How goes your dance with “Time”?  Are you in a smooth rhythm with Time- moving  gracefully  in sync with  life’s music  or are you harassing, cajoling, demanding, and  stepping on Time’s toes trying to manipulate Time into your routine. Are you “killing Time”, “racing after Time”, “tracking Time” down, or “letting Time slip away”?

If you are a “lover of Time”, you are dancing a smooth Waltz and experiencing harmony and peace in your relationship with yourself and your life.  If you fuss and struggle and wrestle with Time, you are in an enigmatic  dance marathon   where  you will get pinned to the ground.

Your relationship with Time is a mirror of your relationship with yourself and your life. Time is not your enemy, it is only a reflection back to you of how you feel about yourself.  If you love yourself and respect yourself, you know what is truly important and you don’t waste time on  anything that doesn’t enrich your life.  You know that you are enough, you have enough Time for what is truly important, and Time is your friend.  You don’t get distracted and off- track from your purpose. You flow with Time. You know that “Time has its own wisdom”, that “the Time is now”, “there is no Time like the present”, and you “cherish Time”.

So, if you are living “in desperate Times” or your “Times’ a wasting”, consider for a moment what is out of balance in your life. What do you need to give yourself permission to say or do? Where do you need to say Yes or No? What is your soul seeking ? What are you hoping to feel as a result of your frenetic activity? Is what you are doing working?  If not, why not?

Most of us long for connection,  love, safety, self expression,- a life of meaning and purpose. When we have  those things in place, Time becomes a beloved  dance partner that we  honor with gratitude.

There is “no Time like the present” to put on your dancing shoes and embrace the gift of Time.  Remember that you are the choreographer of your own dance. It is you who shapes the dance and its rhythm. Dance the dance of your dreams. You will not look back!