amazon’s Prime Air is expected to be ready for when the FAA issues regulation on commercial drone systems, expected as early as 2015. They expect the craft to navigate via GPS and be able to carry a payload of 5#. “Gur Kimchi and Daniel Buchmueller, “For Proving that the Sky is Not the Limit”, Fast Co..,June 2014,

“Theaster Gates, Artist, founder of “Rebuild Project”, conceptual artist, potter, with a background in urban planning is using culture to improve poor neighborhoods. He is turning vacant homes into cultural spaces and a housing project into a mixed-income residential and arts hub. He wants us to reimagine what public art means and what can happen in the public sphere—now that’s artistic leadership!” Fast Co., June 2014

Tinder—an app for the intuitive in search of a soulmate. You swipe yea or nay, right or left. If both people swipe yea—you get connected!

Girl Scouts now offer programs and badges in STEM fields like robotics and video-game design! Yea!!

Anthony Perez, director of concept design for Starbucks is working on creating some unique and sustainable SB’s coffee shops. He introduced a LEED certified Starbucks shop built from a cargo container, covered with reclaimed lumber in one location. I look forward to seeing his future designs! “For Constantly Rethinking What a Coffee Shop Can Be”, Fast Co., June 2014

Kudos to Jennifer Lee, the first woman to direct a Disney animated feature: Frozen!

Kudos to Charmian Gooch for her campaign to end corporate secrecy laws—that enable drug dealers to use anonymous shell companies to launder money, and the diamond industry to underwrite a civil war in Angola. She is using her $1 million TED prize to create an online registry that will include ownership information on companies around the world. Fast Co., June 2014

Meredith Perry, founder of uBeam is inventing a new way to unplug. Her system will charge electronics using soundwaves instead of wall sockets. Look for her invention in the near future! Fast Co., June 2014

Catherine Hoke, Founder of Defy Ventures had the epiphany that drug and crime rings are organized much like major corporations, so she built a 6 month entrepreneurship program in the Texas prison system and so far has produced 115 graduates, 71 of whom have launched their own businesses. Fast Co., June 2014

See “The Square” by Jehane Noujaim, a heartbreaking, hopeful meditation on the Arab Spring, that was nominated for an Oscar. Jehane couldn’t bring professional equipment so had to improvise with cheap cameras and a crew of locals to capture the coup that ousted the president. Fast Co., June 2014, Courageous woman!!

Pensole—an independent school with its own Portland facility hosts intensive 1-4 week classes teaching students how to design footwear. Pensole has partnerships with Nike, Parsons, and MIT that help students get jobs in footwear companies when they graduate. This is the creation of D’Wayne Edwards, former design director at Nike’s Jordan Brand. Fast Co., June 2014

“Hugh Evans, Founder of Global Poverty Project has created an innovative cocktail of entertainment, social media and gamification to really millions of people worldwide to help end extreme poverty. When volunteers take action in the areas of global health, women’s equality, universal health or global partnerships, they register their actions and bid for tickets to big name concerts. Hundreds of artists have donated two tickets per tourstop and more than 110,000 tickets have been donated by artists to date.” Fast Co., June 2014

Conflict-Free Electronics” is a platform in the works that will allow companies and consumers to get information about suppliers worldwide and be guilt-free about their creations creating harm. Le-Marie Thompson, Founder, Nettadonna, Fast Co., June 2014

Genevieve Dion, a former fashion designer is leading a team of engineers, medical researchers, scientists, and designers who are using digital fabrication and computerized knitting machines to develop high-tech textiles that could harvest and store energy or be wired with sensors to monitor fetal activity and track wearer’s vital signs. Amazing! Fast Co., June 2014

Sangeeta Ghatia’s team at MIT has developed breakthroughs such as nano-size gold-rod injections that make tumors more susceptible to treatment. Kudos to her! Fast Co., June 2014

Roger and Richard Gordon founded “Food Cowboy” a web based app that connects truckers with shelters and makes matches of truckers with food that would be wasted so that food goes to those in need. Fast Co., June 2014

