If you are over 50 and job hunting, it is important to value what you bring and also be aware of your audience and how they might perceive you.  They don’t want to hear an extended monologue of your “war stories”. They want to know—not what “you have done”, but “what you will do for them”. Bring a selected “few stories” that highlight accomplishments, but then focus on their company and what ideas, innovations, and strategies you will bring when you walk in the door. This shows you have researched their company and you have something unique to offer.

  • Share your knowledge of the industry, your resources, and let them know about the contacts you have established than can be valuable to them.
  • Stress the importance of your “work ethic”.
  • If their customers are over 50, show how you can identify with their customers’ needs and wants.
  • Share how you are a “life-long learner”- always curious, always expanding your knowledge & skills.
  • If you are over-qualified, talk about your stressful career and your delight in considering a job with fewer migraines.
  • If you are willing to “consult”, “contract”, or work part-time and that serves their needs, emphasize that.
  • If their company is going through lots of chaos and change, emphasize your stability, calm demeanor, and negotiation and conflict resolution skills.

The key here, is to put yourself in their shoes and ask yourself what attitudes, skills, and abilities would be valuable to them?  Then honestly look at yourself and what you bring and see if there is a good match.  If there isn’t a good fit, don’t waste your time. Pursue companies and positions where you know you have a lot to offer and are excited about the opportunity to sell yourself.  If you are energetic, positive, and believe you have something very valuable to offer, you will communicate this and your excitement will be contagious.