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My work with you is personalized and tailored to fit your specific needs. I come alongside and walk through the trenches with you, provide tools, brainstorm with you, hold you accountable, challenge you, and cheer you on. I have been through numerous career changes and have ridden the rollercoaster ride involved in starting new companies. In my work, I blend the “head” and the “heart”. Without practical tools and plans, dreams never get take-off. And without dreams, the heart stays heavy. Come and let’s transform your dream into a viable career!

Her help was invaluable. She helped me figure out what I really wanted and then we developed a plan of action to get there.

— Gary S.


The following services describe the ways that we can work together to get you the job or grow the business you have been dreaming of.

What’s Next for you a: new job, new career?

Are you uncertain about what direction to take in your career, looking for a better job, or better cultural fit with a new company, or thinking of becoming a consultant? Using a variety of assessments and tools as well as interviewing you in depth, we will:

  • Get an overall picture of you—your strengths, skills, work history, dreams, what you love and your vision for your life
  • Explore possibilities, do research, and conduct “informational interviews”
  • Create a plan for going forward
Strategy and Tools for Your Job Search

Are you looking for your next position and wanting to sharpen your job search skills? The job search process has changed in recent years. Very few individuals get jobs by responding to listings posted online. Effective job search in today’s marketplace requires the right tools as well as a tailored strategic approach. We will:

  1. Identify your strengths, skills, and the experiences that make you an ideal candidate for your desired position
  2. Create a “brand message” to market your talent to potential employers
  3. Make your Linkedin profile a showcase of your talent, and utilize Twitter and Facebook effectively
  4. Capitalize on your accomplishments and build a powerful resume and cover letter
  5. Identify your target companies and develop a networking strategy
  6. Boost your skills on informational interviews, phone, and in-person interviews
  7. Develop networking strategies to connect with companies and hiring managers
  8. Give you salary and benefit negotiation tools
Job Search Over 50

Are you over 50 and having a difficult time get job interviews? Age bias is alive and well, and there are strategies we can use to give you an edge facing this challenge. We will:

  • Identify the strengths that you bring from your rich work experience
  • Shape your resume and Linkedin Profile so they don’t “date you”
  • Identify ways of boosting your skills
  • Prepare you for interviews to help you project energy, flexibility, and enthusiasm
Follow-up Coaching and Support

Are you wanting to keep up your momentum, stay motivated, refine your skills, or develop more in-depth job search strategies? We can do some of the following or design sessions to meet your specific needs.

  • Tailor your resume and cover letter for specific jobs you are applying for
  • Set weekly goals re to networking for job search
  • Do more intensive work on interviewing skills
— Karen Kain
— Rob Liano
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