I have worked with a number of individuals who have become distraught because they haven’t found their life’s purpose.  Often they are assuming that there is some life changing “calling” that they haven’t discovered-and that when they do, it will totally upset their current life i.e. they will have to go to Africa and live in poverty or something equally dramatic and challenging.

I think our life’s purpose is often right under our noses. Think about how you spend your time and what you enjoy and what fulfills you. Maybe you like organizing, writing, bringing people together, cooking, researching about health, building things in your garage, music, planning trips, hiking, interior design, racing cars, or flying planes. These are the activities that give you energy and utilize your skills and bring joy to your life.

Now think about the “causes” that you feel passionate about, for example: helping struggling teens, rescuing animals, helping low-income people in the developing world, providing assistance to the homeless, or comforting the elderly etc.

How might you bring your talents and gifts to the causes you feel passionate about?  Imagine combining the gift of writing with the passion to help teens-by writing novels to inspire them. If you love music and want to comfort the elderly- how about bringing music in to Nursing Homes. Consider bringing your love of cooking to homeless folks that you want to help—by volunteering in an organization that feeds the homeless. Or how about combining your love of travel with your desire to help individuals in the developing world—by taking “vacations with a purpose”.  I know a pilot who loves flying and is passionate about saving animals and he flies and rescues dogs.  You get the picture!  Let your life and your passion dance together!