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Job Seekers: Consider the Side and Back Door Strategies

When people start job searching, they often spend hours applying online and then wait anxiously hoping for a response that doesn’t come.  Why is that?  There are many possible reasons. Some companies receive several thousand [...]

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Many individuals approach salary negotiation with trepidation after they receive a job offer.  They fear antagonizing the hiring manager and having the offer withdrawn or they fear getting stuck in a “stand-off”.  Here are some [...]

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Have You Considered a Side-Business as an Exit Strategy?

If you love your work, but have always dreamed about expanding or growing your hobby—what about a side-business? Or—if you are unhappy with your current work—what about starting a side-business to see if it might [...]

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Career Changes Are Messy: Here’s The Secret

Wouldn’t it be great if life was just “ straight forward” i.e. you make a decision and go-for-it and it happens.  It often looks like it works that way for other people.  You read about [...]

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Staying Inspired and Hopeful During a Stressful Job Search

Getting laid off, being unemployed, and beginning a job search ranks high in the scale of life stressors. Suddenly the daily routine, the connections with co-workers, the sense of accomplishment and recognition drop off a [...]

Job Search: Tips to “Flip the Process” and Stay Focused

Job searching often feels like “dating”.  You search through profiles (JD’s) seeking a fit. You reach out and put your heart on the line and…… nothing!  Or you have a first date (interview)---get excited and [...]

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The Challenges of the Job Search for Those Over Fifty

In my coaching work with clients, the “over 50” individuals who are wanting to change jobs or careers, or who have been unemployed for a while are often dealing with one or several of the [...]

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6 Things to Consider When Courting a Potential Business Partner

If you are starting a business there are many advantages to having a partner. They can bring skills, connections, and abilities that complement yours, give you someone to bounce off ideas with, and keep you [...]

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