May 2014

Advice for start-ups when hiring: a rule of thumb is 3-5% equity for senior hires, with the total equity for employees capped at 10-15%. In addition, a vesting period for 6-12 months is usually imposed. Also check out if new hires are subject to any covenants such as “non-compete agreements”. “The Art of the Steal”, Elaine Pofeldt, INC. Mag, May 2014

“Why You Shouldn’t Hire Competitors’ Salespeople”—Norm Brodsky; He discovered through painful experience that they brought bad habits he couldn’t get them to change, didn’t listen to him, went for the quick sale, and made promises he couldn’t fulfill. He learned to bring people from outside the industry and train them himself. INC. Mag., May 2014

“” encourages employees to take risks: In their marketing department they have two 5’ tall test tubes. Employees drop in a clear marble each time they try out a new idea, and if the idea succeeds, they drop in a colored marble. Robin Schatz, “How Search its Soul..” Inc. Mag. May 2014 hey- we could each do that for ourselves, huh?

“The Start-up That’s Shaking the TV Networks- All the Way to the Supreme Court” ” Aero”—streams TV network programming directly to customer’s computers, providing each customer with a tiny half-inch antenna. This cuts the major networks out of the fees they receive from cable and satellite companies. This is a critical case to follow! Christine Lagorio-Chafkin, Inc. Mag. May 2014

You can now buy an Icon A5 two person aircraft you can tow to the lake. It can take off and land on water and is made for “sport pilots”. It requires only 20 hours of training and $189,000! Inc. Mag., May 2014

“Leaders shouldn’t manage people; they should steward them.” Bob Chapman, CEO of Barry-Wehmiller

Skybox Imaging Co. is on target to index the Earth. Clients will be able to see updates images of any spot on Earth 5-7 times/day via their satellites. “Indexing Every Inch of Planet Earth”, Jill Krasny, Inc. Mag., May 2014

Bridge International Academies, a for-profit company has built 300 primary schools serving 100,000 students in Kenyan slums and villages. They have a “academy in a box” system combining standardization, technology, best practices, and data. And they charge 70% less than the local private schools.” “The Mission: Teach 10 Million Kids- and End Poverty” Inc. Mag., May 2014

“Putting Cell Towers Out of Business”, pWave, a novel antenna, can identify every phone in a given radius and transmit a unique signal to each device, giving everyone a personal network. Inc. Mag., May 2014

Ambri, inc. is developing a liquid metal battery that has the potential to store renewable energy for the grid in a way that is cheaper and longer lasting that existing alternatives. They received 15 million from Khosla Ventures. Inc. Mag., May 2014

Assaf Wand, founder of Sabi is designing for the over 65 crowd—and bringing great design to “canes” and “pill boxes”. The canes are made of the same grade aluminum used in bicycle frames—strong, but lightweight. Inc. Mag., May 2014

“Free Money for the Poor, No Strings Attached”: GiveDirectly, a NY charity gives money directly to people in need. Since 2011, they have raised $22 million and transferred via mobile payments to 50,000 people in Kenya and Uganda. A followup independent study found that months later, recipients had increased their assets by 58% and decreased the number of days their children went without food-by 42%. Inc. Mag., May 2014

Upworthy has over 7 million subscribers on FB, email and Twitter and reaches over 50 million people a month with messages of advocacy and humor. J.K. “How this One Weird Headline Can Change the World”, Inc. Mag. May 2014

According to the EPA, in 2012, there were 32 million tons of plastic waste generated and only 9% was recovered for recycle. PK Clean is hoping to use a “catalytic depolymerization process to convert plastic waste into fuel. Others have tried to perfect this process with limited success—lets hope PK Clean can “Turn Landfill into Black Gold”, JK, Inc Magazine, May 2014

How to get a hiring manager’s attention: Jason Fried had a job applicant who sent a link to a custom-designed website all focused on getting this one particular job that Basecamp had open. “Nice Resume, What Else you Got”, Jason Fried, Inc. Mag., May 2014 Now that is powerful intention!!

