How do you know if  you are ready to make a career/life change, rather than ‘gut it out’ because that seems easier?

Are you miserable every Sunday night as you dread returning to work Monday morning?  If so, do a little inner detective work.  Is your misery about- your colleagues, your boss, the company culture, the commute, the lack of opportunity in your company for advancement, poor benefits or low pay?  Is your misery something that might be alleviated by a change of department or a move to another company?

Or is it the actual work of your profession that won’t change no matter where you are? It is important to really tease out the source of what is getting you down.

In addition, be honest with yourself about what you might be doing/or not doing that compounds the problem. For example, are you building relationships with colleagues and mentors for support in advancing your career?   Are you taking advantage of training opportunities and “tooting your own horn” so that you receive recognition for your contribution?

For your sake, please don’t  “gut it out”. If it truly is the work that you dislike, take some time to explore other career paths—talk with people in your industry, chat with colleagues who have transitioned from your profession into other related fields, take classes that interest you, volunteer in an area of interest, and consider working with a career coach. Don’t let yourself get “burned out” and discouraged. Most people make 7-8 transitions in their careers. This life is meant to be an adventure!