Patagonia has given $61 million to environmental programs!! Kudos to them , Inc. Mag., May 2014

The Sara Blakely Foundation (Spanx) has donated $20 Million to aid and empower women around the world. Inc. Mag., May 2014

“Some estimate that distraction costs hundreds of billions of dollars a year in lost productivity. Heavy online users score poorly on control over their attention and ability to distinguish important information from trivia. Research in this area has prompted companies like Google and SAP to offer employees courses that sharpen attention skills.” It is like a muscle, the more you focus ,the more your brain releases noradrenaline which helps you concentrate. Google has put 1500 of its employees through attention training. Brian Dumane, “Cognitive Overload is Killing Your Business, Can You Fix That”, Inc Magazine, May 2014

Easy, But Not Cheap” quick lending for small businesses: OnDeck, Can Capital, and IOU Central are alternative lenders when you need quick cash for your business, however read the fine print- interest rates can still be more than 50% on a compound annualized basis and borrowers often have to make repayments daily! Alix Stuart, INC Mag., May 2014

Advice from NY Angel Investor Brian Cohen to start-ups: a- if the founders have a poor relationship, he won’t invest b- the founding team needs to be supportive vs jealous of each other c- know your customers and how you are going to build your business, don’t just focus on your product d- he doesn’t invest if a husband and wife are partners, and e- find a problem and solve it, don’t worry about passion; INC Mag., May 2014

DuckDuckGo search engine won’t track your search history or sell your data! Something worth considering.

A third of all travel insurance claims are for lost or stolen items—most often smartphones. Do you have a special place where you carry yours? Always putting it back in the same place helps.

Swingbyte—clips to your club and moniters your speed, acceleration, arc and other stats- good gift for a golfing friend or partner!

“Cairos Tech Oasis”- “Recently the site of violent uprisings, Tahrir Square is now home to a huge hub for Egypt’s digital businesses—with plans to eventually hold 2,000 employees of young companies.” Jahd Khalil, Fast Co. May 2014

“Google X Innovation Labs– home of Google Glass, driverless cars, Wi-Fi balloons, and glucose monitoring contact lenses is a rare concept in major corporations today. Google is blessed with unimaginable money and stocked with talent and they aren’t afraid of ideas that fail.” That is a winning combination! “The X Factor”, Jon Gertner, Fast Co. May 2014

“James Hedrick of IBM and Dr. Yi Yan Yang from Singapore’s Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology are creating a method of breaking down PET (plastic bottles) and reconstructing it into a nanofiber that can kill fungal infections on contact.” “IBM Thinks Small”, Adam Bluestein, Fast Co., May 2014 Now that is exciting!

“Tencent, the secretive 140 billion dollar Chinese Internet giant acts like Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Twitter, all in one. Now it’s hot for global expansion.” “Penguin Rising” Dorinda Elliott, Fast Co. May 2014

A Place Broken” A Better Place—born to be revolutionary and world changing went belly up- due to grandiosity, poor management and too much money too early. Let’s hope that others in the electric car/ charging stations absorb the lessons and learn from their mistakes. Max Chafkin, Fast Co. May 2014

A Creative Idea for a Company! “Walter Marine has installed over 35,000 reefs in the U.S. as well as Saudi Arabia, Mexico and other countries on coastlines that don’t have natural protection. The reefs provide habitat and sheltered breeding for fish, and reduce erosion to shorelines. His custom designed artificial reefs are made of limestone and concrete.” Margaret Littman, “Faux down below”, Entrepreneur Mag., May 2014

Seattle’s “ Alchemy Goods” recycles used bike tubes into backpacks, messenger bags, wallets, etc. Check them out!

“Bonded Logic” takes recycled cotton (think denim) and makes Ultra Touch denim insulation—and there isn’t the downside of fiberglass.

“Vermont Woods Studios” makes patio furniture with discarded plastic. (less upkeep than wood)

Our Seattle Filson’s is getting recognition for its simple and chic aesthetic + “made in America” practices. “Patriot Act”, Steffie Nelson, Entrepreneur Mag., May 2014

How do you interact with your business “competitors”? “You never know when you might need the person more than you do now. A Competitor isn’t an enemy to keep close to you. A Competitors is a peer to learn from.” Advice from Ross McCammon, “Behind Frenemy Lines”, Entrep Mag., May 2014

Using hashtags: Ann Handley recommends using them with topics your audience cares about—not with your brand name! See “Trending.. How to Do Hashtags Right”, Entrepreneur Mag., May 2014

Utube: did you know that 100 hours of video gets uploaded to utube every 60 seconds, and 500 million tweets go out each day? “Infectious Behavior”, Jason Ankeny, Entrepreneur Mag., May 2014

Evian babies have a spot in the Guiness World Records as the most watched online ad, and their “Baby & Me” got 100 million views in several weeks.

Entrepreneurial Advice from Steve Hafner, CEO of Kayak: “Your first 10 hires are the most important. They sent the tone…. A players have the confidence to hire more A players. B players don’t. “Getting off the Ground.” Entrepreneur Mag., May 2014

“EasyPost “ streamlines the shipping process for online merchants—no matter which carrier is used i.e. UPS, FedEx etc. It reduces shipping costs and improves customer service. “Package Deal” David Port, Entrepreneur Mag., May 2014

“Today’s bullish economy is hell on the VC game—but Good For You!” Sam Hogg notes how in a down economy, people start building their own companies and VC’s have a plethora of options to choose from. In an up economy, people stay in their jobs—however those who venture out are much more easily picked up by VC’s. So—now is a good time for your good ideas! “Inverse Economics”, Entrepreneur Mag., May 2014

“Good to Grow- 6 Signs Your Startup is Ready to Expand a- you have the right team b- customers are coming to you c- you are realistic about what your company can handle d- your lifestyle can handle the additional workload e- you have the cash and f- you are meeting established goals.” Paula Andruss, Entrepreneur Mag., May 2014

April 2014

“4 Things to Do Before You Go to Bed” a- review your to-do list for the next day b- do a brain dump on paper to release your thoughts c- set a shut-down time for all electronics 2 hours before bed and d-take 20 minutes for relaxation and introspection, meditation, or quiet breathing” INC Mag, April 2014

“Money is Over-rated” Before raising money for your start-up, bootstrap, prelaunch funding via friends and family, and wait til you can accurately predict where your business will be in 3 months before you bring in professional investors. Elaine Pofeldt. INC Magazine, April 2014

When brands create a tangible experience for consumer, those consumers walk away with material to share, in person and on social media with friends and family—each individual becomes a potential advertisement. “The Brand Artists”, Tom Foster, INC Magazine, April 2014

Advice for Start-ups: Hang in there long enough to get in a good position, get bad news out quickly, take responsibility for failures, be careful that information doesn’t become siloed as you grow, and trust your gut. From: Ben Horowitze, co-founder of VC firm Andreessen Horowitz INC Magazine, April 2014

“Game Theory” for startups: “The challenge is to be great at the air game—building enthusiasm, but never oversell the near-term ground game (execution)— a difficult balance”. Eric Paley, INC Magazine, April 2014

“The fastest growing American companies hire their best employees via co-worker/peer referrals”. “Where Money Meets Morale”, Alexa Von Tobel, INC Magazine, April 2014

The skills-gap is a myth! What is true is that companies often aren’t willing to pay enough to attract good talent, and they aren’t willing to train. “Where Have all the Workers Gone?” Cait Murphy, INC Magazine, April 2014

Smart Marketers Keep Women in Mind: “Females control an estimated $20 trillion in annual consumer spending worldwide, earn more higher education degrees than men, start new businesses at a faster rate, and are now over half the users on Twitter and Facebook.” “How Not to Market Tech to Women”, Jennifer Alsever, INC Mag., April 2014

The Best Way to Improve How You Think”: “Some form of regular writing is one of the best ways to give yourself time for reflection and analysis.” Brad Feld, INC Mag, April 2014

“Setting the Record Straight”: If a competitor writes negative reviews about you on Yelp, address it on your profile page, respond privately to the suspect reviewer, or flag the review. Christopher Hann, Entrepreneur Mag., April 2014

If a complainer goes to social media to gripe about you, take the role of arbitrator between the complainer and your company-don’t respond personally. Advice from Ross McCammon, “We Hear You”, Entrepreneur Magazine, April 2014

Telling Your Brand’s Story: People engage with companies through identification with stories. Think about what is unique about your company, how was it founded, what inspired you, what” aha” moments have you had? “It was a Dark and Stormy Night”, Ann Handley, Entrepreneur Mag., April 2014

“Aero snatches over the air TV signals and streams them on the internet for just a few dollars per month, a model that liberates consumers from conventional cable and shakes the foundations of the broadcasting industry. Major TV networks have banded together to bring Aereo to its knees and this Summer the U.S. Supreme Court will decide its fate. If the startup loses, web media and cloud computing may never be the same.” “The Television will be Revolutionized”, Jason Ankeny, Entrepreneur Mag., April 2014

Entrepreneur Magazine did a survey to learn why we engage with certain brands. They learned that authenticity, delivering on promises, consistent high levels of service, and creating great products topped the list. Some of the top brands were: Panera Bread, Starbucks, Chipotle, Maggiano’s, Jamba Juice, The Ritz-Carlton, Sephora, TJ Maxx, Apple Store, Target, Virgin America, Aveda and Verizon. “The Secrets of the top Brands”, Jason Daley, Entrepreneur Mag., April 2014

Want an instant website? Strikingly, co-founded by David Chen built a platform that pulls from Linkedin and builds you a website in seconds. The free plan covers one website with minimal functionality—but it’s a start! “Stake Your Claim”, Gwen Moran, Entrepreneur Mag., April 2014

Resources for female entrepreneurs: 37 Angels, Astia (accelerator), BELLE Capital USA (angel fund), Golden Seeds (investment firm), Springboard Enterprises (accelerator), and Women 2.0 (networking and pitch events).

6 Common Mistakes that Startups Make: a- wrong team b- bad pricing c- waiting for
“perfect” when good will do d- not understanding technology e- skimping on attorneys f- being cheap on marketing “That’s Gotta Hurt”, Lorie Parch, Entrepreneur Mag., April 2014

The franchise model is being applied toward philanthropic endeavors—to bring medical care and essential products to the developing world. They are often spun off from NGO’s and use local entrepreneurs to sell products or services door to door in remote villages with limited services. “It Takes a Village”, Jason Daley, Entrepreneur Magazine, April 2014

“A recent study shows that the average attention span at the end of 2013 was 8 seconds for folks online, and about 17%of page views are less than 4 seconds.” “Go Native”,Om Malik, Fast Co. Mag, April 2014

Last year, West Elm (launched by Williams- Sonoma) made a public commitment with the Clinton Global Initiative to source $35 million worth of handmade products over the next 2 years. That means more than 20% of their products will be made by crafts people. “The Future of Furniture”, Danielle Sacks, Fast Co. Mag, April 2014

The Portland Timbers Soccer Team followers have a unique way of celebrating each goal scored. A actual lumberjack cuts a slice from a log with a chain saw and passes the slice through the crowd. “Marketing With a Kick”, Josh Dean, Fast Co. Mag, April 2014

Airbnb has built a fanatical global community- millions around the world use its site and apps to find spare rooms or vacation apartments while traveling.In 2013, over 10 million guests stayed at one of their rentals.” Austin Carr, Fast Co. Mag., April 2014

Preet Bharara, a determined NY prosecutor is coming after Bitcoin. Bitcoin is remaking the banking system with some positive upsides, but it’s also infused with tremendous amounts of illegal activity.(cocaine and meth for two) “Sheriff of the Web”, Max Chafkin, Fast Co.Mag., April 2014

March 2014

“What Motivates you: Calling or Ego? Ego leads to burnout. Calling leads to fulfillment. Ego focuses on the result. Calling focuses on the process. Ego wants to preserve the self- calling wants to affect others.” Shelly Prevost, INC Magazine March 2014

Made in the U.S.A. is having a comeback. People are wanting quality and design- which is a boon for artisanal US manufacturers and not so good for China. ” Made to Be Great”, Eric Schurenberg, INC Magazine, March 2014

Are You Holding on Too Tight to the Control in Your Company? Tips from INC. Magazine March 2014 a-be patient and teach others how to be effective b- hand off tasks if they can do it 80% as well c- train them and then go on vacation so they can prove they can do it d- if you aren’t a great manager, hire one. “Just Trust” Scott Leibs

How Tender Greens Turns Top Chefs Into Fast-Food Cooks” Tender Greens are popular quick serve restaurants serving local produce, cheeses and meats. They have created an innovative model allowing each chef control of their own restaurants. This brings new life to creative chefs who often burnout in their 40′s. They now have 12 locations and 40 million in annual revenue. Jennifer Alsever, INC. Magazine, March 2014

Lessons in the art of scaling a company: 1- focus on quality, not numbers 2- don’t drop the details that create the customer experience (smell and sound of grinding coffee) 3- carefully choose whether you need a strict formula or creative flexibility 4- drop complexity that you don’t need 5- create your own company catalysts during change and 6- nurture the practices worth scaling so you grow well vs fast” Leigh Buchanan, INC Magazine, March 2014

“Homegrown and Hyperlocal” Cinda Boomershine started a handbag company in 2004 and makes her products in the U.S. How she has done this: She has her factory in the same building as her offices, started a design advisory board, and reverse engineers poplar designs and tweaks them for easy manufacturing. Sales are projected to top 8 million this year. Jennifer Alsever, INC. Magazine, March 2014

“In just 5 years since its debut, Kickstarter has raised nearly $1 billion for more than 50,000 projects, with pledges from more than five million people worldwide. Entrepreneurs are looking to use the platform to gauge demand for new products, and lower the risk of rolling them out.” “Kickstart Your Market”, Mark Dwight, INC Magazine, March, 2014

Gary Kunkle , consultant to INC. Magazine studied 100,000 U.S. based mid-sized businesses to identify how they sustained growth between 2007-2012. This is some of what he learned: a- slow and steady growth achieves better results b- growth owes more to how people work together and treat customers, than to financing or product attributes c- the more generous companies achieved higher performance and retained the best talent. Grow.Hire.Repeat, Scott Leibs, INC Magazine, March 2014

“Undisrupted” Facing growing competition, Elaine Osgo”, owner of Atlas Travel beat out the big guys by finding out what her customers wanted that they weren’t getting elsewhere- and then she delivered. She provided them specific data on what patterns could save her client companies money on travel. IIan Mochari, INC Magazine, March 2014

“Money is not the chief motivator: people need to feel good about where they work and about the good things they are contributing to the world.” Scott Nash, owner of Mom’s Organic Market in Rockville, Md

“Avoid Morning-After Regrets” If you are expanding into a new region, searching for reps, think hard about the critical attributes of your most successful partners and seek prospective partners with the same attributes. In addition, talk to potential customers and ask for their recommendations in the new territory. Go slow, nurture relationships. It will be time well spent. Gary Kunkle, INC Magazine, March 2014

Amazon’s patent for an “anticipatory package system” came out earlier this year and the patent does mention the possibility that a package may occasionally be delivered to a customer who never actually completed a purchase. In this case, Amazon will give it to the recipient as a gift ” to build goodwill”. “Is Amazon Reading Your Mind?” INC Magazine, March 2014 Goodwill gifts dropping from the sky—sounds like that could be fun!

Warren Berger, author of “A More Beautiful Question” encourages businesses to ask more “frame changing questions” and more “crazy questions. A question tells you that you are on a journey together and is much more empowering than a direct statement. “Want a Big Idea? Ask Better Questions, Leigh Buchanan, INC Magazine, March 2014

Kaggle, a SanFrancisco startup makes contests out of solving Big Da ta problems for companies. Since 2010, it has raised over 11 million in VC funding and built a community of 140,000 data scientists who compete for cash prizes to solve complex problems for companies like Facebook, Expedia, and GE. “Big Data Divination”, Darren Dahl, INC Magazine, March 2014

“The Dream Machine” D-Wave thinks it has built the world’s most powerful computer, however the power is a function of the number of qubits on the chip and the more you have, the more likely decoherence will swamp the system. There is still work to be done to prove its usefulness to business. The Google team is enjoying their machine, however they admit they are searching for problems that it can solve. Will Bourne, INC Magazine, March 2014

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